Friday, June 10, 2011

the latest and somewhat greatest

It has been a while since I have blogged. I kind of had a moment where there were not so many things to blog about. I am still looking for a job, still applying daily, still had a few phone interview that went nowhere and still freaking out.

But in spirt of all that, I have been finding some positive things even or more precisely, making positive things happen.

The first and long lasting is that we adopted a cat. After losing Chaplin in December we missed having a cat around. He was a sweet guy who we still miss daily. But after a few weeks of me begging, the Hubs agreed that maybe it was time and we can look at cats. So off we went to our favorite no kill shelter to look at cats. We know that cats choose you rather than you choosing them, so we went in with an open mind and with the knowledge that we may not find the right one. We started with the younger ones and got to play with some older kittens. Then we walked into another room with a friendly cat and a very shy one. Then we walked into the room with the teenagers. Hubs was having a blast playing with this one cat. I sat down on a chair and within a second, this head popped up and slowly crawled into my lap and promptly got comfortable. I began to pet her and the purrs were non stop. I whispered to the Hubs that she may be the one. So we traded places and she made herself comfy on his lap without the purrs letting up. She was ours.

So we adopted her, came home and she primly hid in our kitchen for a few hours. We turned out sunroom/office into her room and put a baby gate in to prevent the dogs from getting into her space. We covered the gate with cardboard so that they all could be aware of each other's presence but not overwhelm anyone. Within a few days, we removed the cardboard so they can see and sniff each other. She was not a fan of the dogs and hid in a covered space. Slowly we added chairs to each side of the gate so she can come out if she wanted to. A few days later I woke up to a kitty on my head.

She has come out of her shell and is out more and hiding less. She is still a bit cautious around the dogs but, each day they are sitting closer and closer to each other. I must say, that I am proud of the dogs, they have respected her space and leave her alone. Although Rosie tests the limits (and has gotten waked a few times).

So we have to announce that Jade has joined our family! (I will post a photo soon)

The other happy happy joy joy news is that we are going on vacation. Last year we were fortunate enough to go to Hawaii and had an amazing time. We wanted to go back and earlier this year we were considering it but the flights were so expensive. A few weeks ago, Hubs forwarded me a link and the flights were cut by more than half. So it became an option. I posted on FB to see if anyone wanted to join us and in seconds my friend said yes. She moved back to the east coast from Chicago early this year and we miss each other. Turns out that she and her husband have a timeshare credit to use and Hawaii was an option. After a few calls, looking on line and discussing the options with the men in our lives. We pulled the trigger and the four of us are meeting up in Oahu! Oh and I will be celebrating my birthday there!

We are so excited because we all need a break, the stress of not finding work has pushed me dangerously close to the edge. The hubs has been frustrated with the traits and turns his job is taking. The two of us budgeted for a trip and this one worked within our means. So the stars lined up for us, even if it was just for a moment and life (and its disappointments) goes on.