Tuesday, February 26, 2013

oh Wow

So during my 5th week of pregnancy, I went in for an ultrasound.  It was our first and we were a mix of nerves and excitement.  Our tech and nurse confirmed that we had one sac that was measuring on target.  T and I were thrilled, it was healthy and I was going to do everything I can to keep it healthy.

A few days after week 6, I came home from work and I noticed that I was bleeding.  Panic entered my entire body, I tried to remain calm and called the dr.  After a conversation with the nurse, I  quickly went to bed to put my feet up and stayed that way.  Thankfully the bleeding was a one time fluke.  That night we both slept poorly obvious to what may be happening.  I was having waves of mild cramps but nothing that I have not been experiencing for the past few weeks.

I worked from home the next day, in bed with my feet up.  I actually was quite productive with a number of meetings and tasks that got done.  We had an appointment at the dr. the next day and looking back we were doing everything to push it out of our minds.

So when the appointment came, we were a big ball of nerves.  The wait in the waiting room seemed to take hours before we were called in.  When we were called in for the ultrasound my nerves grew by 100%.

So the tech began the procedure and then muttered the works "Oh Wow" my heart sank, I heard my husband take a sharp breath.  She was staring at the screen and then said "Last week you had one sac, well that embryo split and you have two"  She printed out a picture to show me, my husband said "Are you serious" and raced to the screen.  Sure enough there were two, with two perfect heartbeats and measuring to target.

Identical twins, we are having twins.

Monday, February 25, 2013


I wrote this on December 26 but now, it is official

There were two lines on the test, but that was no surprise since my blood test confirmed the news.

I am pregnant.

I still peed on the stick because I wanted to see what a positive test would look like.  Even thought, we knew, this made it more real to us.

You see our path here was hard full of ups and so many downs, we sought help, tried many things and had some serious setbacks.  I feared that I would never get to be here, I was in a club that I did not choose to be a member of (But I am glad I was and still am-more on that later).

But this time, it was different.  I felt it in my bones, it was all just different I can't really explain it.  In the infertility world there is the dreaded two week wait.  It is the two weeks between the procedure and the pregnancy test.  It is the longest two weeks of your life.

Now imagine that wait in the middle of the Holiday season.  So we were surrounded by the spirit of the season we had this huge "what if, could it be?".  during this time, my husband made me promise not to pee on a stick.  Sure no problemo.  The second week, well that was harder, Christmas eve hardest, Christmas day not so hard since we were distracted  by a sick dog and later company for dinner.  Christmas night was full of high anxiety.  

On 12/26, I walked into the dr. office for a blood test.  Then we waited for six of the longest hours of my life.  Granted I took a nap which killed 2 hours but still it was stressful.  At one point, I wanted to jog to get my anxiety out.  At 1:56 pm my phone rang, My husband ran to my side and held my hand.  As soon as the nurse said "congratulations" we both burst into tears.  I had her repeat what she just told me twice, I was in shock.

After the call, we sat there in each others arms, crying in disbelief that this time, it worked.  I was shaking and I ran to take the test.

Sure enough two lines and our new adventure awaits.