Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cooking fools

Tonight D and I are taking a cooking class called "Cooking with Wine" On the menu tonight we shall partake in "Grape Focaccia; French Onion Soup; White Wine Braised Chicken with Pancetta, Porcinis and Escarole; Dark Chocolate Torte with Fig Vinegar Glaze."


I really am liking taking cooking classes and I have been wanting to learn to make french onion soup because that is sooooo good and it expands my winter cooking repertoire. Lately we've been hungry and lazy so the other night was breakfast for dinner and last night was grilled cheese and canned soup.

Now that I have the time I might as well put it to good use.

On the downside, we've not been to the gym....I am hanging my head in shame!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playing catch up

Wow it has been a little bit since I wrote a decent size post. So here is the latest as to what is going on with me so make your beverage....I'll wait.

Thanksgiving was nice, the bf made sweet potatoes, a meat ball in a chilli cranberry sauce and corn muffins. I made a toll house pie. We had dinner at his dad's house with his fam. It was nice and there was a ton of food. The nieces were not that bad until the moment the sugar hit their bloodstream then it was crazy. Well when you have a 4 and 6 year old who ate a few brownies, pie and jelly beans couch jumping, running around and the inevitable "your following me fight" is bound to happen.

I had to work on Friday which was dead.

We did our Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday. We hit Target on Saturday and Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) on State street on Sunday. It was really a good trip because I had never been to the State street store for any length of time. The past few times I had gone there was to buy moisturizer and Frango mints. So this time I really got to appreciate the Walnut room and the Tiffany ceiling!

On the plus side, I am about 98% done with my Christmas shopping. Yep just a few more little thing and this girl is DONE. I even wrapped the BF's nieces gifts and the ones for my fam. Last night I was working on my cards. I am smoking but then again I am done with school so I have time again.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another loss

My best friend, MR's mother passed away yesterday.

I am so sad for her and it sucks that I can't be in NY to be there for her.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Belated Thanks

I am a day late but, I hope that you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little from column A and a bit from column B

the important rants of the day:

-to the inept, stupid, pain in ass, clinically insane "cousin it" I am deriving great pleasure about what I want to do to you. Right now I am picturing you shrunken head. I am not an idiot I know what the hell I am doing and I know what to do for customers. so therefore, don't whine when I make you do your job. It is only 4 more weeks to go until I will never work with you again. I hope you come across a horny angry moose in your cabin who is that desperate to even mate with a being like yourself.

-to the inept other staff, you see the signs posted near my desk, that is where the forms go, not ON my desk. I caught you doing it today so I hope that I embarrassed you enough to teach you a lesson. Oh and pick up the stuff that we left for not tomorrow.

-The Oprah favorite things show. Why did you have to give out the Kitchen aid artisan. I so want that! I mean I seek it out in the stores just to lust after that!

But my friend Miss J's father and sister were in the Macon audience so they got all the goodies. I am happy for them and very jealous. I just want the mixer that is all....

Friday, November 16, 2007

And the award goes to...

Ok, I want to create and give out an award...It is called "Asshole parking job of the day" award.

Here is how you qualify:
-You park on my street
-You commit one or more of the following infractions
* You take up two spaces with your car thus preventing other people from possibly parking
*You park up on my ass yet have a foot between you and the car behind or in front you
*You double park for at least 8 hours and you do not come out when people honk you just
look out the window
*you park on the yellow line...which asshole is illegal
*you see me parking and yet you pull into the spot I was just backing into
The Award be placed each day on a car windsheld (Ohhh I can also get the industrial sticker ones that they city uses and stick it on the driver side window in hot pink!) . It will state the following:
"Hey asshole, congratulations you have received the Asshole parking of the day awarded, because of your (insert infraction) some residents have been unable to find a parking spot. So pat your self in the back asshole but cover your ass. We are on to you!"
Who is with me?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heart the trader

Trader Joe's that is.

I LOVE that grocery store! I am not a big fan of frozen food but their stuff is out of this world, fresh and yummy. We bought these apple blossoms that we heated up the other day and they were so good. Last night, I heated up their french onion frozen soup. It was very tasty and I have a tongue burn to prove it. We love their Italian soda too!

The only downside is that once we find something we love, they change the vendor or don't have the produce anymore. So that can suck.

But overall, I heart that store!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready to run

I am burned out of the biz! Now that I finished my MBA, I am "supposedly" more marketable and I should have people who want me to work for them. But I know that sprinkling pixie dust does not exist and I have to start to aggressively look for a job.

I am tired of the same ole same ole at the job. I have encountered each problem over and over, I have survived one joint venture and one acquisition. I was told that I would be very valuable and I was wanted...but I have not moved position wise....I am doing the same thing I was doing when I started 7 years ago. Granted I make more than I did back then but, I am on auto pilot.

Plus after dealing with the sales rep from hell (AKA Cousin it) I am really sick and tired of stupid lazy and annoying sales reps. I am tired of it all...

So now I got to make the degree work for me!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was listening to NPR as per usual yesterday and they had stories about returning vets and what they said was both surprising and sad.

Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are having a hard time finding a job. It is because employers believe the stereotype that they must be ordered and demand discipline as well as the perception that they may have "issues". The vet that they followed was 34 years old, previously worked in HR in benefits and joined the Army 6 years ago. He has a college education but, was unable to find a job.

Another story was about homeless vets and that they are predicting that the vets from the current military action will exceed the number of Vietnam vets who are homeless. They compared it to WW1 and WW2. In WW1, the vets did experience homelessness especially because when they came back, the Great Depression began. In fact, in 1932 they wanted to march on Washington for more benefits but Hoover, was convinced that they were communists and had General MacArthur "stop" the protest by bringing in tanks!

It really is a sad state when these men and women choose to join the armed services and that the rest of the population does not support them much when they come back. Regardless if you support the military action in the Middle East, we have to at least support those who went.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I should be home today

I had today scheduled as a vacation day but, I had to give it up because of the funeral last week and as selfish as this sounds I want my day! I planned for this day since August and have been looking forward to it. I had things that I wanted to do at home without any pressure. I wanted to clean up and update my resume! I wanted to go to the gym

Instead I am here at work, cranky and tired and pissed off that I had to get up to come in today.

I just need a "me" day....

Friday, November 09, 2007

note to the cat

Yes, we know that you like the nightlife and hey we do too but, see for 5 days a week we get up early to work to earn money to buy you cat food and pay for the water that you insist is best drunk from the bat tub faucet. So that is why we do not always appreciate your evening sources of entertainment.

Yep, we appreciate that you like to check up on us during the course of the night, but walking across our head and staring at us, can freak us out a bit. Exercise is a good thing but must you do at least 5 laps between the bed room and living room at 3 in the morning? Also the paper bag are your toys and you love them...especially when it is pitch black.

We one of our alarms goes off it does not automatically mean that you will be attended to. You see we have to er use the loo. Then we will turn on the faucet and you can have a drink. Meowing will not make us move faster and if you run around like a banshee it will cause tripping and cursing that is not always a good thing at 6 am.

We do adore you very much but sweet Chaplin....I am tired!

Monday, November 05, 2007


As promised, here are my grad school stats

~2 GMAT tests
~$500.00 on the GMAT tests
~10 GMAT classes
~10-15 hours a week prepairing for the GMAT
~3 1/2 hours each exam
~2 15 minute time breaks with the bathroom on the other side of the hall!
~1 day between the time I got my official 2nd GMAT grade and starting the winter quarter
~15 classes (out of 18, I got three waved)
~10 class room session per each class (with the exception of the Saturday classes)
~3 hours each class (except the saturday classes with 6 hours each class)
~42 weeks each year of classes (winter, spring, summer and fall quarters)
~1 major rain storm to take a final
~1 major car accident on the way to class
~2 minor surgery that made me miss two classes
~1 class that I arrived a bit early ( a day early because I did not read the schedule)
~8 classes with group/team work
~6-20 hours a week on homework (the 20 hours was finance)
~1 class I still have nightmares about (said finance)
~1 class room session at the Art Institute
~5 classes that I wanted a job in that field (still do)
~6 presentations
~12 major papers
~6 really awesomce professors
~1 really horrible professor (stats class...awful teacher)

~~1 MBA (possiblly with honors still waiting for my official GPA due in a few weeks)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


So it is official, yesterday was my last class and after our group project is done on Wednesday I will be done.

Sadly, in the middle of class my dad called and told me that my uncle passed away. He was in hospice care and it was just a matter of time. So right now I am getting ready to head to NY. Because it is not immediate family, I am only allowed 1 day off! So I am working a half day tomorrow and then taking Tuesday off. I will be back on Wednesday and I will head straight to work when I land.

I will recap the grad school stats soon.

Friday, November 02, 2007

One day more

I feel like listening to the soundtrack to "Les Miserables" for that song at the end of act 1 , "One day more"! We know what I will be listening to as I make cupcakes tonight!

I just have ONE more class to get through tomorrow and then I am D-O-N-E with my MBA program. I can't believe it.

Last night I made dark chocolate frosting...oh is it good! Super easy to do as well. It is funny when you actually make the stuff do you realize how fatty it is, the frosting called for one pint of heavy cream and one stick of butter! But I just have to put it all in perspective like I won't eat all of the cupcakes...I will just have at least two.

At the very least...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

No earrings

I forgot earrings today! I noticed when I came into work and I feel so "naked" without them. It is the same way with my watch, when it is not working or if I forgot it I feel so sxposed.

I can't leave the house without keys, my cell, my wallet my watch and earrings. I can be such a girly girl.

Meanwhile I am making cupcakes tomorrow for Saturday's Turducken dinner. I am making Chocolate raspberry cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. I may have to try one or two...hey I can't have unsavory desserts out there!