Friday, April 27, 2007

On the mend

First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers and wishes for me this past Wednesday. I truly appreciate it, you guys are superstars!

I am feeling a bit better. Still sore especially at the incision sites. Yep, sites, they opened me up in four areas and that was not fun. Luckily, i was able to come home instead of staying in the hospital so that was a very good thing. (I am sure my insurance appreciated that too).

My surgery was scheduled for 1 but due to an emergency I did not get in until a bit after 3. The recovery room was the worst part because i was extremely nauseous and I did get sick there but the anti-nausea drugs made me sleepy. I was so glad to come home but I could not move on my sides so I felt like a turtle on its back who got beaten up on the stomach. Yesterday was not fun. thankfully today I am doing better.

My mom has actually been a huge help especially with the move. So I am glad that she did come.

We had move drama yesterday. Apparently May 1 is this huge immigration rally so our moving company will not be doing any moves that day. So we were not going to be able to move (AKA we would be homeless for two days) thankfully the current tenant is moving out this weekend and we can move in on Monday. Finally the tables are turning into the good.

Again, thank you all for your kindness!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Out out out

Well tomorrow is cyst removal day. I am starting to get nervous but at least I know the whole hospital procedure so that is half the battle. I just want this thing out of me, it is something that needs to go!

I am trying to multi-task and do the things that must get done but, they won't all be done. I am ahead of the game in one class and on the ball with the other. But my apartment is still in shambles and I want to sell my bed before the movers come. More stress!

At least mom will be here tonight (she got a warning not to piss me off) and she can do the packing while I take the good drugs!

Fingers crossed I will be home comfy tomorrow rather than the hospital.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blame it on the cyst

So this pain in the abdomen cyst will be out of said body on Wednesday. Due to the size, my dr. is not sure if it can be done laposcopy so that means that they may have to do minor surgery (AKA cutting me open).

I made the BF feel it, you can actually feel it. He was expecting it to jump out of my belly like Aliens. But it did not, athough it did gross him out. Imagine how I feel. It does feel strange knowing that there is this ball of fat, pus and other lovely bodily fluids gathering force in my reproductive organs. Lovely image I know...

This inconvenience has me a bit over stressed. With work, school, and moving, this cyst sure did not pay any attention to the chaos that is my life right now. My mom wants to fly in but I am not sure how I feel about it. The last time she came she came for last years procedure she came with drama and said some really hurtful things to me.

So now she wants me to drop everything to pick up at the airport but she doesn't know when she will fly in on Tuesday. No matter that the boyfriend is helping me out and I was going to stay with him. No matter that I have a 12 page paper due that night as I won't be in class on Wednesday. No matter that I have to pack more things in the apt and was planning on eating grilled cheese. No matter that there will be storms in Chicago which means that O'Hare will be backed up and flights delayed so her flight may not get in until the wee hours of Wednesday morning which is the day of surgery. Well she has gotten wind that I am miffed at this prospect and has not called me to tell me her flight details. So then she will say that I don't want her to come *cue the violins* and all she wanted to do was help (read meddle).

Drama never ceases to take a vacation with her. So I am expecting the ungrateful daughter call soon.

I am surprising calm. Perhaps because the pain has ebbed away but more likely I will be out of work for a week and a half. See the procedure and recovery is approximately 5 days and I had scheduled the last week of April off for the move and I am not changing that so...I am out of the office for a week and a half. So poor, woe is me, nobody matters but me CLA will have to cover. That means she has to stay till 5! Well on the books that is, she leave early no matter what. But regardless this will give me glee. Oh I haven't told her yet about the surgery...I am thinking Tuesday as she walks out the door to go home.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It has to come out

Surgery next Wednesday....


I am doing a lot better than I was on Monday. Still it a bit of pain but it is tolerable and not as severe as it has been. Plus I was able to get a decent night of sleep which helps!

So off to the dr this afternoon and see what this bugger is up to.

Then I get to do the dishes, the laundry and pack! The fun never stops, I tell ya!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kind of like a walnut and an orange

So the cyst in my ovary is the size of a tennis ball approximately 8 cm x 7 cm x 6.2 cm. No wonder I am in pain!

Actually the pain is a bit more manageable, I would rank it at a 2 but that is with Motrin. I was able to come into work today and so that helps. Tomorrow, my gyn will squeeze me in to see what the story is. Amen for that!

So I heard that CLA was bitching that I was gone for two days and left her with soooo much work. I had the small part of a big shipment come in and she had to get the paperwork, which was on my desk! Well next time, I will plan my abdominal plan around her time frame...well at least *I* have a job so at least I will have a next time.

Maybe I can have the cyst removed, bronzed and then throw it at her. It would make me feel a whole lot better in so many ways!

Thanks for your words of encouragement! You all are awesome!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

on a scale from 1 to 10

My current state of agony is a 4.

Yesterday was another day in the ER. Yep the ER. I woke up to go to work and had this pain on my right side. I actually thought it was gas but when I went to say bye to the BF, I would not straighten up. It was that bad. I initially thought it was reaction to a prescription that my doctor had me on but then I thought it was appendicitis. So I called another doctor to see if I can see him and sure enough he made time for me.

So the prognosis was either appendicitis or an issue with my ovaries but, if I threw up, got nauseous or had diarrhea I was to go to the ER. So we went to get some soup and apple juice at the supermarket and then i started to dry heave. So off we went

It turns out that i have an ovarian cyst and it is causing the pain. i have another dr, appointment this afternoon so we'll see what can be done. The pain was so bad last night that i could not even cry but rather screamed. The meds did work and I was able to sleep but, the pain is back.

This is not fun.

Friday, April 13, 2007


My apartment was taken, yep one of the lookie loos decided it was perfect for him and he is going to take possession of it on May 1.

So that means that the lease was not broken which means I get my security deposit back!

Time to do the happy dance or as the BF reminded me the "I told you not to worry about it dance!"

Regardless it is some sort of dance...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

1 Year

Well today is my blogger anniversary!

I did not know what a blog would do to me, I just needed an outlet to write and vent and celebrate and ponder. I did not know that I would meet and read a wide range of other blogs filled with creative, interesting, funny, witty, smart, kind, real people. I've have my blogger buddies who I ready religiously and I have been moved by your lives, stories, struggles and adventures. I've laughed with you, cried with you and felt your experiences

So to all those who read my blog and comment, (or don't comment) thank you. I really appreciate your comments, wit and support. Keep them coming!

It costs WHAT?

So I got my new benefits package from the new company yesterday and promptly burst in to tears. I can't believe how fregging expensive they all are, we get to pick from 4 plans one being an HMO and the other three PPOs. I was floored at their costs, one benefit to my previous employer was that they picked a national health care and were able to supplement most of the costs. Not my new one, even with the cheapest bare bones insurance I will be making less....that is right LESS than I did last year.

Is it too late to reconsider this whole prospect?

I am absolutely amazed at how much health care is in America. I am all for socialized medicine like in France, Canada and the UK. Where the government subsidizes that cost of medical care. The reason why prescription drugs are so dirt cheap in Canada as compared to the US is because the government subsidizes the pharmacies so that the cost savings can be passed on to their citizens. That will never happen here, look at medicare and Medicaid. With the new changes in the legislation so many elderly and poverty stricken Americans are struggling to make ends meet. A few months back, NPR had a story about that and they interviewed this elderly woman (I believe that she was in her 80s) saying how she is cutting her medicine in half so that she can afford to eat each month.

It is sicking but, wait....I can't afford to get sick!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April snow storm

It is snowing...yep snowing. I mean snowing!

It is a wet snow so it is packing snow. So it is sticking to everything including my car and the streets and making it very slippery and traffic slow. It is not fun...

They are saying that it will warm up...yeah whatever.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When karma attacks

I believe in karma and the whole, what goes around comes around theory in life. Once you see it happen then you know it exists time and time again.

It struck again, not to me but I was able to witness it.

My colleague CLA (chatty lazy ass) had her offer of employment from the new company rescinded due to some inconclusive drug test results and further investigation into her background.

Her excuse for the inconclusive drug results was that she drank too much water and that upset the results. so they gave her a second chance and it happened again! I am not saying that she did anything illegal (or rather consumed anything illegal) it is just that I have never NEVER seen her drink anything that is not cola. Plus, after the first test, she was bragging and laughing about it. the dumb ass even told what would be her new boss all about it. I was thinking to myself "Do you have any sense of self-pride?"

Well after the second inconclusive result, the company looked deeper in her background check and found her felony conviction. A few years she was convicted of child endangerment and is still on probation. Well, she did put that in her application but after the two failed tests it really started to stand out.

So on Friday, the offer was pulled. Earlier in the week she was joking and laughing that if they don't hire her that will be their loss, she wants to take the summer off anyway. Now it is a scary prospect for her.

I do not feel sorry for her, she did it all herself. She has not exactly been the nicest to me and has on many occasions screwed me over. When I was in my car accident and was out for two days, she complained to my friend that I was inconveniencing her since she had to do more work. Remember this is the woman who had the Anna Nicole smith trail streaming on her computer. She has screw me out of vacation time, leaves early, is just mean spirited, has a sense of entitlement and is downright rude, vindictive and mean.

It will be a tough road for her, working at the company for 18 years, with just an HS diploma, 4 kids and making more than her husband.

here are some of her classic info:
Uneven division of labor
Cast of characters

Monday, April 09, 2007

More boxes and a visit from the parental units

So my parents and the dog drove out to visit me. It was a good trip but, we did not really do much. With the move and just the weather (not to mention the drive for them) nobody was in the mood to do much. The gentleman pirate (AKA BF)came over for dinner on Saturday and my parents adore him! I did pack up about 8 more boxes but still have a lot more to do. It does not look like I made much progress until you open one closet and a few drawers in the kitchen.

I did have three apartment showings this weekend and it was a bit weird. I usually try to go out while they are showing but since we had Charlie and he is just nosy and not everyone likes dogs, we stayed. It was hard having people open your cabinets and look in your closets. But I survived and hopefully the place was taken.

I have a new parking idiot who has dinged and scratched my car a total of 3 times already. So they will be getting a nicely crafted note on their windshield today. Don't mess with me buddy!

I am tired....Monday mornings suck!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Billy is the piano man

Ok enough about me stressing out about the apartment and the move. I decided to tell ya all about the time Billy Joel flirted with me in public. Yep, all of this is true and it did happen and to this day I still blush!

When I was in college about 10 years ago (holy shit this happened 10 years ago!) Billy Joel did a speaking tour around the U.S at small colleges. So he came to mine, now I went to college just outside of Albany, NY and a good percentage of students came from Long Island. So when it was announced that he would be coming to speak and play music it was pure excitement. He is, after all, their hometown boy, well that and most of lower NY!

His music was so popular in college, well more of his older stuff was. I mean "Pressure" was the song that you heard a lot around finals time. The first song that I got drunk to was "Good night Saigon". He was popular even among the grunge fans, the same people who owned Nirvana, Pearl Jam and DMB had some Billy in their collection.

So a few friends and I decided that we were going to camp out for tickets. We each had a schedule, I got the 1-4 am shift. Not that bad but the tickets went on sale in January. Yea, I did it. I camped out and got a cold from it but, hey it was Billy.

So when it came time to decide who got what tickets (we got the first three rows). MR was adamant that I get some front row seats because of the camping out I did. So I got front and center tickets!

The concert was off campus and we all took the campus shuttle to Albany for the show. He came out to a standing ovation and started to tell us his tale, answer questions and play a few songs.

He was talking about touring with Elton John and he said that it took him some time to figure out why Elton would get this burst of energy when he would start to play. It turns out that Elton had cute guys strategically placed in his line of vision to give him that extra boost! So Billy then said "It is kind of like having this cute girl (points to me) in the front row of every concert but, I had nothing to do with putting her here". My friend next to me grabs me and says "He is flirting with you!". I went to a relatively small school and I knew a lot of people in the audience and they knew me. I turned pink.

Later, he starts to play some songs and there was the mic stand in my line of vision. It was not huge I could see around it. So he starts to play then stops, he gets up and moves the stand and explains to the audience that my view was blocked! I turned pink again.

The session is over after a sing a long version of "Piano Man" and he gets two standing ovations. On his second time on stage he lingers a bit longer and walks over to me and shakes my hand and winks. Then he shakes a few more hands and leaves the stage but, not before he turns around waves to the crowd and winks at me.

So that my friends is the story of me and Billy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I spoke to my landlady and she thinks my apt will go fast but I did post an ad. Anything to help!

Finger's crossed! I really need this to happen.

If anyone has a friend who needs an apartment, let me know

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Need more sand...

I was never into soap operas but I remember the tag line for "Days of our lives"

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

Well this girl here needs more sand.

My super called, they are going to start to show my apartment so, if they get it rented by May 1 then I am in the clear. If not I am responsible until they find a new tenant or when my lease is up in August. So I ran home to clean the apartment even among the boxes and chaos because I need this to happen. I wanted this place to sparkle so that someone wants it.

Fingers crossed...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Packing...the countdown begins...

Well, the packing in earnet has begun, the movers will be at our apartments on April 30. So that gives me plenty of time to pack right? But I must admit that the BF and I have done a lot so far. He is a bit better off than I am but after yesterday we got a few boxes filled and sealed.

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with a couple's massage at a chic Bucktown salon. Followed by lunch at Feast, then a wander around the neighborhood. We heading back to our stomping ground for ice cream and then we made our first big purchase. We got a mattress! It was decided that the BF's mattress would go to the new apt because it was bigger. But the mattress was old and starting to get uncomfortable. We both woke up on Saturday with lower back issues and then he turned and said "We need a new mattress!"

But buying a new mattress is worse than buying a car. WE were the only two people in the store other than the salesman who, in his defense, left us alone for the first 20 minutes before he started to circle like a vulture. Then came the "deals" the "special offers" etc so we braced ourselves but it wasn't too bad and we got a nice new one that will be delivered to the BF's apt on Saturday!

Saturday night he held court at one of his favorite bars and it was so much fun to hang with his friends. They are really amazing, funny, kind, witty and loyal friends!

Another weeks begins, I already need a nap!