Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a peek into summer

I look back at last year or last summer and this summer and I am just so happier here and now.  The job is going great, I have got a number of '"good jobs" form co-workers and my boss that I feel like I am contributing to the team and the company.  I am still trying to grasp it all but, I have learned that you can't see the entire picture or you will go cross eyed, you just have to break it out by sections.  

I am enjoying my summer a lot more even if it is just two days weekends.  We have been spending time out like seeing Kevin Smith and Stephen Merchant.  Or outside, eating dinner on our porch with our neighbors until it is pitch black.  My little garden is looking pretty and well basically is not dead yet.

We have a lot to look forward this summer and I finally feel up for it.