Monday, March 26, 2012

Numbers in review

50 weeks since I have been laid off
25 calls to unemployment to claim my benefits
25 times that I felt shame to make those calls
4 the average number of hours per day that I spent looking at jobs, researching companies and applying
352 days that I cursed my previous company for being stupid
8 major job sites that I favored
8 sessions with an amazing career counselor
3 beasts that shared my days and forced me up early each and every day
Over 8 million Americans without jobs
1 recurring dream that I kept getting laid off
Countless tears of frustrations, anger, disappointment and sadness
4 Times I have been told I was a top candidate after an interview
98 minutes a one way commute to Milwaukee for an interview
15 minutes a one way commute to an interview in Chicago
17 pounds lost
1 Husband who was such a support while carrying a burden on his shoulder
2 families who were rooting for me
Too many to count friends who let me vent, made me laugh took me out for a cup of coffee, skyped, IM and hoped for and with me

18 days ago that I got an amazing job offer
1 great job landed
1st day of work under my belt

and now I can breath

Monday, March 05, 2012

Testing 1-2-3

Time is just moving by and it has been a while since I had the urge to write something.  Things are on a bit of an upswing for me.  While  I am still not working, I have had some momentum and some balls in the air.  This has helped pull me out of "the sads"* and has given me a new dose of energy that is propelling me forward.

I have been keeping busy as a new board member for a local non-for profit.  It is a dance company that my neighbor founded and I have been to a number of their shows and was so impressed and moved by their dances and shows that I was honored to be asked to be part of their board.  So, I am learning the ropes of grant research and writing and fundraising.  It has kept me busy and my skills sharp.  The next show is in April and there is so much to work on.

There have been some disappointing bits as well.  I have lost something with some friends, it is hard to say what that something is because I really can't put my finger on it.  At the core of it, communication must have broken down.  I am at a bit of a loss of what to do next.  A few good friends have put it in perspective and as one said "Priorities shift" and perhaps that is it.  Perhaps it is because it appears that I don't have the resources to participate in activities that we used to or perhaps it is another reason.  All I know is that I have put it out there and we shall see how things pan out.

What is new with you?