Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another revolution around the sun

As I look back at 2012 there is no one word to describe it.  It started off with a lot of  worry because I was unemployed and my one offer dried up.  But everything happens for a reason, and a week later I had an interview and he liked me, a lot.   But, for six weeks I was in Limbo with HR calling or emailing me every day that "I was still a candidate". Finally, the second week of March, I had my second interview and two days later the job.

Looking back, I can see how this job was a good fit for me and why the universe waited so long.  Granted during the long 50 weeks, I was not as patient.  My new job is great, I work on a fab team and have learned so much.  Plus the room for growth is just knocking at my door.

While starting a new job was hte highlight of the year.  There were some twists and turns personally (more on that later) but, it really showed me how lucky I am to be married to my husband.  He was my rock, my voice of reason and a source of positivity (if not a few bad jokes).

 It taught me how different we are and how we communicate and plan.  He is a waffle, full of separate compartments and can focus on one square at a time.  I am a pancake all mixed up with thoughts here there and everywhere.  But this realization opened some new doors for us and our marriage is stronger than ever.

I have neglected this blog but,  2013 will be an other new adventure and I look forward to sharing it.

So to all that are still there, Happy New Year!