Sunday, September 30, 2007

It is a boy

It is official....

The BF and I have adopted a boy from the Anti Cruelty Society.

He is four years old and has made himself quite at home already. We have not formally introduced Yukon to him yet but they both have been sniffing around. She is okay with things but wants to explore some more. He is not so sure but he does get along with other animals so he should do well.

As of now we are thinking about some new names to go with his new life.

But for now he loves being pet, lounging around, exploring and just purrrring away.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Magic number...6

Just six weeks to go and then my classes are over. It is killing me, it sucks for me to go to school on Saturday. It is a long day form 7-5 (commute plus class) nad I am really tired. On Sunday it is a mad dash to get all my errands done. Yesterday I have a list of 5; Sephora (check), Visit BF dad (check), Ikea (chek minue...we went to get a book shelf and decided when we were there to not get it beause we did not know exaclty where it would go), look at cats (nope) and work on paper (nope).

Not to mention that during the week we try to get some things like grocery and the rest of the errands that we did not get done over the weekend completed. On top of a full work day and for me homework!

So 6 more classes...I hope I make it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

burned and toasted

I am sooo burned out from work. When I got to work yesterday I had 118 emails, yep 118! I was gone for one business day. 85% of the emails was from or in regards to the annoying sales rep who shall be called "cousin it" because she looks like cousin it and it is pretty accurate.

I was so stressed out and it took me until 3 to get caught up because of all the distractions and other job issues that tend to pop up. Today was less but of course as the day was coming to an end I still had tons to do. But I don't want to stay late because that sets it all in motion, and then it is almost expected and I do not get paid for overtime. Plus I have been cutting my lunch short by at least 15 minutes.

It is really getting to me. I came home and had to have a drink...that is why I am toasted.

It is going to be a long maternity leave.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday girl and her day off

Today is my 30 something or other birthday and I took the day off.

It was a nice day. The BF was going to go to work but wok up and decided against it. so the two of us met up with JT for a late breakfast. The we dropped him off and looked at cats at the Red door Shelter. We saw a lot of beautiful cats and bunnies (some of them were such buddies). We saw one cat that we liked and who liked us but he is not good with dogs and has to be an only cat. So we are still looking.

This weekend was nice and warm in Chicago so Saturday night we went to dinner at Mrs Murphy and Sons afterwards we stayed for drinks and some of our friends joined us for my b'day drinks. It was very mellow but lovely. I had a great time.

Sunday was errand day and we went to Sur la Table which is porn I tell ya. One could go nuts! I also had to by my goddaughter a b'day present and she is a fan of Old Navy.

So that is my weekend wrap up!

Oh look at my b'day present from the BF we are going up in a few weeks to enjoy the fall. He is the best!

Friday, September 14, 2007

bunnies vs. kitties

Ok, the bf and I are in discussions to add a new member to our little family. The debate is between a bunny or a kitten.

Now here are a few things that are paramount in the decision:

-Yukon is foremost our baby and we don't want to per her nor the pet to be named latter to be in any harm or danger
-We would adopt from a shelter
Here are the pros and cons of each

Bunny Pros:
-cute (I want a dwarf lop ear)
-have unique personalities
-can be litter box trained
-respond and react to commands

Bunny Cons
-litter box gets stinky
-Bunny gets stinky
-bunnies chew, especially cords
-they must be kept out of drafts, so their cage must be strategically placed

Kitten Pro
-have unique personalities
-Yukon is familiar with cats because the bf had two when Yukon was puppy
-can be trained (within reason)

Kitten Cons:
-I am not familiar with cats
-I have no idea where to put the littler box
-Declaw or not to declaw

Ok my blog friends, what do you suggest?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Memories not soon forgotten

Photo by Michael Coughlin

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The dog just farted

Ok I could not really think of a title but man did she let one loose and it is lethal. I swear you can bottle the stench up and it would be more potent than any nuclear bomb!

Anyway, yesterday stated my Saturday classes, I have a total of 9 so one down and 8 to go. I must admit it was not that bad but I do feel cheated because my Saturday is lost for errands and chores abound the house. Today we spent a few hours at the laundry mat and did a few loads but they needed to be done.

I feel like I need a day to get it all do that I wanted to but alas tomorrow is Monday and I have to head to work.

So I have "acquired" a new sales rep, well new for me. My college is going to have a baby any day soon so one of her reps was turned over to me. This woman, (who shall be called "cousin it") is going to drive me fucking nuts. She is honestly a pain in the ass. On a given day, I get at least 20 yep that is right 20 emails a day. She is demanding, whiny, has to get the last word and treats me like I am an idiot. She came in to the office before and paid no attention to me but now that she has to deal with me she came in and was super nice to me....I am very cautious of people like that. I am not looking forward to dealing with her. At least my boss is aware of her tricks so if I am about to lose it I can always go to my boss.

I am not in the mood for her at all tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New career

I should have been a vet! Seriously they make the dough and it is hand over fist. I picked up the little beast today and got the bill, and out of pure numbness handed them my credit card and it cost more than our plane tickets to NYC! I mean they charged us for everything! I swear and there were tons of people. But then again, you would have to put little ones to sleep and I think that it would get to me very quickly.

Meanwhile, I am back at work and it sucks. One ops manger told me that he had a lot of questions for me and could not contact me and there were some delays. I was thinking:

-If you called me you would have still fucked it up
-You did not call me and you fucked it up
-I left some instructions and it was fucked up

So basically, don't mess with my vacation because they still fuck it up the jobs...away or not!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Casa sweet casa

We are home after a world wind trip home. It was so busy and we had a super duper dose of the family and then some.

We were fortunate to have an perfect flight without any drama and we even 15 minutes early! So how did it all go down...well here is the break down:

We got up at the ass crack of dawn and headed to the airport and we got to NY a little after ten and we were at my parent's house by noon. We had a lunch and then we headed out to the dress maker to get my dress hemmed. We then just hung out afterwards and then we went to Queens for dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. Where we ate such a great dinner, my aunt is a great cook, it makes up for the nagging. She was too busy to comment on my hair,weight outfit etc. My other aunt brought her medicine to the table and offered it to the bf as it helped her lose weight. Talk about insulting! I was so not happy with that comment! My dad was so excited to get the hell out of there but we had to wait for my brother and fiancee to get there and eat as they were late. But he was like a bullet out of a gun when we got the permission to leave.

This was "our" day to spend time in NYC. But when I woke up I found a list of things that I was suppose to do. So I had to talk with my mom because that was the only day we had to do things we wanted to do. So she relented...So we headed into NYC and we went to the Museum of Sex
and then had a good lunch at BOLO. We just walked around the neighborhoods and then headed back to the parent's house for dinner.

I went to take my aunt to get her nails done, got the hair run through, checked into the hotel and headed to the rehearsal. The priest never showed up and so there was a lot of confusion as who does what. Then we went to dinner and ate so much, it was a really good meal and we ate well.

The wedding, it was a pretty day and they lucked out with the weather. Everything went well as could be expected. I was very helpful and was in the bridal suite to get the bride ready (I did what I was told). The priest was awful, he could not get the names straight and did not do some things that they wanted him to do. But they were okay with it. The photos were at the Pepsico gardens. The photographer was a bit annoying but took some amazing shots. The bf and I got a few formal photos done too, it was my mom's doing. At the reception MR was there and I was so excited to see her. I had such a good time hanging out with her, her hubby and my bf. I danced a lot and got to see some people that I have not seen in ages. However, my dad's family treated me poorly (as to be expected). But My bf and MR got to meet the obnoxious wife of my cousin who is just a totally pretentious bitch so now they have a face to the stories. She did not even say a word to me.

I heard "so when are you getting married" at least 5 times but, we are sure it was muttered more than that! It got old really fast....we started to come up with snide remarks but we did not get to use them. At least it is over and I no longer have to hear about it. I did piss me off that my mom did a lot of work more than the bride. She did the programs, the pew flowers, driving all over the place to run errands and was just stressed. Plus my parents paid for so much and it was just weird to know that. Not to mention, I still feel like the odd one out with my dad's family and it is very uncomfortable. No wonder why I am glad to be spending Christmas here!

We checked out of the hotel and hung out at the parent's house. We got to the airport a few hours early and we made it home to Chicago. We are so glad to be home.

The BF was such a support and he kept me laughing, supported me when I was getting stressed out, and he was and is just so awesome. Now we know what we have to do to top this party!

I am just so glad to be home!