Saturday, December 30, 2006

Auld Lang Sign

Well time for the year in review 2006 so here it is...
-started grad school the day after getting accepted
-completed 7 out of 15 classes
-still working in the crap hole of a job
-met and fell for a wonderful man who feels the same way that I do
-met his friends and family
-hit Vegas for the first time, won a dollar
-took my first cruise
-read a few good non school related books
-spent more time in Chicago
-celebrated turning 30 with my friends a weekend no one will forget
-went to the Guggenheim for the first time
-Celebrated Easter alone, Thanksgiving with the BF's fam and Christmas at my parents, alone
-Celebrating New Year's eve with the BF

So to all a very Happy New year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A dose of NYC

I saw my girls today (and a guy, can't forget about MR's hubby). I was so excited to see them and they are just two of my closest friends. I had such an awesome day in NYC.

I met MR and R at Grand Central where we took a bus up to the Guggenheim, They had a really amazing exhibit about Spanish artists from Goya to Picasso. There were some wonderful pieces from El Greco, Goya, Picasso, Miro, Gris, Dali and Velasquez. It was a lot of fun. I've never been to the Guggenheim before, I guess I always took it for granted when I lived in NY and I tend to go to the Met or the Museum of Natural History when in NYC because they are bigger and that is where some of my favorite pieces are. Next time I want to hit the Moma and the Whitney.

After the museum, we took the bus down 5th and as we were heading downtown, there was such a crowd then I realized that we were near 3o Rockefeller and there was the tree and it was so beautiful but the traffic was a mess. We got off at 33rd and Park (near my old office) were we took the 6 to Union Station (14th street) to switch to the N then we changed to the R and headed to our old haunts of Bay Ridge where I used to live. We meet PD for dinner.

We had such a good time, it was so awesome to get together and talk and laugh. I so miss them but it was great to see them and they look amazing. Then MR took me back to Grand Central.

I miss NYC but tomorrow I am heading to Chicago and I can't wait. This trip was not as bad as I expected it to be, mom was bearable, my brother is not, he is still not on my "good" list.

Anyway, off to the Midwest soon enough!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Almost over

I will be home in two days and I can't wait.

I spent yesterday by myself while the family went to my aunt's house. So it was just Charlie and I and next year I am not going to waste the money for the ticket if I am just going to stay in Chicago.

This morning I got a very rude email from my brother and it has upset me greatly. He was basically asking me what my problem is and that I am pulling the family apart. So I sent him an email blasting him for his incorrect assumption and his lack of knowledge about who I am and what has actually happened to me that he has no idea about. I am just very pissed off at him.

I am looking forward to going back to Chicago. I can't wait to see the bf, to be back in my apartment and to be far away from this place.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I have to wrap my gifts and the gifts that my dad got my mom.

When I was about 12 or 13 I told my parents how much I enjoy wrapping so they wait until I get home and I wrap for hours! I have my system not to confuse the sender and receiver. So this year my mom did hers but dad left his for me. So that is what I will be doing tomorrow.

MR rang and we are hoping to see each other. She apparently has some tales of woe to update me on. Hopefully I will see her and PD either Tuesday or Wednesday! Can't wait!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Made it in an hour late!

I am blogging from my parent's home in NY! I made it in last night after an hour delay. I was not sure if we would make it, O'Hare was a mess with canceled flights all over the place. The storms from the West made a huge impact on the airlines. All flights to major cities were delayed or canceled and the secondary cities had delays. So considering that JFK and LAG had 3-4 hour delays my delay was nothing!

When I landed my parents were there and my mom brought Charlie. Oh he was sooooo excited to see me, he could not believe it. So he sat on my lap the entire trip to the house. Last night he slept with me and when I got up this morning, he stole my pillow and fell asleep on it.

I am a wee bit tired from the traveling but at least I made it. Just need to survive the trip!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas exchange

The USPS gods must have felt some pity because my "mysterious gift" arrived. So I rang the BF and we decided to do the gift exchange last night as I leave tomorrow. So when I got there he took Yukon out and I put their gifts on the table. She found her toy and proceeded to play and then we exchanged our gifts.

Now that he has his gifts I can reveal...I got him a class at The Chopping Block (he wants to take knife classes), a subscription to Cooks Illustrated and a photo frame for a photo to come later.

He gave me a beautiful pair of earrings, an "egg" plant to take care of (easier than a puppy) and tickets to see "Mamma Mia" on New Year's Eve! I loved them all!

We had take out and watched an awesome movie American Splendor! It was a nice quiet celebration. I am so going to miss him but at least I will have my phone!

Today is my last work day of the year and I swear people in "power" are such asses. I hate the whole power trip play. I guess that it makes up for a deficiency!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I despise the USPS

Ok one more post, I despise the USPS and UPS for that matter but that is more of a work related rant!

I ordered the BF Christmas gift over a week and as of yesterday it still has not arrived. I spoke to the sender the other day who told me that they mailed it and if I don't have it by today to give them a call. She commiserated with me because the same thing is happening to her, she said that in her experience the USPS in the Chicago land region are the worst! No kidding!

I know that it is the "busy season" but at the same time, I ordered it thinking that I would have plenty of time and now, it is late. I feel really bad and the BF says that it is okay but I just would like to give him his gifts before I leave.

Also did you know that it is illegal for your post person to accept any monetary gifts for the holiday. They are technically allowed to accept gifts (preferably perishable) less than $20.00. However, I sincerely doubt they report any extra tips along the way. Well maybe that explains the delay as it is Chicago! No government agency works without a little "gift" or promise of a big gift.

Regardless, this girl is pissed!

Not really a Scrooge

I know that I sounded bitter on my last post. I just have no desire to go back to my parent's house. It is more obligation than want, it has been a year since I've been back to my hometown and it is strange to me. Every time I head back there, I notice the changes and some are good some are not. My parent's house is different, new paint and new furniture. Even my old bed room is not mine anymore, it is "guest room number 1".

I walk in the door and all of a sudden I am 15 again without the ability to drive. As I am no longer "insured" on my parent's policy I can't drive their car, so I can't get away. My friends who I knew have moved or gotten married and I don't keep in touch with many of them anymore, we drifted apart. I am only really close with my friends that I met in college and after and they are all over the place but not near my parents.

This year I've put my foot down and as such, I am not going to my aunt's house on Christmas day. She and her family treat me like a second class citizen and put my younger brother on a pedestal so I don't want to go and feel that way. However, even after stating that she was not going either, my mom relented so the family is going there for the day. So I will be home with the dog on Christmas if that is the case then I am wondering, why go home? I mean, I would rather be in my apartment on my couch eating my food watching my TV instead of at my parent's house.

Also, after the fight I had with my mom over the summer, I still feel weird. I haven't forgotten what she said and how hurtful she was. I just feel like I know how she really feels about me regardless if she apologized and told me that she was just mad. I just no longer feel that home is home for me anymore. I've outgrown it for good and bad, I suppose. At least I am cutting this visit short and leaving before New Year's Day. Just got to make the best of it.

Monday, December 18, 2006


It will be Christmas next Monday! I can't beleive it but now that I am getting older it is not that special to me anymore. It seems to be more stressful than anything and it is not fun anymore. I suppose that when you have kids it is still magical but, if you are single and childless, it has lost its luster.

I am heading east for the holiday and frankly, I don't want to go. I just would rather stay in my place than go to my parents. No matter how old I am I regress to 15 as soon as I get there. Oh well, at least by this time next week I will be thinking of heading back to Chicago!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sleep talker

Yep, that is right folks, I've woken myself and the bf up this morning by talking in my sleep. This is the second time this week that this has happened. In the past, I've done it a few times but twice in a week is a new one for me! But the funniest part (and one I am sure I will be teased about) is what I said....Apparently I said "Oh Steve Urkle!" I know it is hysterical. Apparently, I was dreaming and in the dream I was speaking to someone who asked me what was the name of the geek on TV with the annoying laugh and I told that person and all in hearing range.

I find it funny and the BF just thinks I am bonkers!

Yesterday we did some Christmas shopping, grabbed a pizza and then watched Love Actually. He actually enjoyed it (and I knew he would). I love that movie but that is obvious due to my last post about it.

We just got news, the BF's sister gave birth to her third daughter. All are doing well so he is an uncle again for the sixth time. Well of for a bite.....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Love Actually

Wow two posts in less than an hour!

Well I just wanted to blog about my favorite movie. I tend to watch it around Christmas time because it takes place for the 5 weeks before Christmas day. It is Love Actually.

This movie is soooo awesome. I can't get enough of it. I watched it last night and it is just so awesome. I've gotten at least one other person addicted to it.

It is complex, heart-breaking, heart-warming, funny, sad, witty all wapped into one amazing movie with such a steller cast. It covers all aspects and definitions of what love is, what it can be and what it isn't.


I had an interesting random conversation the other day with JT and we started talking about words and what words we like. He likes to say "abat-jour" which means blind in French. I told him that my two current favorite words are draconian and sycophant. I just like the way the sound when I say it. Plus nobody this this office knows what I mean (but some pretend to) so I use "sycophant" right in front of the sycophant.

Some of my other favorite words or expressions included: ode, hope,"joie de la vie" (joy of life in French), schlep, putz, schmuck, (all in Yiddish) corazon (heart in Spanish), bella (beautiful in Italian), muse, and sapphire.

I have many more but maybe I will save them for another day!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Puppy dog tails

The cutest dog ever! Charlie Beau

I have decided to rave about dogs and dedicate this post to Ringo. My co-worker/friend had to put Ringo down the other day due to a tumor on his pancreas that was causing him to have seazures and low blood sugar, he was 9.

I adore dogs, always have, always will. When I was a wee lass, I begged and pleaded with the parents to allow me to have a dog. There used to be a store in the local mall that sold puppies and I would have to be dragged out. It got so bad that my brother and I were not allowed in that store anymore. So then the teen years came and I was much more interested in other things like big hair (please don't judge) and NKOTB (I was 13, give me a break :>). Well it was not until after I graduated college and earned my first real pay check did the "I want a dog" come back. I was living with my parents and had to beg them. I finally wore my mom down but dad, he was not relenting.

Finally one day at work my mom called and said "Dad said yes". I could get a dog. I was so happy but little did he know that I picked one out. There was a local store that sold puppies and I checked them out for months and made sure that the dogs were treated well and did not come from puppy mills. I also had to make sure that they had certain dogs because my brother and my dad has allergies. So that narrowed the breed pool to about 4 dogs. That night I ran to the store to see if the dog that I wanted was available but she wasn't. I was bummed because I wanted a girl. But her brothers were still available, so I decided to take a look and I knelt down to the cage. There were two shih tuz puppies, one peach and white the other black and white. The peach and white just slept but the other dog took notice of me and came over and sat down. Then he got on his hind legs and just looked at me. That was my dog.

I got him and paid and the next day my mom, brother and I went to pick him up. Oh he was so nervous and was shaking. But cuddled into me on the drive home. As so as we put him on the driveway, he peed and my dad said "Great now it begins" and it sure did.

He was nameless for a few days and we finally agreed on Charlie and I added a middle name Beau. He quickly became so important to us all. He was 3 pounds when we got him and could not go down the stairs so as a game he would run all the stairs and cry until someone got him. My bro thought that this would continue all the days of his life. When Charlie finally went down the stairs you would think that we won the lottery we were so excited. Of course like all puppies he had his fun. I once came home to find him entangled in one of my new expensive Victoria Secret bras because as all boys do he loved to play with bras!

He totally won over my dad. My dad told me that he would NEVER walk, feed or touch the dog. But Charlie had his ways, when my dad was watching tv, charlie would just sit next to him. when dad got home, charlie would be at the door wagging his tail with a toy ball. One day my mom and I were in the kitchen and we peeked to the living room after my dad got home and there it was, dad was petting and playing with Charlie. Now that dad is retired, Charlie is his home buddy and in the summer they sit in the back yard reading or walking the block.

He used to sleep in my room and I would wake up to a fuzzy face next to me on my pillow. He despises Elton John's song Crocodile Rock because I would dance with him to that song as a wee puppy, he has to have his dinner cooked, he hates the rain, toddlers are his enemy, loves car rides, and is the cutest thing.

I miss him, after I moved to my apartment in Brooklyn I had to leave him behind and he became attached to my mom. Then when I moved to Chicago I could have him but my work schedule and a new environment would not be the best for him. So he is still with my mom and dad spoiled rotten and happy. We've had him for over 8 years and he has brought such joy.

Currently, I am taken by the BF's dog, Yukon. She is a lab and is also just the cutest. I am not used to big dogs but she is a star. When I was sick this weekend she was in bed with me, when I make dinner she is next to me to cover the floor if something drops, she loves her ear rub and sometimes I wake up to her staring at me with a toy that I got her in her mouth. I have prevented the BF from buying a dog Yoda costume and a dog elf costume. She is my buddy.

A few weeks ago, Dixie, the BF's childhood dog died. She was almost 16 and was just fading away. His dad found her curled on her bed. I met her a few times and in July when I first met the family, she was the first one (besides the BF) to like me. She had some spunk in her and was a feisty little girl. When GP told me she passed I began to cry. I can't imagine how it would feel to go through that. I have my fears about it but, I know that it happens, it is the circle of life.

I've been a pest to the bf whining about how I want a puppy. He humors me but, we know that right now it is not the right time for us. With me being in school and us living in two different apartments, it would not be right. But hope spring eternal

I truly feel blessed to have known these dogs. They are truly angels and I do believe that all dogs go to heaven.

Rest in peace Ringo, I know that when your mom gets there you will be at the pearly gates waiting for her.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Ok time for a rant post, here are somethings that I want to vent about that has happened in the past few days:

-I had a dr. appt yesterday and I got there a few minutes late and I was the last appointment of the day. I was excited because I hoped to get home at around 5:30 and throw in a load of laundry. So I get to my appt and they take all my info and I pay my co-pay then a few minutes they take me into the room and I waited...and waited...and waited. I got seen at 5:40 and the whole procedure took 5 minutes. So I got home at around 6:20 too late to do a load and it was raining. I have to go out the back stairs to the laundry room and it gets slippery.
-I have gained about 6 lbs in a year! I know that does not seem dramatic but I am tiny and I have a few rolls now! Plus my jeans are tight! (Hon, forget sephora I need a gym membership for Christmas)
-Button fly jeans, why oh why did I wear them.

Other than that things are good!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heading towards the 100%

I am feeling better! That is a good thing, I slept really well last night and I think that it made a difference. The only annoying thing is the mucus back log but as long as I am on the upswing that is bearable!

Well 'tis the holiday season and I am almost done shopping. I have a few more things to get and then I will be done! So hopefully the damage done to my credit card is not that bad. I am trying to save but for the past few months it has been hard. It sucks because I really try hard to be good, I've also become my dad. Turning lights and electricity off when not in use, limiting my gas use. Thankfully, my heat and water are included in rent otherwise I would be in trouble. But the cost of living increases, rent increases and my pay check does not! Oh well, helps motivate me to get a new job.

I missed the company Christmas party and I do not regret it. I thought that I would perhaps feel guilty and I don't. I heard that the food was cold, they were forced to sing Christmas carols and there were no raffle items. I decided this year not to deal with the hypocrites and falseness. Last year one of the managers was acting like he was every one's best friend in a used car salesman type of manner. My thoughts were that if he can't treat me like that all year round why would I put up with that at the party? He is so fake and does not treat me well at the office so why bother? Not to mention, that the parties are always on a Sunday evening because the office and warehouse are open from Monday-Saturday so they have to accommodate everyone. So I have to go to a Russian banquet hall to eat cold food on a Sunday afternoon....not going to happen!

Spoke to JC last night, it is so awesome to catch up with her. She is such a great friend.

Monday, December 11, 2006

On the mend

I am feeling better, not grab-your-shoes-and-let's-tango better but better. I slept a wee bit better last night but it was hot! The BF had the window open and it was still very hot, I think that his landlord is cranking up the heat to make up for the lack of heat last week when it was in the teens! So it was a night of the cover dance, one minute you are cold then next you are hot and so on. The lucky BF has today off so he got to sleep in or at least I hope so.

I must say that I am fortunate to have him. He took such care of me this weekend and all I had was a cold. Last night he made a very yummy dinner and packed me a lunch. I am so spoiled by him.

Well this weekend we did venture out over the weekend. We spent money at Target and I got some gifts for my co-workers. I am slowly getting it all accomplished but I have one more co-worker gift to get. Have to think about that one though. We finally had a meal at Hamburger Mary's. and it was delish! Although our waiter was a bit gay bitchy! GP bought a cool pair of shoes and I looked at Uggs....I just looked at them. I am too broke to even think about buying a pair. Yesterday we wandered around Lincoln Square and at headed back to his place where I napped and he played his new computer game.

I am not thrilled to be back at work...never am I suppose.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Colds suck

I have a cold and it is officially sucky. It moved to my head and i did not sleep really well because I could not breath. I woke up at around 5:30 ish and I could not fall back asleep so I sat on the couch and watched TV and drank tea. I fell asleep on the sofa then went back to bed for a few hours.

Hopefully in a few days I will be tip top until then this stinks!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Is a frozen tangerine a deadly weapon?

I was just wondering because I am eating lunch and my tangerine is almost solid. I had to keep my lunch in the car for a few hours while I went to Rush to go to one of my specialists. So now it is not going to be eaten yet oh well. I will have it tonight cuddling with the BF.

My cold has worsened, the cough is more pronounced and it is all mucusy now. I already feel whiny!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

*cough, cough*

I think that the cold I have been trying hard to prevent has made its presence known. I woke up this morning with a cough and my chest feels phemly (if that is a word). I was using Zicam for the past few weeks and it held it off and then I stopped the Zicam and here it is. I am not a good sick person when I have a cold because I get cranky and I just tend to stay inside and nurse my cold. At least I am not PMSing on top of that otherwise my the Lord have mercy on your soul.

I have to get some gift shopping done this weekend. I have my list and just have to get some things done. I have so far gifts for my brother's fiance, part of the one for my mom and that is it. I know what I want to get some people. My brother and dad are difficult but I have been mulling a few ideas. Yesterday I created my Sephora wish list and sent it to my mom and the BF. He thought that it was "subtle". Well if I bought all the things that I wanted from Sephora then I would be living in a box...but at least I will look good!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I miss the beach

It was 30 degrees today. I miss the beach!

Anyway, I am back at work and I guess all good things must come to an end. But I am glad to be home for the most part. I just have to get my routine back!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What an adventure it was!

Well I am back from my cruise and it was one hell of an adventure. Here is the day by day breakdown:

It was cold day and the prediction of a major snowstorm caused American Airlines to cancel all their flights including ours. Midwest mama was on the phone to get all 9 of us on a plane to Orlando and we were finally booked on a United flight to leave at the same time. But as the night wore on, there was a debate over whether or nor we will be able to leave but at that point we could only guess. So we went to bed unsure.

We were woken up at 3:45 and we got ready and dressed and the car came at 5 and we headed to the airport and the flight was still ready to go! Sure enough we boarded and were set to go. Then the de-icers came and tried to get the snow and ice off the plane but that was not successful. Then the only runway was not shoveled and we sat at the gate for FIVE hours….basically we could have got to Florida and back to Chicago. As that ws not bad enough there were these two children that did not behave they were toddlers who screamed, cried, threw temper tantrums in the aisle while their parents sat and did nothing. In fact mommy dearest used her cell phone as a speaker phone to have her conversation. These kids were so bad and we were all ready to beat them.

So we then headed out at around 11 and got to Orlando at 3:30. We had to get to the port at 4:30 and there was a 45 minute drive! So we ran through the airport and waited 20 minutes for our bags. Then we ran to our van to our port and the driver speed to get us there. Our travel agent (an angel) contacted the port manager and the security manager to as them to hold the boat. We got to the port at 4:35 and we booked it on board. After we got there they closed the door. We made it on the ship!!!

We watched the ship depart and sat! We were just so glad and relived to have made the ship. We had a nice dinner and then N and I explored the ship and decided to sit in the hot tub that evening. It was a bit rough as we were really booking it to hit Nassau.

We spend the morning at the pool and just hanging out in the sun! We then pulled up to Nassau at around 11 and then had a quick lunch and then departed the ship. We took a water taxi to Paradise island and then went to Atlantis and walked around the hotel. It was beautiful. It was just so funny because it was 87 degrees and there was Caribbean Christmas music. It was surreal but lovely.

N and I walked around the straw market and pretty much got out of there as soo as we could it was a weird because everyone was a bit pushy for you to buy something. As we got out of there we went to a few liquor stores and then we looked at jewelry stores (I wanted to see if I could get a diamond pendent for my 30th). As we were going into one, a man offered us a doobie! We walked away as fast as we could and headed back to the ship. That evening was formal night and we got dressed up for dinner and it was very good! Afterwards, we changed and a few of us went back to shore to have a drink at Senor Frogs. It was fun and the drink was awesome! Loved the Frog log and I would get it again! We headed back to the ship and N and I headed for a soak in the hot tub! Then to the midnight buffet which had an amazing chocolate rum


My toes in the clear water note the cute pedi!

After breakfast we headed to Coco Cay and sat on the beach! The water was crystal blue and it was just a perfect day to do nothing! The kids played on the beach, swam, made sand castles and looked for sea shells. I actually fell asleep on the beach (with sunscreen). I had a very relaxing day on the beach. That evening I went shopping and got my diamond pendant. Then N and I took a last walk around the boat and had dinner with a final go around!

We had our final breakfast on the ship then disembarcked by color and number so N and I were the first off of the ship out of the group so we got all the bags. Afterwards we headed back to Orlando's airport and headed home.

Home was such a mess. It snowed about 8 inches and it took over 30 minutes to clean off my car (even with the engine on). I headed home and found a lovely sheet of ice in my parking space. So I got most of my things went upstairs and then headed to see the BF. I was so glad to see him because I really really missed him. Plus I wanted to give him his Jonny Walker Gold and a big kiss. It was our 6 month anniversary too so it was very special for me!

Today I slept and napped and dragged my suitcase up to the apt. But now I am getting ready for work tomorrow. I don't wanna go back to the office.

Overall, it was a good trip but now I have realized a few things most importantly don't travel with kids...ever!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leaving the snow behind

It is suppose to snow today! We've been spoiled with warm weather for November and now it is about 32 degrees and the prediction is 1-3 inches of snow this afternoon! Well I am leaving it all behind tomorrow when I head to the cruise tomorrow. I have very mixed feelings about the trip to be honest, I am going to miss spending the weekend with the bf and I have a limited budget for the trip. But on the other hand, I want to get out of Chicago for a bit and sit on a beach.

Oh well, it will all work out and it is only a few days so I am going to make the best of it. Plus I will be glad to come home and see the BF so it is all good.

Off I go...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Such a mush

I've been a bit weepy for the past few days perhaps it is hormones or perhaps I am just weepy. Comcast has not helped either. Since I don't have school, I've been catching up on some free movies and since last night I saw two movies both made me sniffy. the one that I started last night was "Benny and Joon" and the second one that I just finished was "84 Charing Cross Road". Both were very cute movies in different ways. I really liked the two of them

I did get a chance to get out today despite the rain, so I went to run an errand. I went to Borders and got my novels for the trip. I decided to give two novels by Zadie Smith a try. I picked up "White Teeth" and "On Beauty" so we'll see how they are. I've read good things about them so hopefully they meet my expectations.

The bf has been busy getting his project done for work so he has been in a legal frame of mind but I know that he will knock it out of the park. I realized why I've been a bit clingy and apologized to him for it. Nobody should be blamed for other's past mistakes and I have to keep in the top of my mind that he is a different person. I love him and I know that he loves me too. That I keep in my heart.

Almost done packing oh and I painted the Tootsie! I leave in two days...ack!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what is christmas about?

My favorite clip from A Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Linus put it best....

A Friday on a Tuesday

Yep, that is right folks, today is my Friday. Starting tomorrow I am off for a week and then on Friday, I depart for my cruise! So all I have to do is get through the day then it is party time. Tomorrow I have a few errands to run like going to the bank and then to the bookstore, I am debating whether or not to get a pedi or do it myself. Last night I packed but tonight I have to re-pack, I think that I overdid it and since I am carrying my bag I try to make it reasonable for the trip but I do have the tendency to over pack and include things that I don't need. I just like to have options!

But I've had my weepy moments especially this past weekend because I am going to miss the bf. Ever since we met, we have spoken or seen each other every day and it will be so strange to perhaps not talk with him over the weekend. But I know that we will be fine, I am just so used to having him around. Funny how you get used to things like that and it happens so subtlety that I know I am going to miss that. I just keep telling myself it is just for a few days and I'll have my email and hopefully phone service so all will be well. I just adore him...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Behold the power of tv

Well more so Food Network or any program about food. A few weeks ago we were watching a show that mentioned a dessert at a Chicago pastry shop and a few hours later the BF and I were there. This weekend on PBS was a program about Mexican food and before you know it we were eating at a local Mexican restaurant! We are so incorrigible.

Other things learned from TV this past weekend:

-Freemasons are a weird bunch
-Sailors from the Bismark sunk their own ship
-The bears lost
-There is no strategy in Iraq
-The Molecular Man is Conan
-The celebration of Las Fallas in Valencia Spain is a must see

In other news, we had drinks on Friday with PK and MK and it was a blast. I am glad that the BF got to hang out with them, they are an awesome couple.

Oh and I am getting a sore throat and I go on vacation on Friday! Not a happy camper over here!

Friday, November 24, 2006

The day after Thanksgiving

Well I am at work, I left the BF wrapped up like a burrito asleep in bed and even Yukon, who normally gets up with me, stayed in her bed. I had a bit of a rough night, in the wee hours, the BF had a big sneeze and it startled me that I woke up and I opened my eyes but there was something that got in my eye and I was in so much pain. I honestly thought I cut my cornea (again) and of course I think of the worst case scenario. But the bf was so sweet and was up until I fell back asleep. My eye is fine a wee bit sore but the cornea is not at all cut, just one of those things.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with his family. His dad's stuffing was so good, I could have eaten the whole thing. Our antipasto was a success and everyone kept noshing off of it. After the dinner some of his brothers and the kids went to toss the ole pigskin around. It was in the 50s here so it was not cold nor snowy!

Well this weekend will be full of shopping and food. Tonight we have plans to have dinner with PK and MK. So it is going to be a fun start to the weekend.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Click Chicago

My collegue sent this to me a very cool website!

Click around Chicago

On your mark, get set...go...Black Friday

So, Friday is the infamous Black Friday and my email box is flooded with reminders to "get their early" to get the best sales. Yea I don't do that....

But I got one today from Staples! Yea you read right Staples...I mean who in their right mind is going to be waiting for Staples to open at 6 am to buy the holiday post-it notes, shredder, and pens!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Final final of the year....

Tonight is my last final for 2006 and it will be in microeconomics. I know people, thrilling stuff!

But it got me thinking about how last year I was getting ready to take the GMAT for the 2nd time. I hated the GMAT, hell I hated the SATs, the PSATs and the Co-op ( a test we Catholic school kids had to take to get into the Catholic high school of our choice in NY state!) Basically any standardized tests suck. I mean how does determining the area of a cylinder equate to how smart you are?

Just to take the GMAT is an ordeal, you have to sign in and prove without a shadow of a doubt you are the person who signed up for the test. You have to present all this paperwork and id. Then they call you one by one and you sit and wait for the facilitator to be ready for you. Other than being stripped searched you are given two pencils. scratch paper, your id scrutinized and your photo digitally taken to match up. then you are placed in this mini cube and the test begins.

The GMAT is timed test which consists of three parts: essay, quantitative (math) and qualitative (reading comprehension, grammar skills and sentence correction). The essay portion required you to write two essays one disputing or supporting a given statement and the other where you support and state your opinion. Then after a 5 minute break (also timed) and the mandatory spring from the bathroom to sign in, you start the math portion. It is 35 questions of many "basic" math skills but the test is designed to push you. See the test starts out with a "medium" question, if you get it right the next question is progressively "harder" likewise if you get it wrong, the next question is "easier". Basically if you get the question: 1 +1 = ? you know at that point that you might as well just pack it up and get on the special bus home. Oh and because it is computerized, you can't go back and change an answer, once you hit next it is gone for good and the next question pops up. Also there are two types of questions the straight up multiple choice and the which is the better answer to the question. It states a problem ie XY=25 then it gives you a-X=5, b-Y=5. then you have to choose which of the two is the best answer tot he problem or if a and b or b and a or neither? It so messes with your head.

Then after the other 5 minute break you start the qualitative part. This part, in my opinion, is so much easier. It has reading comprehension and sentence and grammar correction. But again as you answer the previous question the difficulty level of the next question is determined and so it goes for 38 questions.

Then after all is said and are asked the question , do you want to see the score? If yes you get your score (except it is not official as the essay part has not been graded) if no then the computer CANCELS the score and you never ever see it. So that is your choice...the lady or the tiger.

You get to experience all of this for $250.00 per test!

Basically what I am saying is thank God for microeconomics!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Is it Monday already?

Gosh, where did the weekend go? I feel that Monday came way too soon!

This past weekend, the BF had a nasty cold. So it pretty much wiped him out, he did not sleep very well. Friday we attempted to have dinner at Hamburger Mary but it was packed so we had a drink (I had the Jazz cosmo and it was like an alcholic raspberry good) and headed to Charlie's ale house for a very yummy meal but GP was so tired. We got back to his apartment and he went straight to sleep and I stayed up a bit to study for my final.

On Saturday we went to have breakfast with GP's friend Droopy and then ran errands. We went to Paulina's meat market, cupcake, whole foods and then CVS. We then got home and vegged out catching up on TV. We had a yummy dinner then fell asleep.

Yesterday we were so lazy. GP slept and took a nap and I studyed, and cleaned a little. It was good to be lazy though. I am ready for my exam, I just need to reveiw today and a little tomorrow and then just go and get it out of the way.

It is Thanksgiving on Thursday so it will be nice to have a break this week! Next week...vacation!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stupid Week is over...hopefully

This week I feel like I have been dealing with stupid people from all over. From co-workers, to customers to neighbors. I just hope that Stupid Week is over because I am tired of dealing with incompetence. But that is life I suppose.

I am so tired, I went to bed early last night and I am still tired. I even had a dream that I said to someone that I was tired....weird.

This weekend I have to study for my final! I think it will be okay but I still want to do well on it. I am so looking forward when I can walk out of the exam and be done with the school year!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm late, I'm late

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, no time to say hello, good bye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...(Alice in Wonderland)

That was me this morning, I overslept by about 30 minutes! So I had to scramble to be at work on time (I was 9 minutes late!) but I just wanted to give a shout out to all those who helped me get in those few extra minutes:

-my parking neighbor
Thanks so much for giving me 4 inches of space between my car and yours. I notice that you had a foot on the drivers side, so I hope that you moved with ease into your posh Volvo as I had to climb into my car from the passenger side. I would have blasted my horn to wake you up but I have too much couth for that. Well I hope that you don't mind that I will be taking less care to ensure that my car door does not hit or scratch your car when the wind blows. But I thank you so much for making me twist in uncomfortable positions to get to the drivers seat, I did not know that my hip had that range!

-the cube truck
A big thank you for blocking the alley entrance/exit. You blocked the quickest way for me to get to out of my parking alley to the street to catch the IKE. Thanks so much for putting your hazards on, they really helped me but not as much as your bulk blocking the way. Thanks so much for staying there after I honked for you to move. I really appreciated how you just stayed there and I had to back up and go a different way. Don't mind the fact that the car behind me did not know that you were there too and almost hit me. Really that gets my heart and blood pumping.

Without you I don't think I would have been 9 minutes late....I would have been on time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just another ordinary day

There is not much to report, it is a dreary wet day. I almost did not get out of bed this morning, I just could not get out of bed. It took me a few minutes to wake up and move but I came thisclose to falling back asleep.

I had my last micro economic class last night and now it is crunch time for the final. So tonight I will go through my notes and come up with the study sheet and then do some studying tomorrow and so on. I will be glad next Tuesday when I am done. Actually, I will be done with the year and I am so glad that the school year will end and I am looking forward of 6 weeks without being in school. Oh the things I will, sleep, shop, cook, watch movies, go on vacation, spend time with my gentleman pirate. I can't wait.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I am just so po'ed at myself. I keep losing earrings, rings, etc. It is my fault and I am so po'ed at myself.

Why do Monday's stink?

I am sleepy, well then again I am almost always sleepy in one way, shape or form. I guess part of it is that it is slow at work. I spent most of the past few hours reading and doing homework for my last class tomorrow in economics. Plus I had a nice mellow weekend with the GP and the doggy.

I did a bit of cooking this weekend. Saturday I made pizza (or rather I assembled a pizza) and yesterday I make a slow cooked beef stew. It came out so yummy, I was quite pleased with it. I served it over egg noodles and the GP loved it. I had some for lunch and made lunch (and dinner) out of the leftovers for GP. I do like to cook and to create and it was so refreshing to make a meal.

On Saturday we were watching a commercial and they mentioned cupcakes....yum cupcakes. So at 8 we did a cupcake run. It was so funny how it came together but once the ideas of cupcakes got lodged in our heads, we had to get some and they were so delicious. But Saturday I was a lump on a rock, I just slept in and then after bagels I came home and took a nap. I guess my body needed sleep but, after last week and three days of early mornings I needed it.

It was a quiet and mellow weekend...

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The BF and I were watching "Frontline: The World" and one of the stories was about micro loans and Kiva.

Kiva is an organization that allows anybody to loan money to those in the third world to start or expand their businesses. The loans are done in such a way that a lot of people can contribute $25 or more to one of many different types of businesses. After the loan is set up, then the repayment terms are decided. Per the program, they have 100% re-payment. I was getting tears in my eyes watching the story.

So this afternoon, I have put in my contribution. I am helping a man in Uganda to buy food to sell at a local market as well as expand a wholesale store. The great thing is that there is no "service charges" and you can choose to receive emails about how the business is doing as well as email the person who you've supported.

I encourage you to do the same. My friends and family are going to get emails about this org.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I was on fire yesterday! I had two presentations to do one at work and the last one for my class and I rocked them both. My presentation at work was very weird because we did not know who the customer/prospect was and why the president was giving the tour. But as it turns out it was not a customer and there is something fishy going on. I have my suspicions about what it can be and it will be a very interesting few months! Regardless, I was awesome and I went in with confidence and knowing my stuff.

Last night was our team presentation for my last CIB class. We were the last presentation and we kicked butt! The class really was receptive to our idea and the team did a great job presenting. Afterwards we went to the Demon's Den for a few drinks and it was nice to do that with everyone. I decided to take a cab home rather than venture on the green line after 10. So I got home showered and then fell asleep.

Tonight I will head to the Bf's apartment and we plan on a quiet weekend. He has a project to work on and I need to catch up on sleep!

Just got to get through the day.............

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The house is BLUE!

Democrats seize control of House

How awesome is that. I saw it on the news last night that they won control of the house and still are deciding on control of the Senate. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. This is democracy in action because it is purely majority rule, there is no damn electoral college. It is the loud voice of the American people who are fed up and have a say in government. I wonder if John McCain will kill himself as he said last week when asked if he thought the Democrats would will the majority. Bushy boy is going to have a lot to answer to now and I think he is worried and all the GOP will have to eat humble pie.

But seriously, I think that it is time for the two parties to get over the party lines and work together. We are so divided by what state we belong to and what party we are that sometimes things get shot down for the pure reason that it is the wrong party. America is a mess, our education system is in a horrible state, medical costs are soaring, people are tired of the war in Iraq, stem cell research is mis-represented, tax law benefits the rich not those who need it and we are tired of the lies and corruption. Now, I am not saying that the party I favor is scandal and corrupt free. But it is time for our voted and selected representatives to get to work and make us stronger and respected in the global stage.

To celebrate I am wearing my sapphire cross to symbolize the blue victory and to represent that we need help from above to be stronger.

Their work is just beginning...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

who cares

Breaking news on CNN...Britney and K-Fed are getting a divorce. Of all the news events that can happen today Election day. This is breaking news!?

What the hell? Even blind deaf mutes in the far stretches of the galaxy could see this train wreck of a marriage fall apart. I mean come on people what did you expect when one of the most fertile stupid man in America marries a multi-millionaire lip singer over a dinner of chicken fingers and music on a boom box. The man has the intellectual capacity that is slightly lower than a flea after it bit a rabid raccoon!

Whatever life will go on...can CNN pull it head out and report on the election findings? Nope because they will post photos of K-Fed from WWE. My heart weeps....NOT!

Welcome to the US and A!


I voted this morning, I got up at the butt crack of dawn to go to the polls at 6. Since today I have class I don't have any time before class to vote. So I went this morning and I cast my dye...hopefully it will turn the tide blue.

But there was one referendum that I found interesting the question read in part "...for the sake of our children, do you support the ban on assault weapons?"

It was very interesting because it made me thinks well, would I support the ban if it wasn't for the children? Are children the ones who fire the assault weapons or are they the majority victims of assault weapons? Why did the writers throw "for the sake of our children?" in the question, doesn't that automatically bias the voter. If you vote no, do you not care for children? Interesting how one phrase can alter the entire statement. It could have said "do you support the ban of assault weapons?" that would have been clear easy and less bias.

Ahhh, the manipulative power of politicians at their finest...for the sake of our children!

Monday, November 06, 2006

It is alive!

Wooohoooo my blog is back and the format is corrected. I can blog until my heart's content.

Yesterday the BF, his brother and I went to see Borat the movie. All I can advise is to make sure you go to the loo beforehand, it is too funny. I guess part of the appeal or rather sad thing to see is how ignorant Americans are about each other. I don't want to give it away but there are some things that will come back and bite certain people in the ass HARD. On thing I can strongly advise is don't bring a live chicken on the subway in NYC....NEVER a good idea.

Other than that we just had a low key weekend. The Gentleman Pirate has his TV back and on Saturday he was working on his computer and I did my PowerPoint presentation slides for my class on LAST class in my creativity in business and I am bummed, it was an awesome class. Other than that we did our typical grocery store, brunch and sleeping.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Blogger is acting up so the format of my blog is weird. I can't figure it out. I am waiting to hear back from blogger....but I am not holding my is pissing me off!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Too frigging early!

I was driving home yesterday and I was flipping through the radio stations (I am a flipper) and then I heard it, I did not want to believe it but I heard it...Christmas music not just one song but it turns out for the next 6 bloody weeks that is all that they will play. WTF, I mean it is the beginning of November, we have not even made it past Thanksgiving! So I have deleted the pre-set from its former 3rd preferred station to 6 (which I never really hit).

Come on people it is too damn early. Enjoy autumn, enjoy Thanksgiving before the corporate greed and marketing machines force you to spend way to much money on stupid "must get" gifts for your friends, family, pets, pet-in-law, neighbors brother, mail person, local parole officer, junkie on the street, CTA driver, boss, bag boy, doorman, and other odd assortment of characters that you pass each and every day!

Merry November!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Domestic Diva moment

Well, last night I was in domestic diva mode, I left work and did the following:
-spoke to Mr on the way
-went grocery food shopping and kept to my list
-did a load of laundry
-folded aforementioned load of laundry
-made pasta sauce and dinner
-went through and discarded piles of magazines and mail
-shredded mail
-started to organize the shift of summer clothes to winter ware

I feel so domestic....weird. But things look good and I am getting somewhere. My apt is not that bad but I have to get it straightened out. When I am in school I sometimes just leave things in piles and I will sort through them. But I am trying to stay on top of that. I am also trying to throw things out, use the 5 sets of shampoo and conditioner and not replace them until I get to the last set, stay on top of unsolicited mail, wash dishes at least once a day, cook at least once a week for me, and watch less TV. So far so good....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I was speaking with a good friend last night about the fun we had at Halloween. Today she is dressing up as a bat for work and I am in in my typical uniform of jeans and a sweater. In college, she was a femme fatal and one year I decided to be the bride of death. Kind of fun those college days of yore. Since those days I have not really dressed up, at work years ago I was a mouse which consisted of a headband and a tail that I removed once I left the office. I kinda miss dressing up.

When I was a kid it was so much fun, some of my favorite costumes were Raggedy Ann (my brother was Andy), a cat, the Statue of Liberty (it was 1986-the 100th year of the Statue of Liberty) and of course a punk (but that was more to color my hair with the aerosol hair color that was so popular)!

My friend's granddaughter is going to be a Victorian Vampire! How cool is that? I am going to be in the midst of an economic mid-term. I guess that is scary enough.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Turducken feast '06

It was a fast but nice weekend. We had a combo do nothing and do something over the course of the weekend. Friday we did our typical eat-candy-and-watch-a-movie-in-bed thingy. I actully stayed awake for the "Return of the Sith". The BF was very patient with me because I asked a few questions. I am not that familiar with Star Wars (I've only seen Star Wars) so I had to ask my questions. But one thing is for sure...Yoda kicks serious ass. The BF said that I can get a purple light saber isn't he awesome?

Saturday we headed to his brother's apartment for the annual Turduken feast. It was a lot of fun, most of the bf's family was there and a few of his brother's friends. I had never had turducken before and it was very good. His brother did a great job.

Yesterday we were a bit screwed up due to the time change so we were in a bit of a daze more or less. We had brunch with the Tom Kitten's then I studied for my midterm and he did his weekly grocery trip. Then we just vegged out but the dog was in rare form and was very restless. So we did not sleep very well.

Another Monday and I want to be back in bed. Oh well....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving

30 extra minutes

My boss gave me permission to come to work 30 minutes late (since I am staying late) and those 30 minutes made such a difference! I slept until 7 am, yes ladies and gentleman 7 am. It may not sound like much but I get up much earlier at either 5:45 or 6:30 depending on the day. I had a great night of sleep in my comfy bed and woke up feeling well rested.

I was able to get all my tasks done last night after work, I returned my library book, did a load of laundry, started my study notes for my 2nd econ mid-term next week and vegged out. Plus I went to bed at my semi normal time.

If only I could get up at 7 every work day...but then again I would probably go to bed later too. I guess sometimes ya can't win.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fire fire and the green line

On both Monday and Tuesday there were fires that happen to occur near the green line tracks and as such my commute was not typical. Monday it happened at Ashland and Lake so the train did not stop there, yesterday it was worse. It was a 4 alarm fire and it happened on Harrison and Wabash so the green line went in the opposite direction on the outer loop. It was not that bad but it just was different.

The stench was all over the place. I got home from class and just took a shower to get the smell off of me. It brought me back to a certain time and place...sensory memories I suppose.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Nap time???

I am so sleepy. The BF and I did not sleep well last night. We both were tossing and turning and were hot one second and cold the next. Of course after the snooze button is pressed, we are comfy and are out cold for the next 9 minutes. Yukon was not happy to see me get ready to go to work, she was herding me to make me go back to bed. I think she thought "Why are you leaving?" Poor thing, it was cute.

Yesterday I napped and napped and napped. I don't understand it, we grabbed breakfast, went to Walgreens (which by the way, was not in any order, it was so weird) and headed back to the apartment where I slept for almost two hours. The BF think that it is the time change and he could be right.

Anyway, last night I made my stuffed meatloaf and it was yummy. But tonight I have to head to school for a group meeting and start the next project. Tomorrow is going to be a long early day for me.

I have one more unused vacation day and I am thinking about using it!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Too freaking funny

I found this link on another blog and it was hysterical! April fools day hoaxes

I've only read a few because I caugh a case of the giggles

Those darn Brits!

Total Eclipse of Heart

Ok, so I had another weird dream (was it the hot chocolate that I had last night....I can't give it up)

So in my dream I met a guy who I started developing a business with, he was a wee bit shady yet strangely familiar. Apparently, he and I wrote the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" back in the 80's (I was apparently a prolific writer as a tot). However, when that song won a Grammy (which it did not in reality), he would not share it with me. Yet, I could not recall this due to my young age but I felt that it was true. So I asked for my Grammy but he would not give it to me. So I started to spy on him and he lived near this fake canal and I befriend his 3rd wife. Well she gave me a box of junk and inside were a few Grammy's including best songwriters and best song and had my name scratched off of it. There was another Grammy but the top part was cut off and he had etched on it "World's best dad" or something like that. All the awards were broken in on way shape or form. But I took one anyway and when he found out about it he got upset and tried to intimidate be but failed due to his physical limitations....he was in his 50s, wearing black and he gave up and let me have my Grammy.

Ok can anyone explain what the hell this means? But I must admit, I woke up bemused and befuddled!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dreams are weird

Ok last night's dream that I can remember was a doozy...

I dreamt that I got a call from Virgin saying that they had a sale to London but that I had to leave in 5 hours. So apparently, I made it in time. So I was on the back of the plane and had a window seat, but the people around me were the "cool" kids (kind of like the kids who sat in the back of the bus, they were the cool kids). anyway, before we take off, Richard Brandson gets on and sits in the row in front of me but in the other side of the plane, he takes the middle seat. During the course of the flight, he starts to chat with everyone and then there is a "magazine trade" where people threw their magazine to another person to get a different perspective". I gave up O mag to get two women's weekly (I have NO idea how that popped in my head). So Richard asks me why I am traveling alone and I told him that my BF did not get the same call I did so he told me to go. Richard informed me that it was because he was not on the Virgin "special" list but to have him sign up for the next time.

I really need to stop eating chips and salsa before bed...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dog tootsie toasties

It was a very very very lazy weekend for us. We spent most of the time inside doing ourwork. The bf has some work to do for his job and I have homework. So between the two days we got most of what we wanted accomplished done. We did venture out on Friday to hit Target. I had a breakfast meeting yesterday then we grabbed lunch in Lincoln square and hit the Jewel. I was so pooped for some reason that I fell asleep in the middle of the day. Today we had breakfast then back to work with a few breaks.

I have pretty much camped out on the sofa with Yukon keeping my toes warm. She has been plopped down next to me for a few days now. According to the bf she is a trader but she loves him so much. She cries when he leave and waits with her ears perked until he gets back. He will always be the daddy. It is cute to see the two of them together.

We needed a weekend like this!

On the abuelita note, she is doing ok. She is taking a lot of meds and is developing blisters but she is still doing okay. Mom sounds tired and I feel bad, I know that she is feeling guilty for a lot of things. I cried on the bf shoulder the other day, I felt that something was not right in the universe. I honestly don't know what I would do sometimes without him.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nobel Peace prize

Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank have been awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

What an amazing story. Make you wonder if this can work elsewhere, can it work here? Do people trust each other to lead money without any collateral? I mean we all need a few bucks now and then but can we really use the honor system?

It goes to show you that for $27.00 you can help save a woman. It is such a simple thing but how dramatic the effect was, this type of ripple effect. Concentric circles that lead to changes, that can change a person, a village, a life, a community, a country and our world? If only people were receptive.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Too early for snow!

I had another strange dream, I was in South America with some cousins and aunts and uncles. My mom was there too but the architecture was Italian and we were eating near a canal (like the Venetian hotel). Then my cousin leaned in to reveal a secret that I was at the point of knowing. Then my alarm went off. I wonder if ones mind knows what time you get up and as such force you up or let's the alarm clock wake you up at a key critical moment.

It is snowing....way to early for that!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How many days till the weekend??

I have been so tired for the past few days and I don't know why. I think that it is weather related and since it is darker earlier and longer it makes the morning seem like it is earlier than I am used to. Not to mention it has gotten colder so my bed is nice and toasty and who wants to get out of that. Thankfully, my landlords have turned on the heat!

I was able to get some hw done. I did really well on my first mid-term and I want to keep that momentum going! I read the chapter and i got stuck on a question so I emailed JT and hopefully he will be the fresh eyes that i need. But i am getting there. I need to tackle my paper this week/weekend too. I want to give myself the two weeks to get it straight. I was lazy this past weekend so now I am paying for it. It will all get done one way or another.

I have brunch on Saturday a career mentor. We'll see how it all turns out but that means that the bf and I won't spend time lazy in bed on Saturday. But we have Sunday!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A long day to be had

It is going to be a very long day, my boss and co-worker are coming in from NY, the head of marketing, the head of ops and then a product trainer. It is also employee appreciation day otherwise known as "we pretend we appreciate you so we buy you pizza". Sometimes meetings like these really shake up the facility because there are too many people and too few space and you are forced all over the place.

I got to start finding and getting a new job. I am suffocating!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


This past week the bf and I celebrated 4 months together and I could not be any happier. We are getting into our routine and we are comfortable doing nothing! We can and have spend hours just staying in bed talking, joking or plopped out on the sofa eating pizza and watching movies. We just go to the grocery store and talk about food or we sit at a favorite coffee shop and I read "the Reader" as he looks at "The Onion". It is the comfortable silence and quiet time that we spend together that is just as important as the craziness that pop up know and then.

Yesterday we went to his dad's house and we took the hobgoblin with us. She ran and ran and ran all though the back yard and left little gifts (yes they were picked up). It totally pooped Yukon out, she slept in today....really in. The GP had a rough morning because in setting up his new computer, the TV stopped working. It was (and is) very frustrating.

So we went to the grocery story and then to my friend's house. Now we are back in the apt, dinner was made, lunches were packed and now I need to shower.

Even with the pain of the TV out for the GP it was, as always, a good weekend together!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was thinking about "luck" this morning.

What is it, what does it mean, how does it work?
Are people born luckier than others?
Does it mean different things to different people.
Why do some people have all the luck in the world while others seemingly don't have any?
Are there lucky charms or lucky stars? If so where can I find them?
Do we take luck for granted?
Is this an all-purpose way of knowing we barely made it out of something?
Are luck and conscience related?

Any ideas?????

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My dad was suppose to come into town next week for a visit but it will have to be postponed. My abuela (grandmother) is ill and is back in the hospital. My mom has been very upset and worried about her mother. In the past month, my abuela has been admitted to the hospital at least 3 times. She was in for a kidney infection, she fell and then needed hip replacement surgery and now one of her toes turned black and was rushed to the ER.

My mom is very concerned especially since my abuela is in a different country. Mom is feeling guilty that she can't be there even though she sends money each month to help out with the costs. When I was speaking to my mom she was really upset and started to cry. I feel really sad for both of them. If things take a turn for the worse, my mom is heading to be there.

I am just really hoping that things work out!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


It poured yesterday and last night. It was a torrential downpour with hail and winds that, per the news, was 60 MPH. I have no idea where it came from and there must have been storm after storm. The lights in the apartment flickered a bit once or twice and tv had constant storm warnings and watches.

After Vegas, I so wanted humidity and boy did I get it. I was joking with the bf that after the dry heat, I was going to stick my face on top of my humidifier. But with this weather, I don't need too!

The email server at work is down. It is going to be one of those days....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sleep, sleep is good

We are back from Vegas. We got in yesterday night after a long trip. At least the airport in Vegas was a lot easier to get through and we had an uneventful flight but I was so tired that i pooped out on the plane.

Saturday the wonderful boyfriend and I walked and gambled at different hotels and casinos. We left and headed to Ceasar's Palace and walked all around the forum and the casino. We then headed to lunch at the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock. It was one of the best enchaladas that I've ever had. We suspect that we sat next to a musician but we could not figure out who it was. We also walked around the stores and then headed to New York, New York. There we tired our hand at gamveling. I found my Black Jack. I won a whole dollar, I fall!! After we made our contribution, we went to Excalabur and the Luxor. Then headed back to get ready for the wedding.

Before the wedding I got cranky. My contact lenses were killing me due to the dry heat and the tons of smoke and my feet were killing me. So we ventured to find eye drops at the vientian but they did not sell eye drops for contacts nor do they sell saline solution! So we went to Treasure Island and thankfully they had them! But I was whiny and the GP was so patient with me. We went to have drinks at the Vientian before the wedding.

The wedding itself was nice. J9 and TS got married on the bridge in "St. Mark's Square". It was nice but in the middle of a shopping area over a "canal". So there were tons of tourists and gawkers. Afterwards, dinner was in a pricate room at a resturant called Cantanello's. It was lovely and a nice dinner. The fresco was painted to mimick the sky at dawn so it really began to mess with our heads. It was 11 pm and yet it looked like it was the middle of the morning. After midnight, the party continued but GP and I were pooped that we headed back to the hotel room and plopped out.

Yesterday we woke up ate, packed and headed home.

We slept so well and today we went to pick up the pup and then I headed back to my apartment. I had to study for my economic mid term. So I have done that and will review again shortly.

I need a nice long bath and sleep. But it was a great trip and I so adore my bf.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

We re here....

Actually we got here yesterday. We arrived at around 4:20, got our bags by 5 and caught the cab at 5:35. The taxi line was insane and there were tons and I mean tons of people. It was a decently moving line but man! I was surprised to see slot machines at the airport and people using them...that was my welcome to Sin City.

Our hotel is the Imperial Palace on the strip and it is decent for what you can get. I am sure that each hotel room is pretty much the same hotel to hotel. Yet the lobbies are what makes each unique. We were getting hungry but I wanted to see the some hotels. So we ended up at the Bellagio. We got dinner at the buffet...not what you'd expect this was a pricey buffet ($35/person). So I ate....pasta, tomato salad, beef Wellington, salad, bread more beef Wellington and dessert. This buffet had everything from buffalo to prime rib. Yum. It was probably the best deal in the whole Bellagio.

Then we walk through the lobby and they had the Chuliully glass ceiling that was breathtaking. They also had the conservatory dressed up for fall and it was gorgeous. I think that the boyfriend was a little embarrassed by the photo taking!

Then we headed outside to watch the water show which was amazing. We saw a few of them and they were so cool to see. We then walked to the Paris hotel to look around. That hotel was so pretty, I want to stay there next time. At the Paris we made our contribution to keep Vegas alive. Then head back...

Today is our full day here so let the fun begin!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crocodile Tears

Last night, after all my chores, I watched 20/20 with Barbara Walters. She had an hour long special with Terri Irwin, the widow of Steve Irwin. The program had me in tears because they had such a love story.

The program illustrated Steve's career and conservation efforts. It also detailed their story, how they met, fell in love, got married, had kids and worked together. She referred to his loss as losing "her prince". Yet, she considers herself blessed for having him in her life and mentioned that if she had to do it all again, even with the final consequence, she would have done it all the same. She shared his passion for conservation and wild life and you can tell that her heart is breaking.

It was such a heartfelt tribute to Steve.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why does sand pass through the hourglass at warp speed after 6 PM?

It seems that lately once I get home (after both work and school) time just takes on a warp speed level and minutes, hours fly by. Last night I got home after class, worked on a powerpoint presentation and then at 10 something while on the phone with my BF, ate! Then of course you can't go to bed after just eating something so I stayed up until 11 pm. I just watched TV because it was too late to vacuum, do a load of laundry or shred mail.

So here is what I have on tap tonight. Note, I am heading to the BF house tomorrow after class because on Friday we head to VEGAS!

-go to walgreens to pick up cards
-do some hand washing of clothing
-take out the garbage
-paint the toe nails
-get ready for the group presentation tomorrow
-eat dinner

Fingers crossed that I will get this all done.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Disappearing funds

Where does muy money go?

I just got back from hitting the ATM and there is NO money in my checking account. Granted my rent, cable, and car payments are paid but, my savings is depleting. I am using it more and more to take cash out. I try to transfter some of my pay check to my saving each month but that is not going well. So I may have to re-consider my spending habits. Now, I don't have extravagant spending.

My typical monthly expense include gas, food, perscriptions. I have not gone "fun" shopping in months. I have been really good but the expenses for school and books also hurt me. Last month, I did go a bit overboard on the spending because my friends were in town but it was not that bad.

So I am not sure what to do!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Short weekends

It is Sunday night and I am in the "back to work" blues mood. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow...

It was another good weekend with the bf and the pooch. Yesterday we took the dog to the vet and to look at the the boarding facility. Last evening, we went to the Gentleman Pirate's dad's house. One of this brothers came into town so we had dinner with his family. I really like is father, he is a very interesting smart man. So we had dinner and hung out there for a few hours.

Today we just vegged and vegged and vegged.

Tomorrow is back to the grind.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

After glow

I was speaking with Mr last night and she was still raving about how much fun she had when she was in Chicago. She told me that she had so much fun celebrating my birthday as she had celebrating hers. LW and JC also mentioned to me how much fun they had.

I am so glad that people had fun at my party. It made turning 30 so much sweeter to have friends around. not to mention my first kiss after turning 30 was with my boyfriend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brain droppings

*I finally emailed everyone photos from this past weekend
*I was driving home and this woman flicked a cigarette out the window of the car next to me, she then closed the window. The car had a toddler who was clearly surrounded by the smoke.
*I was actually a wee bit busy at work today
*I wrote my paper, just need to proof it and print it out
*Gas prices have gone down
*Dad is coming to town in a few weeks for a visit, he wants to see the site of the Haymarket riots
*FUNG (Fat Ugly Naked Guy) neighbor finally mastered the use of blinds (the world breaths a collective sigh of relief
*Time's cover story about Iran makes me nervous about the possibility
*TV sucks lately
*I need to write down my Vegas list, the trip is coming up next week
*My car insurance went down (wooohooo)
*My apartment is messy again
*Comcast has Moonstruck on demand for free
*JT wants me to watch the last episode of the West wing season 3 but I am afraid of it because of the other season endings.
*I haven't eaten dinner in the past few days
*I can't wait to spend some quiet down time with my boyfriend and Yukon the tub dog

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Need to recover

I did not get to sleep until well after midnight! Part of it is that I had TONS of things to do last night. I had to do laundry, write out my cards, do homework, download the photos, update a few things and then get ready for work. At 11:45 last night I finally got done and went to bed.

I can't believe that this weekend is over :( but also how much I have to get done before Vegas...paper, project and life! Ack!

Monday, September 18, 2006


MR thratens her husband by saying "I am going to stick my foot in your bung hole and kick your head with the other one"...I was hysterical

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A milestone...30

I am officially 30 years old today. That is right, I turned 30 and it was a wonderful celebration. I had so much fun...

Friday MR, JC and LW came in from the east coast! I spent most of the day at and around O'Hare and that evening, we went to Lou Malnati's for pizza and then we met up with the boyfriend at Second city. It was so funny and we laughed and laughed and laughed. afterwards we hit Wells on Wells and had a few munches and drinks. Yesterday, we went to do the architecture tour on the Chicago River. Of course prior to that we had to hit the mag mile and do some retail therapy! After that we headed home for wig shopping, dinner and then ready to hit the town.

After the taxi ride from the depths of Hades, we arrived looking stunning at the W hotel and the Whiskey Sky bar. It was a blast J9 was there with her fiance and a friend. PK and his wife came, JT was there as was the cute boyfriend. The guy I met last year with J9 called to wish me a happy birthday so he was downtown and he came up. We hung out there for hours then the four of us and the guy from last year went to Tavern on Rush for a hour or two. Then we all came home.

I had so much fun with my girls...we laughed, talked, chatted, shopped. I have missed them so much it is so awesome to have them back. I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends who have been missing. I am overwhelmed with love for all my friends and I miss them so much. I have such wonderful memories and I was glad that they met my wonderful boyfriend and my Chicago buddies. It was a perfectly wonderful weekend.

Oh and the "girls were out" and on perfect display thanks to some wonderful boob engineers. Whilest leaving Tavern on Rush" a blond and her date looked at me and she says to him "See those, they are real". Perfect ending for a perfect night!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flowers all over the place!

Well I have been pleasantly surprised today by some unexpected birthday gifts. I received a delivery of stargazer lilies from my sales rep. Charlie sent me some photos including his cover of "Dog Fancy", my brother and his fiance sent me a gift card and a pair of earrings and midwest mama and Tab brought me a large bunch of flowers.

It is funny because last night at the grocery store I bought Gerber daises and some purple flowers. My apt will be filled with flowers. How cool is that!

So I am almost all set for my friends tomorrow. I have to just clean off my coffee table and then I will be all set. Chicago will never be the same!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Old School

Well last night was my first class in Micro Economics (yea last week was a trial run). My professor gave us all a one page (!) syllabus. We have three tests (!) one the Tuesday after Vegas and then another one 4 weeks later and a cumulative final the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. All that being said, the professor is very much on top of his game. He seems decent enough and knows what he is talking about. Last night was a review of stats and I was thinking that he should have been my stats professor. I get the idea behind the madness and he broke it down so that I "got it". I really don't think it will be a very tough course but I have to read the chapters and do the homework.

The one thing that struck me is that he does not use the online system and does not post his notes and he uses the blackboard. He actually wrote down the definitions, rules, theories and problems all on the blackboard with chalk. My other profs used powerpoint , slides, movies, overheads to convey their message. So it will be an interesting course. Also since it's once a week for 3 hours I think I can manage. I mean after taking two intensive summer classes that met twice a week for three house, a once a week class is wonderful.

I am getting ready for my friends! I will basically be spending most of my day at O'Hare picking them up but then we have plans for the evening. I am so excited to see them. My apartment is almost presentable. I have to go grocery shopping and I have to do a load of laundry. Then we are all set!

Monday, September 11, 2006

A view from a memory

This photo is from the parking garage of Navy Pier. It was a perfect date with a wonderful man. The night was clear and beautiful and this shot that I took captures the magic of that evening. It is a snippet of my memory.

In remembrance

A tearful and heartfelt remembrance. A prayer for all those who died tragically that day, a prayer for the family and friends and pets left behind. A prayer for the world that will never be the same.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My wonderful surprise

Last night, my GP and I had a very sweet and romantic early birthday night out. He surprised me with dinner on the Odyssey II. this is a dinner cruise boat that goes around the lake for a few hours. We got our photo taken, had a four course dinner, he surprised me with a yummy birthday cake and they had a band and we danced. It was so perfect and wonderful. I so love that man!

Friday, September 08, 2006


It is such a bittersweet day...

I am looking forward to the weekend. We have so much to do and so many cool people to see. Tonight GP and I are going out to dinner with some of his friends. Tomorrow, we are having brunch with more friends and then tomorrow night we are celebrating my birthday just the two of us. I will finally find out where we are going. Sunday we will be recovering!

I love my new class. One of the sessions will be at the Art Institute and other classes are filled with guest speakers, hands on activities and really awesome projects.

Today is the day 6 years ago that our dear friend Steve passed away. It was very sudden and happened very unexpected because he was doing so well. He was 24 and we all miss him so much. I still see him in his lazyboy like chair watching South Park...I guess he will always be young.

It will be 5 years ago that 9/11 happened. I still get profoundly affected by that. Teh images and tv and movies are constantly reminding us. CNN will show its coverage from that day. I can't relive it, I just can't. I am listening to Bruce Springsteen's album "the Rising" today and some songs are so sad and no matter how many times that I've listened to them, I cry. Today is no exception. Other songs are so hopeful that I feel uplifted. So here are the lyrics for Bitter and Sweet

Bitter~Empty Sky:

I woke up this morning
I could barely breathe
Just an empty impression
In the bed where you used to be
I want a kiss from your lips I want an eye for an eye
I woke up this morning to the empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Blood on the streets
Yeah blood flowin' down
I hear the blood of my blood
Cryin' from the ground
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
On the plains of Jordan
I cut my bow from the wood
Of this tree of evil
Of this tree of good
I want a kiss from your lips
I want an eye for an eye
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky
I woke up this morning to an empty sky
Empty sky, empty sky

Sweet~The Rising
Can't see nothin' in front of me
Can't see nothin' coming up behind
I make my way through this darkness
I can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me
Lost track of how far I've gone
How far I've gone, how high
I've climbed
On my back's a sixty pound stone
On my shoulder a half mile line
Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight
Left the house this morning
Bells ringing filled the air
Wearin' the cross of my calling
On wheels of fire I come rollin' down here
Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight
Li,li, li,li,li,li, li,li,li
Spirits above and behind me
Faces gone, black eyes burnin' bright
May their precious blood forever bind me
Lord as I stand before your fiery light
Li,li, li,li,li,li, li,li,li
I see you Mary in the garden
In the garden of a thousand sighs
There's holy pictures of our children
Dancin' in a sky filled with light
May I feel your arms around me
May I feel your blood mix with mine
A dream of life comes to me
Like a catfish dancin' on the end of the line
Sky of blackness and sorrow ( a dream of life)
Sky of love, sky of tears (a dream of life)
Sky of glory and sadness ( a dream of life)
Sky of mercy, sky of fear ( a dream of life)
Sky of memory and shadow ( a dream of life)
Your burnin' wind fills my arms tonight
Sky of longing and emptiness (a dream of life)
Sky of fullness, sky of blessed life ( a dream of life)
Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight
~Bruce Springteen