Thursday, August 28, 2008

Card Carrying Member...

It is official I am old.

I got home yesterday evening and after catching up with he BF, petting the dog and cuddling the cat I went to look over the mail that arrived over the past day. Then I saw it....I double checked to see if it was send to the correct address and name or was it a mistake. Nope it had my full name and my correct new address.. There it was, I ran to show it to the BF who laughed (and pointed, I am pretty sure he pointed). I called my parents (to let them know I arrived safe and sound) and told them about this offending piece of mail. Both of them laughed (and I am pretty sure pointed as well)

It was a letter from the AARP asking if I want to subscribe to their magazine with my temporary AARP card! Yep this AARP.

I am going to be 32 years old, is that the age that qualifies you as a "retired" person. Should I just pack up my life and move to Boca, start eating dinner at 3 pm, complain about when there were wooden nickels and wear socks with sandals?

I was telling my mom this and she welcomes me to the club and says "well, I am only 39"!

I know that they say that 40 is the new 20, but is 30 the new 65?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back and forth

I have to head out to the east coast office today. Again for less than 24 hours and I am already tired when I think about it.

I will be back in Chi town by tomorrow evening and all of this is for a meeting that I called, I am such a glutton for punishment.

So last night in anticipation of my trip (and because we were so busy this weekend) I was the ultimate 50's wife. I did two loads of laundry, unloaded and loaded the dish washer cleaned the dishes that were hiding in the sink, scrubbed the sink so that it is gleaming, swept the floor, took a shower, folded one of the two loads of laundry, packed and went to bed. No wonder why I am tired.

At least it is a three day weekend coming up.....Thank God!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The winning weekend

Well after the weekend we just had the BF and I should play lotto!

On Saturday we had my company picnic and it was in the burbs at this campground. So there was a pool, huge fields, a DJ, bouncy house (or Moon castle as I believe is the new PC term), and a dunk tank. No, I declined a seat on the dunk tank but it was fun to see some managers and other brave souls at the hands of others. They had really good food and a raffle where I won a tote bag with a golf shirt, two mugs and two umbrellas.

After the picnic we went home where our neighborhood was hosting an art fair. There were some really good pieces out there and we ended up buying a hand blown glass vase. It looks perfect in our living room. It was a pretty afternoon walking around and just wandering among the different stores.

Saturday night we went to a fund-raiser for Lupus that was in honor of one of the BF's friends who has the illness and it is unfortunately out of remission. It was a stand up comedy routine with about 10 comics. One was horrible, I mean it was painful to watch him bomb. Three were awesome and the rest were in between the two points. During intermission the BF bought a few raffle tickets. So at the second half of the show they did the raffle where he won not one but two prizes. The first prize was a four week burlesque dance classes, his friends were high five'ing me and I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face. The second prize he won was a gift certificate at a local restaurant.

According to the BF, he is not taking these classes, even though they have classes for me. He will insists that I should take them. We even came up with my dancer name in case I make it big in the burlesque world.

Yesterday we ran errands and headed back out to the burbs to take his dad out to dinner for his birthday. Needless to say, my condo is a mess and I have to do laundry tonight because i have to pack to head back out east tomorrow for less than 24 hours again! There is never enough days designated for a weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation recap

Without futher ado...

We drove up to door County on Tuesday, it took us about 6 1/2 hours because we stopped a few times but the first thing we did after checking in was head to a fish boil:

According to the BF it was a good fish. I had nice chicken sandwich since I don't eat fish or any type of sea food.

Afterwards we went mini golfing, where the BF won by two strokes and I got more holes in one though (cause that is how I roll). the photo below is of the ball that got away from the BF and landed in the water hazard.

Day two had us hiking in the state park, we were going to walk to one of the lighthouses but after realizng that we are SO out of shape we drove, but here is the light house:

We also walked around Fish Creek, bought fudge, tried some wine at a winery, ate a bunch of things with cherry. Oh did I mention the FUDGE. That afternoon we vegged out and read and then had dinner at a restaurant with a salad bar and boy were they proud of their salad bar. They were the only restaurant in the town of Ephraim with a salad bar. Then watched the sun set...

Day three was more of the same. We went to Egg Harbor walked around. We did buy a really cool original photograph of Venice (go figure) to start our art collection. We decided that when we travel and see an art piece that is reasonable we should get it to start our collection. That was our first piece.

We then took a walk in the Ephraim wetland perserve which was pretty and were I got this nasty bug bite

Our day ended at a local dinner joint where they seriously had one of the best burgers ever. followed by this sunset:
We headed home on Friday sad to go but we stopped at the Mars cheese castle for some cheese (duh) but we bought some salt there too. The trip ended with the last hour sitting in traffic on the damn Edens but we made it home safe and sound.

I think that the next time we go it will be in autumn because the leaves must be amazing!

Well at least part of the fudge remains but not for long....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Because I am lazy

I still have to write up my vacation re-cap but just have not gotten around to it yet. I did download photos though which included previously un-downloaded photos of my college reunion that happened in June and pictures of the dog, cat and misc. items from yes I am lazy when it comes to things like that.

I hope to do the recap tonight after I get the car washed (again damn tree sap), make meatballs and sauce for dinner, take a shower, paint my toenails and watch the Olympics....

So in other words....maybe tonight....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back in the city

We are back in Chicago and we had a lovely time in Door county. We are glad to be back and are tired but the the pets are exhausted. Yukon got a good report card from her stay at the dog hotel and apparently had a great time that she is pooped and has been snoring for the past few hours. Chaplin was so glad to see us and then feel asleep on our bed.

Door County was lovely and the best part was sitting and doing nothing. We read and watched the sunset. We tried some wine, went shopping and went swimming. It was a very low key relaxing time away. Photos will be forthcoming.

Oh and the jams, jelly, juice, salsa, salad dressing, covered in chocolate, dried, tart sweet, in pies, tarts, donuts, strudels. Yum.

One thing that has kept us enthralled is the Olympics. We have been watching them every evening. We are so into the games and it has been the first time that I have watched them as much as we have been.

It is sad that we have to come back down from our vacation high. That is always the rough part.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation has begun

I got back from the east coast in one piece. But dragging a carry on and carrying a lap top through the airports really caused such pain in my shoulder. When I got home my shoulder was red and in pain. I spent a whooping 4 hours in the office!

This weekend has been awesome, yesterday we went to the burbs to see my friends' new puppy and her granddaughters. Then went to take the BF's father out to dinner. The puppy was so cute, I want one!

Today I went to a whole grain cooking class with two bloggers. We all had a great time and it was as always a yummy experience. I really liked the cookies made with flax seed and almonds with chocolate chips and dried cranberries and the whole wheat pizza. The chef was someone who I had not had before and she was funny and very knowledgeable.

Our vacation has started. A whole week that is work free. We head to Door County on Tuesday. We are so excited!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The possibility of six hours!

I have to head to the east coast tomorrow for a meeting on Thursday. I will be there for less than 24 hours.

Yet there is a silver lining...I may actually get to sleep for a few hours straight without a cat causing havoc 2-3 times a night. The bags under my eyes are big enough to carry my clothes without paying the extra $15 per bag!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday re-cap

So another Monday and work week is ahead. This week will be a busy one because I have to head out to the east coast for one meeting. I will be there for less than 24 hours (but this depends on the sure as shit delays at the airports, really they are becoming so predictable.) Thankfully, I return on Thursday so I can sleep in an extra hour and work from home on Friday.

This Friday we went to Ravina, why didn't anyone tell me that the venue was awesome. We went to hear the CSO perform the music of the movies by composer John Williams. There were people dressed up as Storm Troopers, Harry Potter and other characters. We got our photo taken with some Storm Troopers as did the couple we went with. The music was awesome and we had a bottle of wine and some great sandwiches as we picnic'ed. My favorite piece was the Theme from ET because it brought up so many memories.

Saturday we slept in...we were so tired. Then we ran errands. Yesterday we went to the Andersonville sidewalk sale. Then headed out to a bar to see the BF's friend who was experience a very slow day as a bartender. Finally we went to get a book as I need something to read on the plane.

Thankfully we are off next week....vacation time