Friday, January 27, 2012

Still here?

I do We-Verb then disappear for almost a month.  Part of it was holiday recovery, part of it was due to some disappointing news, part of it was because I was fighting with the insurance company and part of it was I had other things to focus on.

The job that I alluded to in December is on hold.  I got the news before the new year and it shook me up.  Thus began the whole process over again with a bit more tears, frustration and self-doubt.  Right now, I am falling down the proverbial rabbit hole.  My stress level is high, I am constantly worried and frustrated, I am hard on myself and internally saying horrible things.

This is one situation that I can't control and even though I focus on good, it is this fear that can stop me in my tracks.  I hate this so much.