Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After we found out that we were expecting, the first serious thought is where were we going to put them?  We have a two bedroom condo and i adore our place.  But realistically sometimes the walls feel like they are closing in with too much stuff.

So T and I decided that we were going to de-clutter.  Especially the second bedroom formerly the den ( but really the man cave).  So over the past few weeks he has gone through a lot of things and we ended up dropping three boxes to the salvation army, a box of books to sell and box for storage.  And we are not done, we still have to get rid of the sofa, the bookshelves and other odds and ends.  I have been helping in my small way going through books, wrapping glassware and planning the nursery!

My parents will be here in a couple weeks and my dad will be helping T paint.  We also plan to buy the cribs to get those set up in a couple weeks as well.  T and I are on the same page....dove grey walls with a particular accent color.

So, what color will the accents be?  Yep, we know the genders....any guesses?

Here is a clue, they are both the same gender...


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweet 16

I am just over 16 weeks and each day amazes me.  I "pop" a bit each day and it is kind of cool and terrifying as my body changes.  My doctor says it is just a couple of weeks (even as early as next week) before I start to feel them.  I just can't wait.

We heard their heartbeats a number of weeks ago for the first time and it was the sweetest sound in the world.  We hope that this week they cooperate and we can get a peek if they are boys or girls.  The last time we had a look they both had their legs crossed.

I am trying to stay stress-less or as much as possible.  There have been a few doses that pop up but overall I just let things slide.  That is what surprise me,!  As a project manager I tend to want to organize and plan this pregnancy but I had to let that go (except for the whole risk management-I am doing whatever I can to keep them in there safe and sound for us three).  Things that I would normally get stressed or upset about don't affect me as much.  I am surrounding myself with happy people, places and things.

T and I have been planning the nursery.  We have the color that we want to paint picked out and are cleaning out the clutter.  So far we have a huge box and a couple bags that we will donate.  My parents are coming out in a few weeks so since he and my dad will be paining we have a goal to get things cleaned up.  We have been ruthless!

So that is what is going on with me, what is new with you?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Thank you for your kind words!  We have been excited, nervous and in shock although we have had a number of weeks to get used to the idea of two.  Our family and friends have been unbelievably supportive and we have already gotten offers of babysitting and hand me downs.  I already have a highchair sitting in the second bedroom.

I am currently at almost 14.5 weeks and have officially entered the second trimester.  My first trimester was "textbook" by that I mean that I experienced the symptoms pretty much on target.  While I do consider myself lucky not to have had bad morning sickness but had nausea triggered by smells.  I also experienced being so tired, it is hard to explain but you just want to sleep anywhere and anytime.  Thankfully, my energy has returned although I am in bed much earlier than I used to be.

I have also been experiencing breathlessness but more so because (according to my research) I need more oxygen so I am not out of breath but rather taking deeper inhales and exhales.  But it does cause me to take my time.  Cooking makes me lose my breath and walking from my car to my desk increases my heart rate which also increases breathlessness.

My belly "popped" around week 8 and with that came the growing pains.  It was like I did a couple of extra sit ups and crunches.

We decided to wait until I was at week 12 to tell the extended family, friends and co-works (although our parents and best friends knew already).  I joked that I could not wait any longer since I could not hide my belly for too much longer!  Twins have a way of popping out early!

My diet has changed and that is something I am still getting used to.  I am not a big eater in the sence that I eat large portions.  But now I eat 6 times a day and have to consume 2200 calories.  Yea, it is hard because I try to make the most of my calories and eat healthy things....most of the time.  But now I stay fuller longer so especially at night it takes a lot for me to eat my last snack.

I have had minimal cravings and nothing too strange.  I still crave marinara sauce and the occasional pickle.  I had a bad aversion to peanut butter but we are now on speaking terms.  I have also got burned out of some food like greek yogurt and ice cream.

We have been so grateful for every milestone and for all the support.

To say this is an adventure is an understatement.

What has been your newest adventure?