Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And the slow race through summer begins

We have been having many whirlwind weekends, the kind where you can't really catch your breath.  It is hard to cram so many things in a two day period.  This past weekend, after talking about it for years (really two years) we finally painted our bedroom.  We have been looking for the perfect for us gray and we finally found it.  So in two and a half days we painted, touched up, painted the baseboards, touched up and moved most of the stuff back in.  Granted we also spent time hanging out on the back porches with our neighbors and may have gone to a wine tasting event during the days too.

We have accumulated so much stuff and I am in such a purge mood that not everything that was in our bedroom is back, we have a few piles in our living room of things to go through and keep or toss.  I am getting a bit stressed because my house is not put back together.  I feel like a mini hoarder right now.

But you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time and so we will have it all done by this weekend.

It is just the start of summer for us.  We are planning what we want to do, concert tickets have been purchased, trip discussions are still in discussion, annual BBQ party are being planned.  Plus there is always going to be time for the unexpected event that pop up.

I am ready for summer

Are you excited for summer, what are your plans?