Monday, April 29, 2013

With some help

So it has been a number of weeks since I blogged!  Time has been going by both fast and slow, depends on the day.  I am going to talk about some pregnancy/lady parts so if it is not your cup of tea move to the end where I reveal the gender.

I am more than half way through with the pregnancy and I am glad/relieved that I am here.  We were informed about 3 weeks ago that my cervix was short.  Now the question was whether or not I was always short or if the pregnancy has shortened it.  Regardless, it is not a good thing, so my doctors have put me on modified bed rest.  So what that means (at least according to my docs) is that I keep off my feet for 6 waking hours as well as limiting my walking and standing and no driving!  I can't do housework either!  I can sit on the sofa or in bed.

I knew that I would eventually end up here but did not think that I would so soon.  It has been an adjustment more mentally than physically.  I have a lot of things that I want to do and help around the house.  My wings were clipped and for someone who is independent and reluctant to ask for help for help, this is hard.  I had to get over it and ask for help.

My job allows me to work from home and it helps that I gave my boss fair warning this may happen. So I am working and even supported a deployment a couple weeks back.  T has been amazing, he has stepped up and picked up a lot of the slack that I used to do without batting an eye.  I am just so in awe of him, I am so lucky to be married to him.

Last week, my parents came to help and my dad and T painted the nursery while my mom did some cleaning and alternately drove me a bit crazy.  Then on Sunday we registered.  I was pushed in a wheelchair and it was kind of funny but, I was so happy to participate in that.  We did go a little crazy but when you realize there are going to be two, it kind of justifies it.

We have been spending the past few months making room in our condo.  Our lovely neighbors the Guncles came over yesterday to help me organize the kitchen and help T look at gliders.  They have insisted on forcing our hand so that we ask for help.  And as I let go and did, I realize how much we needed them.    They have helped from offering their opinion on paint colors and mapping out the nursery to playing with the dogs.

The little ones are doing great, growing a wee bit ahead of schedule and with our weekly ultrasounds, we have been getting some cute shots.  I have started to feel them move and kick and last night, T got kicked (or headbutted) when he was rubbing the belly.  I love them so much already and there are so many people who love them too.  They are surrounded by love and prayers.

So yes, I am missing somethings like driving and going to work, I know what I need to do.  I have to keep my BOYS safe and sound for another few weeks and it is a job I don't take lightly.