Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seven things You don't know about me

OK I've been tagged by Another bad hair day

1-I don't admit to it much but I watch reality shows but not the ones like Survivor but more like the ones on VH1. Scott Baio is 45 and single is my newest train wreck of a reality show!

2-I used to live in London. I lived there for a semester in college where I worked and went to class. I lived in Camden town which is and expensive trendy part of London. It is where the Kate Winslet Amex commercial was filmed.

3-I love pasta. Especially when I make my red sauce yum!

4-I have been thinking that the dog needs a pet. Specifically a bunny rabbit, the BF says no....yet! I taunt him with bunny's who need to be adopted emails

5-I decided that i won't be getting the shoes I've been drooling over. My car insurance is due and August gets to be a bit tight money wise for me.

6-I bumped into Yoko Ono , literally. In Strawberry fields in Central Park years ago. she and Sean were walking their dogs

7-I want to spend a month in Italy and just linger and eat throughout the country.

Gosh this was fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More shoes saga

I resisted for one day...i don't know how much longer...

They come in black, grey and brown!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Big ole tease...

Nordstrom's semi annual sale...the shoe department....I want a cute pair *sigh* but the credit card is resisting.

Who will win shoes or my will power? Take yer bets!

At least I can have will power and a cute pair of shoes.

Oh who am I kidding we have no storage space for more shoes.



I think that word sums up the way I feel about the job-o!

I could care less about my job, my boss, my clients and my sales reps (with the exception of two). I just got so fed up with the work that I just turned of all emotion. I feel a bit like a robot, I do what I have to do and don't give a crap about it. I am so out of there mentally that I might as well be working somewhere else.

It is a dangerous place to be when I am indifferent because I just don't care

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I nearly had a bout of PTS (post traumatic stress) this evening. i was along the lake with my class (my professor wanted to make a point) and we were walking to a covered venue because it was starting to rain and my phone rang.

It was a friend telling me about the explosion in NYC. I used to work near there, I would take the train to my parent's house at Grand Central. I was in the city during 9/11 and so when I first heard what happened I froze.

My annoying bother his finance are OK. I located some friends and left messages for others.

So far CNN is reporting one death and a few serious injuries. It is astonishing how one event can alter life...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting ready to give them a beat down

I am talking about Comcast. They fucking SUCK.

Here is our history with them:
-The first guy they sent to get us up on cable was here for 4 hours and he chained smoked in the alley and was not able to get us all set up. We had to do the Internet ourselves, he could not give us the proper cable box for the tivo.
-The second team of men gave us the same box that the first guy did and it worked. They told us that it would work
-Then our cable went out for a day. They remotely fixed it
-Then our Tivo was not working, so they told me to disconnect it after the cell died.
-The woman who I spoke to decided to send a repair person but did not tell us that he would be coming!
-the Internet died last weekend, our Tivo was acting up again
-They sent someone to work on the Internet and it was working
-Tivo is still acting up

We have had it. i am afraid to go to call Comcast because i will go off on them.

We are calling RCN!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Words from an invisible mouth or hear no evil?

Well work has gone from bad to worse. It is not the job per se it is the lack of respect that I am given. Now they are not outright rude to me but when it comes to my customers, I have a certain sense of knowledge, experience and expectations. so when I email a department it is to advise them. But of course the assumption (key word there) is that they will read it and then include me on anything that I need to know about.

do they....nope. Case in point, I sent out this message using the KISS method (which means "keep it simple stupid") and asked for some job to be out the door today. do they do that? nope they send it on Saturday. another case in point, we had this huge test that had to be out and I asked them when if it arrived. Oh no, we don't have it....well we did have it for 10 days, nobody knew where it was or what it was for.

I am at the point where I question every email asking myself how can I make it any more easier than i had.

Then I have this prick of an ass hole who claims that I said something which I never did. I know that product so well that I would NEVER say what he claimed I said. So now, every conversation that I have with regards to that product, I send him an email, cc my boss and his boss.

I mean really people! They are so working my last nerve.

the kicker I got a call from a recruiter yesterday but the job is 40 miles away!

I just can't win!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't stand to close to me

The other day, the BF and I went to the Police concert at Wrigley field. That place was packed with people of all ages. The concert was fun, we had a good time and they opened with my favorite song..."Message in a bottle". It was a lot of fun and all the way home I kept humming Police tunes!

So of course I had Friday off and I did something that I have not done in a long time....I took a nap. That is right people I crawled into bed and slept for almost 2 hours in the afternoon! It was weird but soooo nice. But I did spend most of the day cleaning the apartment so it was well deserved.

Today feels like Sunday but it is not (hooray) and we braved 90 degree heat to go to the Taste of Chicago. It is in Grant Park and they have restaurants from all over the city with some of their popular offerings. It was so yummy...I had a Billygoat cheeseburger (From the Saturate night live fame), Italian fries, chocolate covered strawberries, sweet potato salad, a Spanish sandwich that used fried plantains instead of bread, a bite of a pizza and a mojito. It was soooo good. Plus they had special "taste" items that you could try so that is how I ate around the fest. It was hot though and it is good to be in AC!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The fourth

Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy like Sunday

We have had a very lazy weekend! It was great sometimes you just need that.

Yesterday we just did a few things around here which included me going off on Comcast (they are fuckers) and a nice BBQ at one of the BF's friend's house/

Today we did nothing well not really nothing we ordered our tickets to NY for my brother's wedding, cleaned the office a bit, making pasta sauce, and watched the Diana concert on VH1. I am in awe that it has been 10 years since her untimely death.

But at least this week will be a long slow week with a few highlights like the fourth with friends, the Police at Wigley and I am off on Friday so a three day weekend!