Monday, June 29, 2009

Amongst wine

This weekend was one that won't soon be forgotten. The BF headed to Las Vegas and my best friend headed into town to keep me company. Little did I know that she and the bridesmaids were planning a surprise. They had a shower at a local wine shop where we had a tasting and some great cheeses. While I had my suspicions about the shower (or something) I had no idea that my mom would be there. She flew in on Saturday and surprised me. I was so shocked and was so happy to see her there.

Everyone got along so well and many were able to put names to faces and make new introductions. I suspect that there were many facebook exchanges over the past few days!

Afterwards a few of us headed out for tapas and the sangria and tapas were flowing. Everyone had a really great time.

Yesterday, I dropped my mom and my friend at the airport and came home. It was strange to have an empty place after a few days of having it full. But it was only a few hours later that the BF came home with his stories from his trip. We caught each other up and talked until we fell asleep. I woke up in his arms and knew that we were home.

Four weeks to go!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Round n round!

Life, such is the merry go round. I am so tired so bullets will have to do:

-The BF's brother is hoping to be released today, all the tests came back negative and he is now on a series of drugs for up to 6 months to help. He was to be released yesterday but they had calabrate the meds. He has been in good and sarcastic spirits and his fiancé deserves an award for all the things she has done for him and the family. We've visited him every day and we know that it was much appreciated.

-My condo is a disaster area (see above). It would not matter but the BF is heading out of town this weekend and my friend is staying with me for a few days. Tonight and tomorrow are "operation clean".

-We got our sideboard, looks great. Now we have extra furniture that we have to get rid off/sell/give away. I don't want to toss them.

-Our hotel in Paris canceled our reservations because they are renovating the hotel. so they re-booked us at this crappy place and I am not happy about it. So now the craziness begins. And caused some emotional eating for lunch yesterday.

The fun never stops but, all in all we are glad that the BF's bro is doing better and that is all that really matters!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lemonaide...and lemons

The past few days have been a hazy reminder of how good things can be stopped short by an unexpected dose of reality.

Things have been going really well on the wedding planning front. We asked the BF's niece to be a junior bridesmaid (I told her mom the whole story which involved my soon to be ex sister in law backing out of the wedding) and she is very excited. Her first question was what she was to do with her hair. We are going to pair her up with her favorite uncle so that sweetened the deal! We are so happy she will participate. The BF also picked up his groomsman gifts and started to get ready for his trip this coming weekend.

On Saturday, I was getting ready for a facial when I got a text from the BF, it was a text to call him immediately after the facial. Of course, that is never a good thing so I called and it turned out his brother was in the hospital. So after an hour of pampering I headed to the hospital. His brother was in his room and was not looking that good but the prognosis was better and they are working on getting him back on his feet. So most of Saturday and yesterday we were in the hospital hanging out with him, his finance and his dad. We know he will be ok since yesterday he was sarcastic, surly and funny, so he is back. Plus his color has returned. Today they are planning another test to rule out a few more things and he should be home tomorrow.

So we did not get part of our honey do list but we spent the weekend with family and when the chips are down, we will always pull together.

Unless you are one of the future brother in law's who I seriously want to hit….more on that later.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bits and Bobs

I am feeling lazy so here is what is going on in my world

  • We are getting some responses back and it is now fun to go through the mail.
  • I have been getting good nights of sleep, but have been waking up more tired than I began
  • I am a bit not sure of what I need to do next for the wedding. It is starting to freak me out that it is so close.
  • We need to spend a day cleaning and organizing the apartment.
  • I am actually ahead of the laundry game, as of last night.
  • Jet dry does make a difference in the dish washer
  • I am so over the rain, seriously. OVER IT!

So what is going on in your world?

Monday, June 15, 2009

I did not want it to end

I had such a great weekend, that I feel like I am still on cloud 9.

I got to NYC on Friday and headed to my matron of honors in laws. She is currently producing a indy film and had to do some editing and the only date and time she could do it was an hour before my flight arrived. So I spend part of the day with her mother in law and we had iced tea. She had a lovely tea service all set up and we just chatted for a few hours. Plus I got a bite of good authentic NY pizza that my body was craving because there is nothing like NY pizza and frankly nothing comes close. (I do know that they are fighting words). That night she took me to dinner and there was a surprised guest, one of my college roommates. It was great to see her and we ate, talked, laughed and just had a great time! Plus this restaurant was so good, the sangria was so addicting and the tapas were so delish. Tapas are seriously the best way to eat.

Once we rolled out of there we headed to my MOHs house to go to bed. Saturday we woke up got ready and headed to my mom's house for the shower. My mom and the MOH outdid themselves there was ton of food, there were decorations everywhere. We had about 23 people there and people were so generous. I was (and still am in awe) of how much we got. I can't get over it all.

One of my friends from high school who I haven't seen in over 7 years came with her mom. It was so good to see her. She is pregnant with twins and is due any day…and she came to the shower for a little while.

My cousin's 4 year old daughter helped me with the ribbons and unwrapping the gifts before she got bored.

The highlight was when I unwrapped a "nightie", it was short and white and blue and lacy. So she asked what it was, so I told her it was a nightgown…she looked at me and the nightie and then said, it was too short to be a nightgown. Everyone died laughing!

It was a great time.

I have amazing family and friends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting ready for I don't know what

I am heading home this weekend for one of my bridal showers. My mom and my matron of honor have been busy planning for the event and according to my "matron" there is going to be a big turn out. Most of the people who were on the invite list are coming. I am very excited and touched because I wasn't sure if people would even show. It will be really great to see some people who I haven't seen in a few years.

On top of that, there is some mysterious event that I know nothing about. I have been told to bring an outfit that is fit for going out. I have NO idea what this "event" is and I have been lovingly told to "shut up and show up". So when questioning my "matron" especially since I don't know what to bring, all my cute jeans no longer fit and I have given up on buying clothes for the sole purpose of going out. She simply told me, "then we will go shopping".

I am really looking forward to this weekend, it is starting to bring all the elements together before the big day. It will be so worth it.

So my friends, what types of outfit should I pack? Mind you the only clue that I've been told is that this "event" is in the city and will not include male strippers (per my only request).

Monday, June 08, 2009

Nothing a nap can't fix

It was a good and busy weekend for us in Chi town. We did a lot of things but were not overwhelmed. The BF is recovering from his work trip so we kept things low key on Friday.

Saturday I was woken up early (well for me anyway) because somebody accidental placed his i-phone in his cup of water. So a string of profanity woke me up. The phone was fine but I was up, so I got up for the day. We ended up grabbing a bite then headed home where I took a nap. We have been wanting to see UP since we are big Pixar fans so we went to see a show. Later at night we went to a birthday party only to come home an hour an half later tired.

Yesterday, we met Jessica, her husband and her son at the Field. She was in town for a conference and through FB, I found out that she was in Chicago. It was great to meet another blogger and her fam.

I have a short week ahead of me, I am heading home for my bridal shower this weekend. Time is really starting to fly or at least seemingly so!

Friday, June 05, 2009

How you were treated

Yesterday, I had an appointment, one that I was looking forward to. When I left, I felt like crap, they made me feel like crap and once I got home. I cried. When I told the BF what happen he wanted to call the place immediately and give them a piece of his mind.

I worked in customer service for years and had dealt with all types of people and a wide range of problems and issues that are unique to my industry and I like to think that I've developed the skills to handle all types of situations.

there is one mantra that I used during my CS years (I can't remember who coined this)

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But, they will never forget how you treated them

Yesterday I was treated horribly and yet I can't do much about but it because I have to deal with them a few more times and once I am done I plan on speaking to a manager and perhaps write a review on yelp about the experience.

But for now, I have to suck it in...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Signed, sealed...mailed

So on my way to the car this morning I dropped our invitations in the mail box. I had to pause for a moment to let it sink in. I am mailing the invites to our family and friends who we would like to have at the makes is more and more real. It was a great way to start the day despite the rain.

The BF is away on business so it is just me with the two beasts. So my routine is a little different, I take Yukon out when I get home and get up early to take her out in the morning. We went out early this morning just before some rain and it was nice and quiet. The two of them miss the BF and were waiting by the door until they realized that I was getting ready for bed. Chaplin curled up on his dad's side rather than the top of my head and Yukon remained at her post in front of the door but would check in every few hours.

We all miss him but I am so excited for him and this opportunity that came up for him. He'll be home in a few days and will have a huge welcome.

Monday, June 01, 2009

how many days?

The wedding tasks have come back in earnest but, it is a good thing. We got our lovely invitations last week so yesterday was "invitation lockdown". We spend most of the day working on them and getting them ready to go out. So today I have to go and get the postage and finish them up to post them (can you tell I lived in London?) tomorrow. I am so pleased with them and can't wait to check them off our list!

We spent all of Saturday at our pre-Cana session. We were expecting it to be full of religion but it was not, it was based around the premise how well do you know your partner and identifying the areas where you need to talk or where you differ. So it was interesting and we both came out of it feeling satisfied that it was useful. So with that piece of paper we are one step closer to getting married.

Saturday night we went to a concert at the Chicago theater given by the members of Spinal Tap. It was a lot of fun but made for a late night and a long day.

It is 60 days people, 60! Why does that number freak me out??