Monday, December 31, 2007

2007, what a year!

Well it is the last day of the year and here are some highlights:

-I am still with the best BF ever, and love him more each day.
-We moved into our place. We are still unpacking but we have spent this past week cleaning and organizing and now our place looks better than ever.
-I got into a car accident and ended up with a new car by default
-I had emergency surgery
-My company was sold and I was one of a few people that they wanted
-My brother got married
-I turned 31
-We got a cat
-I finished my MBA!
-My uncle passed away
-MR's mother and dog passed away
-We had a great vacation

My greatest 2007 achievement
-Finishing my MBA

My favorite memory
-The random memories with the BF, looking at cats, eating out, movies and trips

My best purchase of 2007
-The car, not desired but needed
-My haircut

Biggest change of 2007
-Living with the BF

Daily favorites:
-Getting kitty kisses and nuzzling with the dog. BF cuddles

Favorite new hobby:

Favorite old hobby
-I want to say painting but I have not done that in ages so reading books that I want to read

Newest places visited
-Mexico, Belize and Key West

For 2008 my goals or expectations are:
-School debt
-Still mumbling how I have dog and cat hair on everything that I own
-A new job
-More time in the gym
-More cooking classes
-another great vacation
-reading more books
-More time and laughs with the BF and the fams.

I hope you have a great new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

Well I think that the salt and sugar coma from yesterday has worn off but I am at work! So I did not really sleep if off.

We had a very nice day yesterday. The BF woke me up at 10 to open our gifts, he is such a rock start, I wanted the Kitchen Aid Artisan but he got me, the Professional. It is the Rolls Royce of mixers. I am so excited, I think my words were "I can make the bread!" I can't wait to use it and am planning on using it in the next day or so!

He also got me some nice gift cards that I wanted. I got him some Xbox games and attachments that I still don't know what they are for, cuff links, a pair of pants (breakaway for the gym) and a cook book My parents also spoiled us with a much needed stock pot and other goodies.

After our lazy morning we headed to his sister's house to celebrate with the family and her kids. So it was a nice fun afternoon with tons of food!

The downside is that I am at work, the upside is that it is my LAST day of work this year so it is just a few more hours to go!

Monday, December 24, 2007


by Clement Clarke Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,W
hile visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.A
way to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snowGave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,B
ut a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer,
With a little old driver, so lively and quick,I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;
"Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
With the sleigh full of toys, and St. Nicholas too.
And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound.
He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;A
bundle of toys he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.
His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;
The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;
He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vacation update

Ok, here is what I promised our vacation re-cap

We arrived in FL a day before our cruise and checked into our hotel. We had a great uneventful flight and left 4 degree weather behind us. We just hung out at the hotel, rested, ate watched tv and took a dip in the hot tub.

We boarded our ship the next day:

We got there early and were able to explore and get a bite to eat. Then we had our spa treatment. We got our hands and feet massaged, a facial, eye treatment and wash and style. It was a great way to start our holiday.

The first few hours were interesting. Most of the cruisers were older and I joked that we had half of the Boca retirement community. There were "Members Only" jackets all over the place. I mean all over the place, I have not seen so many jackets in one place other than the cheesy 80s movies!

At dinner we were seated next to Blondie and her boyfriend "punch me face" (PMF). The VF called him that because he had such a frat boy attitude and look. He looks like when he gets drunk he gets in a brawl. She was blond and you could tell that she had self esteem issues. Throughout all our meals next to them you could tell that they are not used to good food. When they got a sorbet at one meal they looked at it and could not quite figure out what it was and poked at it They saw us eat it and then they figured it out. They complained at every meal, either our food was out sooner than theirs and they ordered sooner, they did not like the salad so they ordered a new one, he drank at least 3 beers a meal and one night ordered and ate two steaks. It was fun to watch

The next day we arrived in Key West:

It was a great port. We walked around the area and did some shopping. We found our way to the Hemingway house and got to take a tour and pet some six toed cats:

Since we had to be back at the ship early we had plenty of things to do as we headed to Mexico. So we played bingo where the BF won a game. We played a few games in the casino, wandered around the ship, and sat by the pool. It was a hard life! We got all pretty'ed up and we had our formal night at the dining room.

The next morning we woke up off the coast of Mexico. We took our rough and very stomach turning tender to Playa de Carmen and off to the Mayan Tulum ruins that were left by the Mayans. On our way we had to stop for a bathroom for the obligatory break that happens to be in a store where "if you want you can buy a few mementos". We did so much walking and it was such a beautiful site off the Caribbean sea, there were some iguanas hanging out as well.

After the tour we went to the ferry to go to Cozumel. I was unimpressed. We took another tender back to the ship. When we got back we were so tired. I mean tired, we both fell asleep before dinner and then got up for dinner and our daily stroll.

The next morning, we were in Belize and our task for the day was to sit on a beach in a private rustic island:

Then we headed to the port for more shopping and wandering. That evening we departed for Florida again. We spent the next day cruising and had our seaweed massage. It was a day of pure relaxation and pool sitting.

The next day we headed home. Our experience was interesting at the airport, we got there super early (like 8 hours early) and had to wait until 4 hours before our flight to check our suitcases in so we got to people watch. So then 12 or so Russians that arrived, they were older and we interesting. One was obviously the mama and she had a walker with a seat on it (this is key). So the heaviest Russian aka spokeswoman and in rough English she walks over to the couch and says that the the mama is old and needs to sit. So people move and make room for mama, then spokeswoman asks the people how long they will be sitting there? One guy looks at her and mentions that he plans to be there for a few hours. Within the hour most people left so they conquested the sofa.

Then it is lunch time and they pull out bowls and utensils...that they stole from the ship that they were on! Two of the men began to play chess on a board game that they stole from the boat as well! Th BF looks at me and says "they fleeced the joint" followed by the foreshadowing, "I bet you that they are all on our flight". But the fun was just beginning.

Then it is time to check in the bags and that was a fiasco. I felt bad for the poor gate agent. Then mama, could not walk so she need a wheelchair. While they were at it, two more wanted wheelchairs too. I mean this airport was tiny but their wishes were accommodated. So they then a few hours later all were wheeled through security to the gate. Where when they boarded the plane had to board first. And in typical fashion, the spokeswoman and her meager husband sat in front of us. Where it was fart central. Oh my god it was horrible!

So we arrive in ORD after a long rough bumpy flight. The flight attendant comes on the system and mentions that there have been a request made for eleven wheelchairs. Now to be fair there were two women who had a medical reason for them. The rest, expect one, all went to the Russians where they all were wheeled to baggage claim where by the power of God they could lift their stuffed with stolen items suitcases and walk unaided to the parking lot!

Fun, it was bitter cold and snowy when we arrived and we were sad that our vacation is over.

I wanna a private island!

Almost done

With the photos that is, I know you want me to tell you about our awesome vacation and I am almost there!

I will dangle these facts so that you can eagerly wait for more trip details:

-We saw 3 "member only" jackets in the course of 30 seconds
-It is amazing how "crippled" elderly men can dash up the stairs to the hot tub
-We sat near a couple at another table for dinner that we dubbed "Punch me face" and Blondie. They provided us with entertainment during dinner.
-The BF won a game of bingo (and was dutifully scorned by the fellow players) and $74 which we lost part of it at the Casino
-I won $3 on black jack. I am now an addict...well I was down a dollar 1 day and I would not sit until I won it back damn it and then some. I am content with my winnings...I now want to go on the Riverboats, the BF is now worried
-FLL airport smells like Ben Gay and Urine

So all, I will have more later with photos to make you all envious. Hell, I am envious of my last week self!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Landed with sea legs

Sadly, we are back to our lives in Chicago but, we had a kick ass much anticipated and needed vacation.

My update will be forthcoming with some photos.

Missed ya guys, no really I did.

I spent a week purposely not checking email or my cell. It was weird but was in a way freeing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rollercoaster ride to the sun

We are in the sunny state of Florida! We left Chicago and snow behind yesterday and arrived to 82 degrees, sunny and warm. It was a contrast and it took a few minutes to let it all soak in. My winter jacket, hat and gloves are now an extra carry on!

Today we will board our ship and head west. Ironically, there is a tropical depression now forming in the Atlantic and we may meet it later in the week on our way back! There is never a dull moment.

We are leaving the craziness of work behind us. Last week, the two of us had a roller coaster of a week with many ups and down. The BF's company is laying people off, the next day he got a promotion. For me I was to meet with a senior management member regarding my position now that I have my MBA but he could not make it. So instead I met with the president and there is a bright future for me. So we'll see how this all plays out.

Anyway, must pack darlin' heading to port shortly....Do you think the crew will be offended if we insist on seeing Captain Stuben?

Monday, December 03, 2007

In one week....

I will be boarding the ship and heading out on our vacation.

I can't wait to get the hell out of here and actually go on a vacation that does not involve going to NY for any reason. In fact I am not going anywhere near the northeast. I am heading south to catch my boat. Also, we are leaving one day before hand to prevent the issue that I had last year. So the BF and I had built in a day to deal with the fun that can happen at the airport. So we will be there on time to board and explore the ship and perhaps schedule a massage or spa treatment.

We have been so on edge lately because we know that this vacation is coming so we are just very stressed out with out jobs and the clutter that we are working on in the apt. It will be nice to get away!

So the countdown has begun, let no sales rep get in my way!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cooking fools

Tonight D and I are taking a cooking class called "Cooking with Wine" On the menu tonight we shall partake in "Grape Focaccia; French Onion Soup; White Wine Braised Chicken with Pancetta, Porcinis and Escarole; Dark Chocolate Torte with Fig Vinegar Glaze."


I really am liking taking cooking classes and I have been wanting to learn to make french onion soup because that is sooooo good and it expands my winter cooking repertoire. Lately we've been hungry and lazy so the other night was breakfast for dinner and last night was grilled cheese and canned soup.

Now that I have the time I might as well put it to good use.

On the downside, we've not been to the gym....I am hanging my head in shame!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playing catch up

Wow it has been a little bit since I wrote a decent size post. So here is the latest as to what is going on with me so make your beverage....I'll wait.

Thanksgiving was nice, the bf made sweet potatoes, a meat ball in a chilli cranberry sauce and corn muffins. I made a toll house pie. We had dinner at his dad's house with his fam. It was nice and there was a ton of food. The nieces were not that bad until the moment the sugar hit their bloodstream then it was crazy. Well when you have a 4 and 6 year old who ate a few brownies, pie and jelly beans couch jumping, running around and the inevitable "your following me fight" is bound to happen.

I had to work on Friday which was dead.

We did our Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday. We hit Target on Saturday and Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) on State street on Sunday. It was really a good trip because I had never been to the State street store for any length of time. The past few times I had gone there was to buy moisturizer and Frango mints. So this time I really got to appreciate the Walnut room and the Tiffany ceiling!

On the plus side, I am about 98% done with my Christmas shopping. Yep just a few more little thing and this girl is DONE. I even wrapped the BF's nieces gifts and the ones for my fam. Last night I was working on my cards. I am smoking but then again I am done with school so I have time again.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another loss

My best friend, MR's mother passed away yesterday.

I am so sad for her and it sucks that I can't be in NY to be there for her.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Belated Thanks

I am a day late but, I hope that you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little from column A and a bit from column B

the important rants of the day:

-to the inept, stupid, pain in ass, clinically insane "cousin it" I am deriving great pleasure about what I want to do to you. Right now I am picturing you shrunken head. I am not an idiot I know what the hell I am doing and I know what to do for customers. so therefore, don't whine when I make you do your job. It is only 4 more weeks to go until I will never work with you again. I hope you come across a horny angry moose in your cabin who is that desperate to even mate with a being like yourself.

-to the inept other staff, you see the signs posted near my desk, that is where the forms go, not ON my desk. I caught you doing it today so I hope that I embarrassed you enough to teach you a lesson. Oh and pick up the stuff that we left for not tomorrow.

-The Oprah favorite things show. Why did you have to give out the Kitchen aid artisan. I so want that! I mean I seek it out in the stores just to lust after that!

But my friend Miss J's father and sister were in the Macon audience so they got all the goodies. I am happy for them and very jealous. I just want the mixer that is all....

Friday, November 16, 2007

And the award goes to...

Ok, I want to create and give out an award...It is called "Asshole parking job of the day" award.

Here is how you qualify:
-You park on my street
-You commit one or more of the following infractions
* You take up two spaces with your car thus preventing other people from possibly parking
*You park up on my ass yet have a foot between you and the car behind or in front you
*You double park for at least 8 hours and you do not come out when people honk you just
look out the window
*you park on the yellow line...which asshole is illegal
*you see me parking and yet you pull into the spot I was just backing into
The Award be placed each day on a car windsheld (Ohhh I can also get the industrial sticker ones that they city uses and stick it on the driver side window in hot pink!) . It will state the following:
"Hey asshole, congratulations you have received the Asshole parking of the day awarded, because of your (insert infraction) some residents have been unable to find a parking spot. So pat your self in the back asshole but cover your ass. We are on to you!"
Who is with me?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heart the trader

Trader Joe's that is.

I LOVE that grocery store! I am not a big fan of frozen food but their stuff is out of this world, fresh and yummy. We bought these apple blossoms that we heated up the other day and they were so good. Last night, I heated up their french onion frozen soup. It was very tasty and I have a tongue burn to prove it. We love their Italian soda too!

The only downside is that once we find something we love, they change the vendor or don't have the produce anymore. So that can suck.

But overall, I heart that store!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready to run

I am burned out of the biz! Now that I finished my MBA, I am "supposedly" more marketable and I should have people who want me to work for them. But I know that sprinkling pixie dust does not exist and I have to start to aggressively look for a job.

I am tired of the same ole same ole at the job. I have encountered each problem over and over, I have survived one joint venture and one acquisition. I was told that I would be very valuable and I was wanted...but I have not moved position wise....I am doing the same thing I was doing when I started 7 years ago. Granted I make more than I did back then but, I am on auto pilot.

Plus after dealing with the sales rep from hell (AKA Cousin it) I am really sick and tired of stupid lazy and annoying sales reps. I am tired of it all...

So now I got to make the degree work for me!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was listening to NPR as per usual yesterday and they had stories about returning vets and what they said was both surprising and sad.

Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are having a hard time finding a job. It is because employers believe the stereotype that they must be ordered and demand discipline as well as the perception that they may have "issues". The vet that they followed was 34 years old, previously worked in HR in benefits and joined the Army 6 years ago. He has a college education but, was unable to find a job.

Another story was about homeless vets and that they are predicting that the vets from the current military action will exceed the number of Vietnam vets who are homeless. They compared it to WW1 and WW2. In WW1, the vets did experience homelessness especially because when they came back, the Great Depression began. In fact, in 1932 they wanted to march on Washington for more benefits but Hoover, was convinced that they were communists and had General MacArthur "stop" the protest by bringing in tanks!

It really is a sad state when these men and women choose to join the armed services and that the rest of the population does not support them much when they come back. Regardless if you support the military action in the Middle East, we have to at least support those who went.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I should be home today

I had today scheduled as a vacation day but, I had to give it up because of the funeral last week and as selfish as this sounds I want my day! I planned for this day since August and have been looking forward to it. I had things that I wanted to do at home without any pressure. I wanted to clean up and update my resume! I wanted to go to the gym

Instead I am here at work, cranky and tired and pissed off that I had to get up to come in today.

I just need a "me" day....

Friday, November 09, 2007

note to the cat

Yes, we know that you like the nightlife and hey we do too but, see for 5 days a week we get up early to work to earn money to buy you cat food and pay for the water that you insist is best drunk from the bat tub faucet. So that is why we do not always appreciate your evening sources of entertainment.

Yep, we appreciate that you like to check up on us during the course of the night, but walking across our head and staring at us, can freak us out a bit. Exercise is a good thing but must you do at least 5 laps between the bed room and living room at 3 in the morning? Also the paper bag are your toys and you love them...especially when it is pitch black.

We one of our alarms goes off it does not automatically mean that you will be attended to. You see we have to er use the loo. Then we will turn on the faucet and you can have a drink. Meowing will not make us move faster and if you run around like a banshee it will cause tripping and cursing that is not always a good thing at 6 am.

We do adore you very much but sweet Chaplin....I am tired!

Monday, November 05, 2007


As promised, here are my grad school stats

~2 GMAT tests
~$500.00 on the GMAT tests
~10 GMAT classes
~10-15 hours a week prepairing for the GMAT
~3 1/2 hours each exam
~2 15 minute time breaks with the bathroom on the other side of the hall!
~1 day between the time I got my official 2nd GMAT grade and starting the winter quarter
~15 classes (out of 18, I got three waved)
~10 class room session per each class (with the exception of the Saturday classes)
~3 hours each class (except the saturday classes with 6 hours each class)
~42 weeks each year of classes (winter, spring, summer and fall quarters)
~1 major rain storm to take a final
~1 major car accident on the way to class
~2 minor surgery that made me miss two classes
~1 class that I arrived a bit early ( a day early because I did not read the schedule)
~8 classes with group/team work
~6-20 hours a week on homework (the 20 hours was finance)
~1 class I still have nightmares about (said finance)
~1 class room session at the Art Institute
~5 classes that I wanted a job in that field (still do)
~6 presentations
~12 major papers
~6 really awesomce professors
~1 really horrible professor (stats class...awful teacher)

~~1 MBA (possiblly with honors still waiting for my official GPA due in a few weeks)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


So it is official, yesterday was my last class and after our group project is done on Wednesday I will be done.

Sadly, in the middle of class my dad called and told me that my uncle passed away. He was in hospice care and it was just a matter of time. So right now I am getting ready to head to NY. Because it is not immediate family, I am only allowed 1 day off! So I am working a half day tomorrow and then taking Tuesday off. I will be back on Wednesday and I will head straight to work when I land.

I will recap the grad school stats soon.

Friday, November 02, 2007

One day more

I feel like listening to the soundtrack to "Les Miserables" for that song at the end of act 1 , "One day more"! We know what I will be listening to as I make cupcakes tonight!

I just have ONE more class to get through tomorrow and then I am D-O-N-E with my MBA program. I can't believe it.

Last night I made dark chocolate frosting...oh is it good! Super easy to do as well. It is funny when you actually make the stuff do you realize how fatty it is, the frosting called for one pint of heavy cream and one stick of butter! But I just have to put it all in perspective like I won't eat all of the cupcakes...I will just have at least two.

At the very least...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

No earrings

I forgot earrings today! I noticed when I came into work and I feel so "naked" without them. It is the same way with my watch, when it is not working or if I forgot it I feel so sxposed.

I can't leave the house without keys, my cell, my wallet my watch and earrings. I can be such a girly girl.

Meanwhile I am making cupcakes tomorrow for Saturday's Turducken dinner. I am making Chocolate raspberry cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. I may have to try one or two...hey I can't have unsavory desserts out there!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Work it baby!

So last night, the bf and I made it to the gym! That is right I sweated, I cursed, I burned calories and I am not in pain today! I think that is the best part.

Actually, I only did a 30 minute work out just to phase myself back into the whole workout thing. I wanted to take a class but got closed out of it. So I did the stairmaster and the rowing machine.

Afterwards we went to Whole foods to pick up some dinner. We got these really yum chicken apple maple breakfast sausages and made an egg on English muffin dinner and pooped out. We slept like logs!

So now that the momentum started I have to keep it going. I have a pair of jeans I want to fit back in!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Memories are films about ghosts"

This is a lyric from one of my favorite Counting Crows song "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby"

Anyway, I was chatting with a friend of mine and we were going down a weird path on this so called "memory lane". It was so strange hearing what was being said because I never really thought that we shared the same viewpoint about that moment in time. Plus, we never really talked about it other than to make a few jokes here and there.

I know now more than I did back then but I am not sure if it would have changed the path I am on now.

Memories are always so bittersweet sometimes but they are just a shadow of who we are now. Maybe it is a film about ghosts....some memories haunt us, tickle us, amuse us, cause us pain, cause us joy but each fleeting moment is a memory too. I guess it is the history we each have that makes us who we are.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Well I am on a quest to buy sneakers for the Y. I have a cute pair of pumas but they are more for fashion than arch support.

So a few weeks we went to a large sport store and I was looking. I have small feet so I have to look in the kids section and it is so depressing. I am too old for hot pink and silver! I just wanted a pair of shoe that can support my arch so I don't get shin splints. Is that so hard to ask?

Well apparently at this store yes! So after dinner we went to a shoe warehouse and it was like shoe heaven for most except me. They did not have my size they did not even sell kid shoes. They had the cutes shoes that I wanted but could only look at or hold.

It is so fucking frustrating because they never have anything that I like as far as sneakers are concerned and for other shoes it cost me a fortune because I have to buy them on line or a posh department stores.

The crappy thing is that I think I may have a pair somewhere in the apartment but it is so disorganized. I swear I am feeling so overwhelmed with all the clutter. I can't find some shoes nor can I unpack the last boxes because we have no where to put them. I am getting aggita just thinking about it seriously.

I am just overwhelmed and pissed off!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bongos, a baseball bat and two pineapples

Well this weekend for class no less, we went to Swap-O-Rama.

What is Swap O Rama you ask, well it is this huge flea market. In fact there are three in Chicago land and they are huge. We went there for my negations class. We (my team and the BF came because it was not in the safest of areas) had to spend ten dollars and not pay full price. So i started off and got a baseball bat that the BF wanted for $3.00, then we as a team were on this musical theme, got the bongos for $2.00 and two pineapples for $5.00. So then we had to each lug our purchases back to school and discuss.

I got the weirdest looks on the EL heading home...I wonder why!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It started with one....

And lead to a total of four. I am talking about books and Amazon. I love books and I used to be an avid reader. I lost that pleasure when I started to drive to work and when I started grad school. As I am done in three weeks, I am planning on devouring the books that I have started and not yet finished!

Anyway, I had to order a book on Amazon for school because the bookstore ran out. So I innocently went online. A few clicks later I ordered the book and a few other books. But I did it to save money I swear because the more you order you get free shipping. that was the reason I order the extra books. Yet, I really can't justify spending that much money to save 6 dollars.

Will the shame ever wash off?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Girls only!

So the past two nights I have had girls only nights!

Monday, Diana and I went to the chopping block for a dessert tasting. Basically, the chef created 4 desserts and showed us how to make them, tips of the trade and at the end we got to try them. She made this unbelievable Carmel pecan bread pudding that was so refreshing because it was not overly sweet. Since I am a sweet girl (in so many ways ) I think I may add some semi chocolate chips. I wonder if you can add dried fruit...hmmm that is an idea to!

She made homemade cream puffs. I always though you had to be on top of your game but the puffs were not that complicated. Plus you can add sweet or savory fillings. It may be nice with a cream cheese herb mix.

The chocolate mousse was heaven in a mousse! It was so yum but a bit too sweet. However, it is one I will try.

Finally, she made a coconut banana cream pie. The crust was chocolate and plain graham crackers but the filling was eh. She did not let it set long enough so it was soupy. But I am not much of a coconut person so it worked for me.

Overall, Diana got me hooked on the Chopping block. We have another event next month...Cooking with Wine!

Yesterday, I had dinner with my BF's brother's girlfriend. She is really cool and we haven't hung out without the boys so we decided to grab a bite. We really had a nice time.

The BF has had this horrible stomach bug so he has been out of commission for a while. He was really bad Monday night and yesterday morning. But he started to get better yesterday afternoon. Yukon and Chaplin were good nurses.

Which brings me to something that struck me the other day at the supermarket. We are feeding the cat dry food and he is okay with it. The adoption center did say we can give him wet food now and then. Well we are at Jewel and decided to get him some wet food, we decided on "Chicken medley souffle with garden greens". I was thinking what the hell? It is chicken and veggies! The power of marketing...anyway....the Chicken souffle made a repeat appearance this morning and thus there will be no more chicken medley souffle at our house!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An fast food observation

Have ya noticed that the items on dollar menus are getting smaller?

Yes I poisoned my body with crap....but no worries I will pay for it later!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok, I am on a munchie fix besides my breakfast and lunch I munched on pretzles and goldfish crackers!

Tonight I am going dessert tasting with Diana. So more munchies

Friday, October 12, 2007

Dressing in the dark

Don't ya love how it is pitch black in the morning so you can't really see how you look?

Don't you love how you grab your white sweater and light blue bra?

Don't you love it when at 10 am you find out that your light blue bra can been seen under your white sweater!

What a fun day at work I am having!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost the one day weekend

It has been a relative slow week here in workville. Cousin it has been on sales calls so she has not the time to send me at least 15 emails an hour (yep she does this). Sadly, she is back tomorrow.

My new class begins on Saturday and I just have to remember that is is just 4 more weeks to go then I am done baby yep DONE!

Chaplin and Yukon are still getting used to each other. Yukon is fine but Chaplin gets brave the safer he knows he is. So when he is in bed he will hiss at Yukon likewise when he is in his room (the bathroom has been jerry rigged to allow the cat in but not the dog). We suspect he is more hissy when he knows Yukon won't get to him. But on the ground they can be within inches of each other without incident. I suppose it is a start!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


To say I am tired is an understatement. I am exhausted it has been a long and stressful week with work and with school. Part of the school thing was my own fault, I should have stated the paper a little while ago. But I did get all 21 pages as a draft done and frankly, I am tired of reading it!

We had some stress this week when we introduced the kids. Yukon has been peeing everywhere, part of it is that she drank all the toilet water the other day and part of it is aggression and territory. When the bf and I started to date and I would go to his apt. she would pee in front of me as if to say "I am the lady here!!" But it worked itself out. I am being a little prematurely paranoid because I want them to get along. But I know that it takes time.

There is still hissing and suspicion but I noticed that they are getting closer in proximity before the hissing begins. So I guess they may be buddies after all. Time I suppose but, I have always been a bit impatient.

On Thursday I hung out with Diana. OMG we have so much fun, she is a blast to hang out with and just talk. I swear we can close out a place if we could. We are going dessert tasting in a few weeks and I am so looking forward to that! She is one awesome chica!

Last night my former boss and friend and I went to support my bf's brother's girlfriend at an event for Spinal Bifida. It was a fashion show and was at this really cool venue. It was good to support here because she is so much fun, the two of us get along so well and I really enjoy hanging out and supporting her. The speaker Graham Webb was amazing and his daughters were the musical entertainment. The fashion show was amazing some of the clothes were just so well done.

Of course, it made me develop a complex! I have been having some body issues lately. I know it is normal but I am just not happy with myself. I know part of it is that I have not been taking good care of myself because of the stress of work and school. It is reeking havoc on my skin and this global warming fall is reeking havoc on my hair. I have been neglecting myself and it is showing and I am not pleased. I just don't feel pretty-ya know.

I am feeling soft in my body and need to firm up as well, But I am doing something about the softness on the belly, we joined the Y so this week will start our first sessions.

Plus to top it all off I got the photos from the wedding and I look like a ghost (as opposed to the orange fake baked bride). I am not a fan of photos of me, I really don't like them, I just don't photo well plus I am not a big fan of the nose. When I was 17 my mom wanted me to get a nose job! But I never did but it has made me so self conscious of my nose and myself in general.

I stopped reading the mags like glamour and cosmo more than 10 years ago because it really made me feel worse than I should have felt. So I am wondering why I care now

I don't know, maybe it is the PMS...

Wow this is a long post from someone who was tired...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why does 24 hours never seem enough?

It is only Tuesday and I am ready for the weekend! The company just hired a person to worj in our department so she has been shadowing me. She comes to us from a competitor and so she knows the business and the lingo. It is the same team different uniform. But she has been by my side all day today. I like her and she has picked up on a few things already. I can't wait until she is fully functional and can help with the uneven distribution of work weight. I just have to be patient and let the learning curve run to the point of experience.

I am getting ready for my last (!) class on Saturday for Managing Cultural Diversity. It was an okay class and I am working on my final paper. It has to be at least 15 pages and I am up to 13 and still have to work on my final section. At least the prof is being reasonable and the draft is due Friday and the final paper next week. Whew!

On the home front, Chaplin Marcel (that is what the cat has been christened) is doing well. He has the place figured out and he and Yukon are getting to know each other. We have kept Yukon in her crate and let the cat out of the bathroom to wander. This has been day two where they saw each other. Chaplin has gone into the office where she was and hung out and before he was lying in the threshold and they were just looking at each other. Tomorrow we are planning on letting Yukon out and let them formally meet.

Anyway that is life in a nutshell but stay tuned I want to fill you in on some sales rep drama! Fun stuff, I know you are waiting with baited breath!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

It is a boy

It is official....

The BF and I have adopted a boy from the Anti Cruelty Society.

He is four years old and has made himself quite at home already. We have not formally introduced Yukon to him yet but they both have been sniffing around. She is okay with things but wants to explore some more. He is not so sure but he does get along with other animals so he should do well.

As of now we are thinking about some new names to go with his new life.

But for now he loves being pet, lounging around, exploring and just purrrring away.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Magic number...6

Just six weeks to go and then my classes are over. It is killing me, it sucks for me to go to school on Saturday. It is a long day form 7-5 (commute plus class) nad I am really tired. On Sunday it is a mad dash to get all my errands done. Yesterday I have a list of 5; Sephora (check), Visit BF dad (check), Ikea (chek minue...we went to get a book shelf and decided when we were there to not get it beause we did not know exaclty where it would go), look at cats (nope) and work on paper (nope).

Not to mention that during the week we try to get some things like grocery and the rest of the errands that we did not get done over the weekend completed. On top of a full work day and for me homework!

So 6 more classes...I hope I make it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

burned and toasted

I am sooo burned out from work. When I got to work yesterday I had 118 emails, yep 118! I was gone for one business day. 85% of the emails was from or in regards to the annoying sales rep who shall be called "cousin it" because she looks like cousin it and it is pretty accurate.

I was so stressed out and it took me until 3 to get caught up because of all the distractions and other job issues that tend to pop up. Today was less but of course as the day was coming to an end I still had tons to do. But I don't want to stay late because that sets it all in motion, and then it is almost expected and I do not get paid for overtime. Plus I have been cutting my lunch short by at least 15 minutes.

It is really getting to me. I came home and had to have a drink...that is why I am toasted.

It is going to be a long maternity leave.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday girl and her day off

Today is my 30 something or other birthday and I took the day off.

It was a nice day. The BF was going to go to work but wok up and decided against it. so the two of us met up with JT for a late breakfast. The we dropped him off and looked at cats at the Red door Shelter. We saw a lot of beautiful cats and bunnies (some of them were such buddies). We saw one cat that we liked and who liked us but he is not good with dogs and has to be an only cat. So we are still looking.

This weekend was nice and warm in Chicago so Saturday night we went to dinner at Mrs Murphy and Sons afterwards we stayed for drinks and some of our friends joined us for my b'day drinks. It was very mellow but lovely. I had a great time.

Sunday was errand day and we went to Sur la Table which is porn I tell ya. One could go nuts! I also had to by my goddaughter a b'day present and she is a fan of Old Navy.

So that is my weekend wrap up!

Oh look at my b'day present from the BF we are going up in a few weeks to enjoy the fall. He is the best!

Friday, September 14, 2007

bunnies vs. kitties

Ok, the bf and I are in discussions to add a new member to our little family. The debate is between a bunny or a kitten.

Now here are a few things that are paramount in the decision:

-Yukon is foremost our baby and we don't want to per her nor the pet to be named latter to be in any harm or danger
-We would adopt from a shelter
Here are the pros and cons of each

Bunny Pros:
-cute (I want a dwarf lop ear)
-have unique personalities
-can be litter box trained
-respond and react to commands

Bunny Cons
-litter box gets stinky
-Bunny gets stinky
-bunnies chew, especially cords
-they must be kept out of drafts, so their cage must be strategically placed

Kitten Pro
-have unique personalities
-Yukon is familiar with cats because the bf had two when Yukon was puppy
-can be trained (within reason)

Kitten Cons:
-I am not familiar with cats
-I have no idea where to put the littler box
-Declaw or not to declaw

Ok my blog friends, what do you suggest?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Memories not soon forgotten

Photo by Michael Coughlin

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The dog just farted

Ok I could not really think of a title but man did she let one loose and it is lethal. I swear you can bottle the stench up and it would be more potent than any nuclear bomb!

Anyway, yesterday stated my Saturday classes, I have a total of 9 so one down and 8 to go. I must admit it was not that bad but I do feel cheated because my Saturday is lost for errands and chores abound the house. Today we spent a few hours at the laundry mat and did a few loads but they needed to be done.

I feel like I need a day to get it all do that I wanted to but alas tomorrow is Monday and I have to head to work.

So I have "acquired" a new sales rep, well new for me. My college is going to have a baby any day soon so one of her reps was turned over to me. This woman, (who shall be called "cousin it") is going to drive me fucking nuts. She is honestly a pain in the ass. On a given day, I get at least 20 yep that is right 20 emails a day. She is demanding, whiny, has to get the last word and treats me like I am an idiot. She came in to the office before and paid no attention to me but now that she has to deal with me she came in and was super nice to me....I am very cautious of people like that. I am not looking forward to dealing with her. At least my boss is aware of her tricks so if I am about to lose it I can always go to my boss.

I am not in the mood for her at all tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New career

I should have been a vet! Seriously they make the dough and it is hand over fist. I picked up the little beast today and got the bill, and out of pure numbness handed them my credit card and it cost more than our plane tickets to NYC! I mean they charged us for everything! I swear and there were tons of people. But then again, you would have to put little ones to sleep and I think that it would get to me very quickly.

Meanwhile, I am back at work and it sucks. One ops manger told me that he had a lot of questions for me and could not contact me and there were some delays. I was thinking:

-If you called me you would have still fucked it up
-You did not call me and you fucked it up
-I left some instructions and it was fucked up

So basically, don't mess with my vacation because they still fuck it up the jobs...away or not!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Casa sweet casa

We are home after a world wind trip home. It was so busy and we had a super duper dose of the family and then some.

We were fortunate to have an perfect flight without any drama and we even 15 minutes early! So how did it all go down...well here is the break down:

We got up at the ass crack of dawn and headed to the airport and we got to NY a little after ten and we were at my parent's house by noon. We had a lunch and then we headed out to the dress maker to get my dress hemmed. We then just hung out afterwards and then we went to Queens for dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. Where we ate such a great dinner, my aunt is a great cook, it makes up for the nagging. She was too busy to comment on my hair,weight outfit etc. My other aunt brought her medicine to the table and offered it to the bf as it helped her lose weight. Talk about insulting! I was so not happy with that comment! My dad was so excited to get the hell out of there but we had to wait for my brother and fiancee to get there and eat as they were late. But he was like a bullet out of a gun when we got the permission to leave.

This was "our" day to spend time in NYC. But when I woke up I found a list of things that I was suppose to do. So I had to talk with my mom because that was the only day we had to do things we wanted to do. So she relented...So we headed into NYC and we went to the Museum of Sex
and then had a good lunch at BOLO. We just walked around the neighborhoods and then headed back to the parent's house for dinner.

I went to take my aunt to get her nails done, got the hair run through, checked into the hotel and headed to the rehearsal. The priest never showed up and so there was a lot of confusion as who does what. Then we went to dinner and ate so much, it was a really good meal and we ate well.

The wedding, it was a pretty day and they lucked out with the weather. Everything went well as could be expected. I was very helpful and was in the bridal suite to get the bride ready (I did what I was told). The priest was awful, he could not get the names straight and did not do some things that they wanted him to do. But they were okay with it. The photos were at the Pepsico gardens. The photographer was a bit annoying but took some amazing shots. The bf and I got a few formal photos done too, it was my mom's doing. At the reception MR was there and I was so excited to see her. I had such a good time hanging out with her, her hubby and my bf. I danced a lot and got to see some people that I have not seen in ages. However, my dad's family treated me poorly (as to be expected). But My bf and MR got to meet the obnoxious wife of my cousin who is just a totally pretentious bitch so now they have a face to the stories. She did not even say a word to me.

I heard "so when are you getting married" at least 5 times but, we are sure it was muttered more than that! It got old really fast....we started to come up with snide remarks but we did not get to use them. At least it is over and I no longer have to hear about it. I did piss me off that my mom did a lot of work more than the bride. She did the programs, the pew flowers, driving all over the place to run errands and was just stressed. Plus my parents paid for so much and it was just weird to know that. Not to mention, I still feel like the odd one out with my dad's family and it is very uncomfortable. No wonder why I am glad to be spending Christmas here!

We checked out of the hotel and hung out at the parent's house. We got to the airport a few hours early and we made it home to Chicago. We are so glad to be home.

The BF was such a support and he kept me laughing, supported me when I was getting stressed out, and he was and is just so awesome. Now we know what we have to do to top this party!

I am just so glad to be home!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"waiting to die"~ the drama has begun

So tomorrow the BF and I are heading out to the big apple for my brother's wedding.

I have been lucky to be over 700 miles away so I have been spared witnessing most of the drama but I have heard my fair share. So this week it has really ramped up. My mother is a ball of nerves and stress, my dad is stress by default and tomorrow morning I get to be in the midst of the craziness. Here are some highlights:

-My elderly aunt and uncle are on again-off again coming to the rehearsal dinner/the wedding. As of today he told my aunt he is not going because he is waiting to die. My aunt is looking forward to meeting my BF so we HAVE to go to their house for dinner tomorrow. How should I introduce the BF to the uncle..."Here is my uncle but don't bother him, he is waiting to die"? Talk about drama! During the dinner, she will criticize me in a thick accent, "What you no eat, you no like my food, I cook all day for you and you no eat, you and you're too skinny. I cook all
day and you don't eat!" then mutter to herself in Spanish basically criticizing me.

-said uncle and aunt were going to tailor my bridesmaid dress (they were both professional tailors in their heyday) but they have a doctor appt tomorrow and it is a huge deal as it takes them forever to get there and back. So fine, my mom found another tailor near the house but we have to go there as soon as I get to my moms house! I mean as soon as possible.

-I am getting my hair done for the wedding but since I am not sure what I want, my mom insists that I get a trial run before the rehearsal dinner. So God forbid if I don't go, all hell will break loose.

-I have two aunts in from South America and they have been doing some shopping. According to my dad "I've nerve seen so many bags from the Christmas tree shop in my life! And the shoes, they have bought so many shoes! Gawd almighty!" One of my aunts has to get a dress for the wedding and according to my mom, has no concept of a time crunch. So poor mom has been all over the place to find a dress that has to be fuchsia or deep purple, my aunt has the concept of "we'll do it tomorrow" down much to my mom's last nerve

-The bride's mother has decided not to attend, the bride is coping but I suspect not well

-I told my mom to seat me near the bar....

Welcome to the loony bin!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three day weekends are never long enough!

Yessireee bob I had a hee day weekend by default due to the fact that the electricity was not working at the job.

Do you think I was productive...go on make a guess....

Well if you said yes, you are partly right:
-I weeded out one closet
-I worked on the list of things for NY
-I cleaned and scrubbed the hardwood floors and the tile floor in the bathroom
-I swept and dusted

If you said no, you are partly right:
-I went to Sephora, Lush and Bare Essecentuals and purchased items in each
In fact I went to Lush twice one yesterday for moi and one today for a friend of the BF
-I did not clean my part of the office
-I have not got my pedi yet
-I have not packed

So, hopefully the lights will be out tomorrow too!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain rain go away...on second though

In case you didn't hear the news, there was a major rain storm in the Chicago region yesterday. I mean it came out of no where and it poured. I was at work where it hit like you wouldn't believe, the wind was clocked at 74 mph. Our lights started to flicker then they went out at around 3:30.

I had to head to class so I left at 3:40 and made my way home it took a little long than normal but there was no traffic on the highway! But there were tornado warnings in the loop and all over parts of Chicago. There was a lot of wind damager, windows broken, and tree limbs all over the street.

So I went to work as normal today and the electricity was still out with the power coming on within 72 hours! So about 20 minutes later we were all sent home by our managers and i was home by 9 am. So let the fun things that I have to do this weekend get started....

If you are in the Midwest be safe and careful....there is more rain coming!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Chicago Public works...

Dear CPW,

Thanks so much for finally deciding to pave the street in which we live in. It will be a pleasure driving down it without hitting pot holes, weird bumps and asphalt irregularities.

However, if you are going to close the street from 6-3:30 for almost a week, it would be kind if you give us more than a 12 hour notice. I understand the cost of paper can be quite expensive but considering that you put a huge bright orange posted on every other tree, lamppost, and tall stationary object, would it kill you to put a sign a few days ago on the apartment/house doors. I know that the budget cuts are killing you guys so I hope that the street will be done quickly without much overtime that you are famous for. Well a girl can dream anyway.

While we are at it, why the hell do you have to start at 6 am? Is it because it is cool or because you say you will start at 6 am so that you can tow the stragglers, sit around and watch and then really start at 9 or 10 but claim an 8 hour work day?

Glad to see my tax dollars at work...will the workers who sit around lazy have to pay for the bottle water tax too or is that a perk?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GF may I

The BF has a new video game toy. I was not too keen on it actually because I see them as wastes of time and they just don't make any sense to me. But it was his money and his time so he did get it. After much debate, my fears were that he would spend hours trying to defend the Lego warlock pinata against the evil dragon goddess superball (or whatever) that the house chores would end up being my responsibility. Now to be fair, he does do a fair share of chores around the house but there was a few occasions when I came home late from school after a hellishly long commute and there was a bunch of chores to be done so it made for a long night for me (and added to my crankiness).

But we talked about it and he knows where I stand in regards to his gaming and I know how it fits into his life (as a stress relief, get your mind off of work scenario). So he got the game and its components over the weekend.

He has been very good with the chores especially yesterday! He did so much that was a huge help.
Now that school is winding down, I can also contribute a bit more each day so that they can be split a bit more evenly and he can go defend the alternate universe galaxy space war craft or whatever....

My chore for tonight, go through the clothes that made the closet bar fall down oh and study for my

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two days my ass!

Who decided that when there are weekend that it should be just 2 days. I mean seriously, just as you get your groove on and your stress level has decreased, i tis Sunday and you have to go back to work so the stress starts to rise.

It seems that I sleep so well on Friday nights but when Sunday nights come around, I just sleep so poorly. either I have weird dreams, or I toss and turn or I wake up every hour to see what time it is. It is annoying.

This weekend it poured and I mean poured. There was no sun and just grey skies all over the place. On top of that it was the Air and Water show, which is a nice summer even in Chicago. Basically, they have speedboats, water skiers, jet ski stunts on the lake in the morning. In the afternoon they have an air show which fighter planes, and biplanes. The fighter planes basically fly at maximum speed in some areas so that means that it is loud, the sound barrier is broken and no matter where you are you can hear them. So the weather apparently put a damper on the events. Not that we went but we were privy to the noise and an occasional plane sighting. We heard them more than we saw them

I was so lazy this weekend. I have a final on Thursday and did not prepare. So now I have to hussle...just two more classes!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This week has been somewhat of a blur with so much things going on for the two of us. I am already pooped and we have not gotten to our weekend plans yet!

I have a group presentation for class tonight and the prof is a stickler for time so we had to review what we prepared on Tuesday after calss. After watching the first group it was imperative that we make sure we are on the top of our game. so I did not leave DU until 10:30. then the Red line was not running north bound so I had to take the Brown line which took forever. But the BF was sweet and met me at the EL stop so we can walk home together.

The BF has been attending an off site meeting so he has been schlepping up further north and then the meetings run overtime. So yesterday he got home much later than he wanted. But, his friend was dowm from WI visiting so I entertained him and plied him with booze until the BF came home. We then went out to eat and hit a bar for their friend's birthday. I bowed out early because I had to get my ass here at 7.

Tomorrow is another b'day party as is Saturday (pending confirmation).

This girl needs her sleep and to study and to clean the apt and to go shopping and to get a pedi and to get the eyebrows waxed.

I need a clone

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We went out to West bumblefuck in the burbs to my bf's niece's birthday party. So pretty much it was a bunch of kids and their suburban parents. Here are just some snippets of conversations:

Mom-So my kids teacher called me in to tel me that she suspects that my child is dyslexic. I told her that it is because she can't teach!
Other Parent-God I hate when they blame their own failures on our kids

G-So the neighbor died, had a heart attack at his grandson's birthday party. I saw his daughter today and offered to give her the obituary that was in the paper, she did not want it for some reason.

Parent-If you don't eat your pizza you can only have the cake no ice cream!

All the parents at one point-Hey did anyone see my kid? (then the mad search begins)

When the birthday girl was blowing out her candles:
Her father-Wish for a baby brother!
(side note he does this all the time! He has 3 girls but wants a son)

Let's just say...I am glad to be back in civilization!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Auntie Em, Auntie Em....

Yep, there was yet another tornado spotted today but it was dangerously close to the office. So apparently the siren rang and we were all herded into the interior lunch room. We all sat there mumbling about how stupid this is because there are no windows in the area where we work, it was an hour and half before quitting time, we had stuff to do and the obligatory because we can.

We were out of there 5 minutes later.

I am not used to tornadoes, they were extremely rare when I was a wee lass. Yet, we did have one a few years ago, it knocked a big branch from a teen in the back yard to the middle of the front yard. but other than knocking out a few traffic lines it was relatively minor.

Here it is not taken so lightly, it is a real source of fear and panic.

I am not used to that....

Plus if it hits, and I see a house on a pair of ruby red shoes...they are probably not in my size anyway

UPDATE: the tornado that hit NYC in Brooklyn was just blocks away from my old apartment!

Monday, August 06, 2007

just tired

I was so tired this past weekend. I took two naps on Saturday and I still was exhausted. I could not fall asleep at night because I was too tired and when I did I was out cold. I am not sure why I was so tired. Frankly, it does have me worried because in the fall I will be taking classes on Saturdays all day and I am not sure how I will physically be able to manage it.

Yesterday, I was feeling better but some damage was done. I tried to salvage what I could but I am not sure if it was enough. Sometimes it is never enough.

On Friday, I hung out with my blog buddy. It was so much fun, we went to a local haunt called Andies and we just had such a blast. She is hysterical and we just laughed our way throughout dinner. We will get together in a few weeks to catch up and hang out with the drag queens!

Just a seemly long week ahead...

Friday, August 03, 2007

taking back the night

I meant to write about this last week but did not get the time....

Last week NPR had a two part series about Native American women. Native American women have a greater percentage of being raped than any other type of women in the U.S. want to know why, because if the rape happens outside of Indian territory, the Native American police can't arrest the perpetrator. So men rape women when they know that they are out of the territory. As such many women don't even report the rape because they know that the "white" police hesitate to get involved with the Indian Nations partly because of skepticism and partly due to the federal laws with regards to Indian territory.

They interviewed the police chief in a native community and he was saying how hard it is for them because they want to help their community but they feel so helpless. In one case the woman called the police telling them that she was raped and the guy was hiding in her closet. The Indian police department and the "White" police were outside her home arguing over where the territory line was and was the man who raped her on the "white" side or native side. They had to let the motherfucker go!

I was so enraged! Every time I hear about how women get sexually assaulted it just breaks my heart. I lost count of how many women I know who were sexually assaulted. I believe that the count is 1 in 3.

I just don't know what to think! Females in this country and world are living their lives and are assaulted as a means of violence. Those are women who had a part of them taken away from them in so many ways. It just upsets heart goes out to all women (and men out there) who have had to go through a horrible crime.

Tonight when you look at the stars, the sun and the moon~part of the religion for many native American societies~please send them a message of hope and sisterhood.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seven things You don't know about me

OK I've been tagged by Another bad hair day

1-I don't admit to it much but I watch reality shows but not the ones like Survivor but more like the ones on VH1. Scott Baio is 45 and single is my newest train wreck of a reality show!

2-I used to live in London. I lived there for a semester in college where I worked and went to class. I lived in Camden town which is and expensive trendy part of London. It is where the Kate Winslet Amex commercial was filmed.

3-I love pasta. Especially when I make my red sauce yum!

4-I have been thinking that the dog needs a pet. Specifically a bunny rabbit, the BF says no....yet! I taunt him with bunny's who need to be adopted emails

5-I decided that i won't be getting the shoes I've been drooling over. My car insurance is due and August gets to be a bit tight money wise for me.

6-I bumped into Yoko Ono , literally. In Strawberry fields in Central Park years ago. she and Sean were walking their dogs

7-I want to spend a month in Italy and just linger and eat throughout the country.

Gosh this was fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More shoes saga

I resisted for one day...i don't know how much longer...

They come in black, grey and brown!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Big ole tease...

Nordstrom's semi annual sale...the shoe department....I want a cute pair *sigh* but the credit card is resisting.

Who will win shoes or my will power? Take yer bets!

At least I can have will power and a cute pair of shoes.

Oh who am I kidding we have no storage space for more shoes.



I think that word sums up the way I feel about the job-o!

I could care less about my job, my boss, my clients and my sales reps (with the exception of two). I just got so fed up with the work that I just turned of all emotion. I feel a bit like a robot, I do what I have to do and don't give a crap about it. I am so out of there mentally that I might as well be working somewhere else.

It is a dangerous place to be when I am indifferent because I just don't care

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I nearly had a bout of PTS (post traumatic stress) this evening. i was along the lake with my class (my professor wanted to make a point) and we were walking to a covered venue because it was starting to rain and my phone rang.

It was a friend telling me about the explosion in NYC. I used to work near there, I would take the train to my parent's house at Grand Central. I was in the city during 9/11 and so when I first heard what happened I froze.

My annoying bother his finance are OK. I located some friends and left messages for others.

So far CNN is reporting one death and a few serious injuries. It is astonishing how one event can alter life...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting ready to give them a beat down

I am talking about Comcast. They fucking SUCK.

Here is our history with them:
-The first guy they sent to get us up on cable was here for 4 hours and he chained smoked in the alley and was not able to get us all set up. We had to do the Internet ourselves, he could not give us the proper cable box for the tivo.
-The second team of men gave us the same box that the first guy did and it worked. They told us that it would work
-Then our cable went out for a day. They remotely fixed it
-Then our Tivo was not working, so they told me to disconnect it after the cell died.
-The woman who I spoke to decided to send a repair person but did not tell us that he would be coming!
-the Internet died last weekend, our Tivo was acting up again
-They sent someone to work on the Internet and it was working
-Tivo is still acting up

We have had it. i am afraid to go to call Comcast because i will go off on them.

We are calling RCN!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Words from an invisible mouth or hear no evil?

Well work has gone from bad to worse. It is not the job per se it is the lack of respect that I am given. Now they are not outright rude to me but when it comes to my customers, I have a certain sense of knowledge, experience and expectations. so when I email a department it is to advise them. But of course the assumption (key word there) is that they will read it and then include me on anything that I need to know about.

do they....nope. Case in point, I sent out this message using the KISS method (which means "keep it simple stupid") and asked for some job to be out the door today. do they do that? nope they send it on Saturday. another case in point, we had this huge test that had to be out and I asked them when if it arrived. Oh no, we don't have it....well we did have it for 10 days, nobody knew where it was or what it was for.

I am at the point where I question every email asking myself how can I make it any more easier than i had.

Then I have this prick of an ass hole who claims that I said something which I never did. I know that product so well that I would NEVER say what he claimed I said. So now, every conversation that I have with regards to that product, I send him an email, cc my boss and his boss.

I mean really people! They are so working my last nerve.

the kicker I got a call from a recruiter yesterday but the job is 40 miles away!

I just can't win!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't stand to close to me

The other day, the BF and I went to the Police concert at Wrigley field. That place was packed with people of all ages. The concert was fun, we had a good time and they opened with my favorite song..."Message in a bottle". It was a lot of fun and all the way home I kept humming Police tunes!

So of course I had Friday off and I did something that I have not done in a long time....I took a nap. That is right people I crawled into bed and slept for almost 2 hours in the afternoon! It was weird but soooo nice. But I did spend most of the day cleaning the apartment so it was well deserved.

Today feels like Sunday but it is not (hooray) and we braved 90 degree heat to go to the Taste of Chicago. It is in Grant Park and they have restaurants from all over the city with some of their popular offerings. It was so yummy...I had a Billygoat cheeseburger (From the Saturate night live fame), Italian fries, chocolate covered strawberries, sweet potato salad, a Spanish sandwich that used fried plantains instead of bread, a bite of a pizza and a mojito. It was soooo good. Plus they had special "taste" items that you could try so that is how I ate around the fest. It was hot though and it is good to be in AC!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The fourth

Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy like Sunday

We have had a very lazy weekend! It was great sometimes you just need that.

Yesterday we just did a few things around here which included me going off on Comcast (they are fuckers) and a nice BBQ at one of the BF's friend's house/

Today we did nothing well not really nothing we ordered our tickets to NY for my brother's wedding, cleaned the office a bit, making pasta sauce, and watched the Diana concert on VH1. I am in awe that it has been 10 years since her untimely death.

But at least this week will be a long slow week with a few highlights like the fourth with friends, the Police at Wigley and I am off on Friday so a three day weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The white shadow

Well the BF is out with a friend, I am at home just finishing school work but I am not is the White shadow.

Actually, it is the doggy! She has been around me all evening. It is funny how now that the bf and I are living together we are this "pack" to her. She herds us together and when the bf and i are in the office and we hug she nuzzles in to be part of the group lovin'. She adores her new toys and plays with them until they are grimy and falling apart. They are her babies and at times you will either find her sleeping with them or trying to fill all of them in her mouth.

She will keep me company when the BF is out. She will stay by the bedroom door waiting for him and when we are all together then she will go to her bed.

For a lab that is almost 9 she has the stamina of a puppy with a heart that is just full of love.

It was not always that way, the first time she and I met she was so excited she peed, then when I stayed over the first few time she peed but I suspect it was more of the "this is MY territory lady" than excitement. But after that I am approved in the pact.

I want another puppy but the BF won't let me (nor would the landlord) so now I want a bunny...yet that may not happen. I just love having animals around they are just so full of love and excitement, they are what can keep me going!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chicago repair they exist?

Can you believe that it is Sunday night, damn where did the weekend go. I mean, it felt like moments ago it was Friday night and then WHAM it is Sunday evening.

Well the drama of this past week is that our freaking fridge is acting up. The freezer is fine but the fridge part is at least 60 degrees. We spent the day yesterday waiting for the fridge guy to show up but that did not happen at least officially...

See I was tired and all i wanted to do was sleep at we were woken up at 8 am by a phone call. The BF gets up at 8 by nature so he was up and ready to get the day started. Me not so much. So he went to run a few errands. I feel back asleep. At around 10 I hear in this thick Chicago accent "Its the management company, we're here to look at the fridge". Woke the shit out of me...then I hear "Ohhh yea, I can fix this, Toby put da tools down over there" I was frantically trying to find a sweatshirt and brushing my hair with my fingers saying "I'll be right out". I open the door and there was the BF hysterically pointing at me. He was running out of breath!

Apparently that was to get me back for the allege head butting incident. According to his story, I was nudging his back with my head while sleeping. He apparently did not appreciate this gesture and kind of woke me up to stop. I do not recall doing such a thing...

But we are even...for now....the fridge is still broken!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy little clouds

I have painted again for the first time in at least a year in a half. The BF made me do it and I am glad that he did so now I am back in the zone.

I want to pain now...damn homework!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun fun fun....

A few blogs ago I whined about not having any girlfriends and had a "woe is me" moment. Well, needsleepbadly sent me a message that we should hang out since we are both relatively local and well, lets faces it....we are awesome chicks (like all of you out there!)

so last night we went out to dinner and had an awesome time. We noshed at Kitch'n and did we chat. laugh and just had so much fun. Before we knew it three hours had passed and it did not seem like that.

So we are definitely going to hang out soon. It was great to meet a really cool, funny and sweet person who is a fun insightful blogger. We had a great time!

I am glad that I met her and it is good to have a new friend.

So if you have a sec check her out at Blog this, baby and say hi!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Word of caution

Don't touch your nose after cutting up a jalpeno for your world famous tomatillo salsa...

I am just burns, it burns.

Monday, June 11, 2007

four more..

Classes to go.

that is right my spring quarter is overrrrrrrrrrrrr! So my summer quarter begins next week. No rest for the weary.

But I went to my friends graduation at the U of C and it was beautiful and it has made me think that maybe I will walk in December. Bu I would just rather have a few close friends and family over for dinner where the drinks will flow and I can forget my school debt for a few precious hours!

We'll see, it is less than 5 months and then I am done!!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I am so missing my girls as of late. They are pretty much all in NY and for some reason I am really missing them, perhaps because it is so hard to make friends when you get older.

The bf has tons of friends and this week he hung out a few nights with them. I am envious because they are within blocks of where we live and most of mine are in a different time zone. So I have been a bit blue. I miss going shopping, out to the movies and just having a girl talk over coffee with my friends. Ther eis just something about having your girls around.

I did not really think that making friends when you got older would be this hard. I am sure my work and travel schedule is no conducive to making friends either. I try do activities where I can meet other people but other than school I don't have the time. Plus I've noticed that you tend to make friends with people you have something in common if you have a newborn you can go to Gymboree and meet other new moms and then start to hang out to talk about baby same if you have a dog and go to the dog park.

It is just really hard and I miss them a lot.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Little miss cranky

That is me.

Yep, I am cranky all because of the lovely crappy job that I am current serving time eh I mean "work" for! here are some of the reasons for today's bought of crankiness:

-commute I get up butt ass early that even the dog does not get out of her bed. In fact she looks at me with pity in her eyes as I get out of bed and wobble to the bathroom.

-commute on the way home which allows me to drive with the masses of stupid Chicagoans who in no particular order...cut you off and almost side swipe you, try to inch their way in front of you when you have only millimeters between you and the car in front of you and those who just can't drive because they are too busy on the phone, reading, applying make up or telling an animated story to his passengers with both hands whist going 50 mph (talk about emphasizing a point)
-my job is not rocket science but it is different from what I am used to but nobody has the time to train me so I just sit there.
-I found out that they are prorating my vacation so that means that I lost a week! Oh and I did not get paid from my previous employer for that week oh and did I mention that they neglected to tell me this before I signed on the dotted much for going home for the holidays!
-CLA got her full severance despite failing two drug test and having a "secret" felony conviction on her record.

I hate my job!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i need a weekend from my weekend

I can be lazy..I know it but sometimes you just have to be right?

Yesterday, we ran errands went to the BF's dad's house to pick up a package then we went to the mall because I need work appropriate clothes. I was disappointed with the selection and the price of some pants that I only got one pair of pants and a dress but that is not for work. I spent the most at Sephora.

Then last night the BF and I celebrated our anniversary together with dinner at Bistro Campange.
It was so exquisite. We ate like we were royalty. I can't gush enough about not only the food but the service. They had to roll us out of there.

Today was my lazy day. I wanted to sleep in but the realization that I needed to do some online banking woke me up. Then I watched a full marathon of who's wedding is my jammies. Then did some hw in between and now and finishing up some chores

There never is enough time is there?

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I realised that I haven't blogged in days! I really miss blogging at work it was just my downtime but alas the company Internet usage policy specifically mentions blogs....I wonder what they are afraid of. Anyway, I know what they mean so whatever....

Yukon got her head stuck under the bed yesterday morning. It took us 15 minutes to realise that she was not playing with a toy. She is just a happy dog so if you mention her name her tail wags like a propeller so when I said bye to her in the morning her tail was going a mile a minute. Her daddy rescued her....we are bad doggy parents! But we haven't killed a plant yet so there is hope!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why work

Three day weekends are good and bad...good that you don't have to face another Monday bad because you eventually have to go back to work.

I started at the new place and It is frustrating. I feel like I know my stuff but I don't know their stuff and although it is similar it is just different. The people are nice but what I've realised is that I don't want to be doing this job anymore. I am tired of it, after 7 long years of doing the same thing for three companies with one joint venture that eventually became a M and A. i no longer want to be apart of it anymore.

I no longer believe that things will "be ok" and that they "listen to the new ideas that the new employees give us". Please, dude this girl has been around the same block...different color of paint but still the same ole block.

I am po'ed that the management team had ideas of who to give some management positions too while discounting the people who would have at least liked to apply for that position. Nope, apparently, positions are bequeathed to people and people are not given a fair short. So those who kiss ass and make it "all about how wonderful I truly am" will get the jobs not those who bust their ass to get the job done.

I guess I am more pissed at myself for not walking. I just need to get the hell outta there!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My morning dose

I admit it, I read blogs at work most importantly my favorite blogs at work. When there is downtime I read your favorite blogs and so on and so on...

I enjoy reading thoughts and opinions and stories with my morning cuppa. Well, that is changing.

Today I worked in the new location. "Officially" as it seems. So I am not too sure how keen they would be on their Internet policies. Plus they put my desk in plain eye site of my teammates so they can "see" what I am doing! And the lone IT guy is a few feet away. Talk about buzz kill!

So alas, I will read your wits when I get home instead of starting my day.

I am going through withdrawal!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

17 years and a week or so

Well all over the news this week is the fact that the 17 year Cicadas are going to emerge from there underground homes to get it on all over Chicago land.

That is right, as you walk down the street you are going to hear bugs going at it with mini bug songs blasting from bug boom boxes. Yep there will be Barry White, Bolero, Marvin Gaye all over the city in bug tones of course.

So they are coming and it will be loud and there will be disgusting crunch sounds as I walk down the street. The BF said something about dog and they are not poisonous (it grossed me out so I blocked it from my memory.)

At least we only go through this every 17 years...which by that time I will have scrapped the last of the bug bodies off of my car.

Did I mention I am not fond of bugs?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ice water

I am freezing here at work today.

By nature I am almost always cold except when I am in direct sun in the summer and entering a hot car. Lately it seems to have gotten worse and I am cold more often then not. I know that the weather is partly to blame because one day it is in the 80s and the next it dropped 30 degrees. So that may have something to do with it.

The BF is the complete opposite of me. He is warm and toasty. I guess that means we are the perfect match. During the course of an evening he will have his share of covers and by the time I wake up I have most of them as he is sleeping sans sheets!

But he does let me warm myself sometimes, just as long as I don't put my cold nose on his belly. apparently that is not pun intended.

Anyway, I am going to drink my tea...hopefully that will warm me up...with my gloves and scarf and sweater. No I am not joking

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Office set

Well this weekend after the requried errands and nap. We got the offce some what set up. Baby steps....almost there but man I am damn tired of boxes!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I need a hobby!

I need a hobby (or some local friends)
The BF and I were talking about that the other day and that I need to find something interesting and fun to do besides going to school. Yet at the same time school does take up some valuable free time so that in a way is my current hobby.
Nevertheless, I am on a mission to find some thing to do. I have no idea! I used to paint and would love to get back into it. I want to learn to use oils by taking a few classes. But right now that is not in the cards. Time and expense wise, oil painting is a very expensive hobby.
So the next thing I am interested in is photography. I would love how to learn more techniques to take photos, learn h ow to develop print and just improve my technique. Again, time and money are limited.
I would love to take cooking classes too.
I am not interested in sewing or knitting so that is out of the question. I read a lot as is and it is hard to find a good book club like the one that I was in when I lived in NYC.
So I need to find something to do that I can squeeze into my schedule until after school is over and until the expenses have stabilized. Any ideas?