Thursday, July 30, 2009

And then there was one

So we are one day away (well in a few hours it will be one day away) and we spend most of the day running around and tomorrow will be more of the same except in heels.

But before I check out of blogland I wanted to say thanks to...

Diana and CBN for their friendship and support during this process. The let me vent over tapas and sangria. The were a big support and provided a lot of laughter not to mention crossing state lines for an illicit evening.

Nilsa for her advise, suggestions and recommendations. I appreciate your emails and your words of encouragement by making sure I keep my eyes on the prize. It helped me breath and realize it will all be okay.

Jessica for your cheery messages and for coming out to the Field with us. It was great to meet Bob and Seth and realize that we will be a family too. Not to mention taking us out of wedding madness to enjoy the city we live in.

Pseudostoops for meeting with me and helping me navigate our trip to Paris with suggestions and advise. I will have a gelato for you girl!

For Resturant Refugee, a new favorite read, many thanks for your email full of good wishes. That made my day!

I will be passing my baton err bouquet to Non Sequitur Chica, Pasiana and Amber. May your weddings are filled with laughter, love, family and friends.

Although I have had the good fortune to meet you all via this unique medium and I appreciate all your support. Thank you....see you on the flip side.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So here is the last round of who is in our bridal party, we are profiling our siblings

Bridesmaid SM
SM is the BFs older sister, they are separated by 11 years. She is a very ambitious woman with a high profile job in a well known company. She has travelled all over the world and has even been in an elevator with U2. In addition to her work, she is a mom to three girls. She provides them the balance and shows them how far women can really go. While she and her brother are not too close but they share a similar sense of humor. We see them every few months and she has made me feel welcome

Groomsman MJ
My younger brother, well really my only brother. We used to be close as kids but as we grew up, we grew apart. It was further strained a few years ago but we are on the road to repair. He is really busy balancing a stressful job and grad school. It is never an easy task but he is determined to get it done. I am proud of his accomplishments because no matter what happens or what had happened, he is still my brother.

I will be posting for the next day or two....I have a few things that I want to say.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So with 4 days to go, I am at this weird zen/stressed stage. I am zen with how our final meetings with vendors are going and the fact that I am getting married to the most wonderful man. Stressed with certain events that popped up (ie. a lost checkbook and freaking out over how we are going to pay for some things). It is a very weird feeling

Anyway, on to our next bridal party members:

Bridesmaid SD
She is one of the BF's best friends. They have known each other since they were teenagers and have been there for good and not so good. One of my favorite stories is how he lost a bet to her and she made him watch "Beaches" in a face mask at his house (with his brothers around). She is really sweet and when we first got engaged met up with us at his dads house bearing gifts. I've gotten to know her over the years and she is hardworking and very easy going.

Groomsman PK
I met PK at work, he became the big brother that I never had. When I first moved to Chicago, he kept his eye on me and encouraged me to go out and explore. He is one of the most easy going people I met. Even after he left the company, we would routinely call each other to fill each other in on what is going on and he would tease me and torment me like any brother would do. A few years ago I attended his wedding and watched him go from a single man to a husband and now a father. He was the big brother I never had but somehow found. And he is going to be there when I get married.

Monday, July 27, 2009


That is right, we are using one hand now and this weekend we got a lot done. We packed for the honeymoon and finalized some detail

Oh and we saw:

Bridesmaid CS
She is the BFs niece and perhaps one of the nicest girls around. She and her sister and brother are so polite, attentive, kind and funny. We spent Saturday hanging out with them and their parents and grandpa. She was one of our original choices but due to "family obligations" I was forced to include my sister in law. However, she and my brother have separated and we were able to get C back in the party. She is excited and told her mom, that the dress makes her feel like a princess. I can't wait to spend more time with her on the day!

Groomsman TS
T is the second actor in the bunch of bridal party members. He moved to LA a few years back and has been seen in a few shorts, commercials and extra roles on TV. Last year we were watching TV when the BF yelled that his brother is in a commercial. It was really cool. T is very funny, quick witted and just an interesting guy to hang out with. Ask him who the cheapest tipper in Hollywood is...We are glad he is flying in to support his brother and walk with his niece.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Just 8 days left and the re-cap continues...

Bridesmaid J9
I met J9 in college, we were in similar classes and had some of the same professors. WE just became friends and it ebbed and flowed though our years there. After college, we both worked in NYC and we would sometimes pass each other walking to our jobs. Then I moved to Chicago and about a year and a half later, so did she. She bought a place in Rogers Park and a few years later so did we. We now live 5 blocks from each other, we hang out with our guys and our pets. She is a loud, opinion, organized and kind person. She is no push over and that is what I love about her. I am glad that she will be there in 8 days.

Groomsman RQ
This is one of the BF's brothers. He is a quiet music lover type of guy. As with most of this brothers, the BF and RQ have their own language and they have some funny stories of growing up. We tend not to see RQ as often as we would like but we are glad that he will be there and standing up next to Tim.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My kind of town

I know that some of you are going to be at Blog Her '09. I am sorry that I can't make it, there are some panels that I would love to be a part of, but we are at the single digit mark so this weekend is our last weekend to do some last minute stuff.

If anyone wants to get together, informally let me know. My weekend is pretty flexible.

Enjoy Chicago!

Re-Caps continue tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just the fingers now....

Wow, 10 days left until the big day.

So to continue on with the members of the wedding party, I want to introduce two more:


I met PDB at work, she worked with the matron of honor and that is how we met. She was this firecracker who had some strong ideas and would force you to look at things differently. She and her husband are perfect for each other, it is like watching a dance, they move so well together. She used to have this huge purse and would inevitable have to find something at the bottom and if he was next to her he would hold his hand out so that she can put her wallet or whatever in his hands while she searched. But they would not skip a beat in conversation or what they were doing, they just worked. Their marriage is such an inspiration to me, they truly love each other and laugh every day. they have two beautiful and well adjusted kids. She is a woman in so many ways.


The BF and SA have been friends for years. In fact they both have sandwich named after them in a local bagel place. They are kindred spirits in a way. Since SA loves movies, the BF always has a date for the movies that I do not want to see. I met SA almost a year into our relationship because our paths never met. I used to tease the BF that SA was a unicorn, a mythical creature only seen by some. But once I met SA, I knew why he is such a good friend. He is laid back, funny, sweet and kind, when we hang out, it is a lot of fun. He is very creative and has a local band and is holding back on touring until after our wedding. He is "super psyched" to be a part of it.

Stay Tuned…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have been channeling our inner Martha Stewart this weekend with crafts abound. Our chopping block is covered in paper punchers, stamps, ink, powders and paper. Our coffee table and side table are covered in ribbons yet, we are making progress. However, it is the BF who deserves a lot of the credit. He did the escort table cards all by himself. He was on a roll and I was very delighted that he has been so gung ho about the last minute tasks.

Our to do list has gotten a lot smaller and now we are focusing on the honeymoon and beyond. We have some more wedding tasks to do but they will be nailed out tonight.

Our first guests arrive this week and we are heading out to the burbs this weekend to see them. After all, the kids are part of our wedding.

It seems so surreal that it is this close.

In the next few days, I will be detailing people in our wedding party since they are so close to us. Today let's start with the Matron of honor and the Best Man.

Matron of honor:
She and I met in college, we were neighbors and we met early on in my freshman year. She was a year older and we just clicked. Throughout the college experience we ebbed and flowed but we would always come back together for long chats. After college, she went to work in what I thought would be my dream job. A few years later, she convinced her boss to hire me and I am still in the same business. She was bitten by the acting bug and has produced, starred in shows off Broadway. She has been an extra in various TV shows and has written, starred and produced some indy films. She was my roommate in NYC before I moved here and a five years ago, I stood up in her wedding. She is the sister I never had but wanted and the best friend anyone can have.

Best Man:
M is the BF's brother. There are six kids in the fam and the BF is the baby, M is the fifth kid. When the two of them get together, you just have to sit back and watch. They are Oscar and Felix but with their own language. They quote the most obscure move lines known to man and have a "who can lay the best insult" on other people. He is getting married in October and we just adore his fiancé. She and I are good friends that we hang out without the boys. The four of us have so much fun together. I know that he is thrilled (in his own way) to be part of our day and the BF and I are so happy to have him.

Stay tuned…

Friday, July 17, 2009

Musical interlude

So last night the BF and I headed to Wigley to see the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. We had such a good time! Even the BF was shaking his groove thing.
I am a huge fan of those two, I've seen both twice separately before and I've seen them together three times.
Maybe it is a byproduct of growing up in NY in the 80s when their music was everywhere. I remember seeing Elton John on the Muppets singing "Benny and the Jets" I was in awe of that man. As I grew up and became more acquainted with his songs and throughout college his music was part of our collective memories. He sang two of my favorites "Levon" and "Daniel" last night, I was so thrilled.
Billy is a NY staple, you grew up with his music no matter where in the state you were. You may recall how Billy flirted with me. He was so popular in college even though he had not done anything new and was not grunge. Many of his songs bring me back to Siena and to some of my favorite memories. "Only the Good Die Young" will always remind me of our friend who died way to early at 24. He was an avid fan and when I hear that song, it reminds me of him.
We bumped into our realitors who were having a blast sitting in front of us. One of the BF's co-workers was behind us. The entire stadium rocked and it was so much fun.
I will never get tired of seeing them and they will have a special part of my heart,
It was a nice break from wedding tasks...15 days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

17 days left

I can't believe we are so close to the big day!

So the BF is traveling for work and that leaves me at home with the ever growing to do list. But I have been able to cross quite a bit of them off. In fact I am a bit ahead of the game. I knew that the devil will be in the details and that is proven to be correct. All the tiny decisions have to be finalized. On top of that, we have to clean the apartment because over the next few weeks people will be in and out so we just need a through clean and daily tidy tasks. Although it is easier said than done.

So tonight is my last night alone and I have plenty to that I want to do. So we'll see how far it goes before I get caught up on a movie. But most of my list is achievable and I can't wait to cross them off!

I would love to be able to tie some swiffer pads to the paws of the cat but he will not be amused,

Monday, July 13, 2009

And so it goes

I knew that our "to do" list would expand and contract as we get closer to the days. The BF is so on top of his game and completed so many things over the weekend. I took care of a few odds and ends and together we got a lot done.

What I did not account for was all the tears. I knew some people would not be able to make it but as the final numbers came in, I was very disappointed and sad. I know that there are obligations and financial concerns, I get that but it still does not help me because I am so upset by it. I have travel all over the world for weddings and now when it is mine, people can't. It is the battle between the rational and the emotional. Right now the emotional is winning. I am just so sad.

I appreciate all the "yes" people but it is some of the nos, that have really hurt me.

I'll get over it but like many before me, I won't forget it.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 suprise there.

I knew that it would happen, it is bound to happen…the mounting to-do list and the corresponding stress level. The BF has been tackling things like a champ, serious he has done more of his list and was right there next to me on the sofa working on escort cards last night. So I know how lucky I am, it is just there are so many things more to do . I have the list right next to me so if something pops up I try and write it down. I tend to forget what I was suppose to write down at a moment's notice. (I am kinda worried about that). I am also kind of slacking because I am so tired of doing things for the wedding. But I am ramped up!

There are a few things that are causing more stress than others. Namely transportation issues, my dad offered to deal with it, then passed it back to me (who freaked out) so he took it back and now it is in a state of flux.

There are other emotions….I am sad/disappointed that some friends won't be able to make it. We suspected as much due to the tanking economy but we did not think it would be as bad as it is. Some of our friends are coming without their spouses. While we are so glad that many of the people we wanted and love are going to be there, we can't help but feeling bummed when certain people send their regrets.

There is anger…why anger, well due to my soon to be asshole of a brother in law (not one of the BF's brothers but the man who married his sister). A few weeks ago he cornered the BF at a family BBQ and asked if we would have a cake at the wedding for his daughter's birthday. Her birthday is the next day but since all the family would be there, he thought it would be nice to call her up, have everyoen sing her happy birthday and present her a cake. When I heard about it, I put my foot down.

This was my only Bridezilla moment, because I am sorry, under no circumstances will I be forced to do this at the reception. The BF's dad was appalled at the suggestion, as was the BF's sister. His dad said it was because her father is not participating in the day, he saw this as "his moment" as the father of the birthday girl. He wants any sort of spotlight, we have him written into our DJ contract so that he does not get the mic!

After seeing red and calming down, we decided to have a cake for her at the rehearsal dinner. That way, we control the situation and cut him at the pass. Oh and to steal his thunder, we are presenting another cake after the birthday cake, to celebrate the BF's brother's anniversary since it does fall on the day of the rehearsal.

But there is happiness…we are a few weeks out before it is official. Happiness to head away for a few weeks.

I know it will all get done and what will be will be. But in the meantime….ACK!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Last few weekends....

It was a lovely weekend, truly the calm before the storm.

Friday was our busiest day with us helping the BF's brother and fiancée move something to their storage unit. After a great lunch, I headed to get ready for a fitting. While I was in my gown, the BF got ready for our BBQ. We had a few people over and it turned into a great night. The BF manned the grill with the guys and the ladies and I chatted. Everyone had a great time especially the dog who was adored, petted and played with. She is still recovering from all the excitement.

The rest of the weekend was full of errands and crossing things off of our "to-do" list. We are trying to get to get as much as we can done before the big day. We have done a lot but there is always more things popping on the list.

I know as the date gets closer we will be more stressed out and frazzled but we are trying to stay on top of things. Plus, we are getting excited about leaving it all behind as we head to the honeymoon. Because nothing says relax like Paris and Barcelona.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Just a matter of weeks

As of midnight, we are exactly one month away from the wedding day. Our to-do list for this week is quite large but we have been crossing things off daily and today we will get to cross off four more items (hopefully).

Yet, as things slowly fall into place, my stress level has gone up. I have to remind myself to eat because I am not stress eater but rather the opposite. In fact, I made it a point to tell a few of my bridesmaids to ensure that I eat on the day of the wedding. August is hot and I do not want to be a fainting bride.

I am very aware of all the possible scenarios and that on that day what ever will be will be. I am not freaking out about the things that I can't control like the weather. I find certain tasks calming and trying not to get worked up. That being said there are plenty of things that get me worked up (i.e. my parents and there last minute "suggestions"). I am trying to balance the last appointments with the finances, trying to balance the ying and the yang.

But regardless, the most important thing is that in one month, I will marry my best friend. I will be his wife, he will be my husband. I will walk down that aisle with my father, listening to the music we picked, looking at the guests who we invited and I will walk to the man I love.

That my friends, is priceless.