Thursday, July 10, 2008

The BF and I are in the midst (abet delayed) of planning our vacation. This is the first time in a few years that I can actually go away during the summer. When I was in grad school, I took summer classes and by the time they were done I had two weeks before the fall session began.

Last year was my bro's wedding so heading to NY and having a heavy dose of family drama was our vacation. Although we did sneak away to Lake Geneva last year and of course the cruise in December. But we want to get away during the summer, especially the BF who has been busy at the job-o and as a result is getting a wee bit stress-o.

When we started to think about vacations in oh January we had a huge wish list. In fact, we were planning on heading to Paris until the Euro came and whooped our ass. So then we decided that we should stay in the North American region. Then we decided San Francisco would be we looked at what we wanted to do, where we wanted to stay and how we would get then and then looked at our budget and they did not match. So that was shelved.

So then we decided that the Mid-West is not so bad after all but maybe Toronto. We planned on driving and that would only be like 7 hours. So we decided to investigate...the city was also our of our budget.

Then the BF announces that he wants to get back to nature. (Me not so much) But then we thought Jackson Hole....again too much.

So we finally decided on heading up north to Door County for some R and R.

We are going to "check in" the dog at a new dog hotel. I am very pleased with this development as the last time we went away we were fleeced and the dog got a sore on her nose. They have people on staff 24 hours (unlike the vet), she gets her own area with a nice cozy blanket (If we want we can upgrade her to a suite where she can watch animal planet 24/7), she gets to play with other dogs, go out for walks, and will get groomed before she heads home.

The cat we are not sure about yet. We are only planning on being gone for a few days so we can leave him plenty of food, a clean litter box and his water fountain (yes he has this) he should be okay. But he needs love and pets on the head so I am not sure how I feel about this. We can also check him in the hotel but he and Yukon won't be together and he did not react well when he was in his carrier when we moved. We suspect it was because he was crated at the shelter we got him.

So we shall see, hopefully I can get days off.


comebacknikki said...

Oooh, I love Door County! I lived in WI for 4 years and spent a lot of time up in that area.

Jessica said...

Dangit. I'm getting old. I can't remember if I already left my comment or not. How sad is that?

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Whoo hoo Door County! You and I must have ESP or something, because the PRM and I were talking about planning a trip up there just this past weekend.

Where are you guys staying? We usually stay in Egg Harbor at a lovely family owned lodge. Every room has views of the lake and the sunsets are gorgeous. in case you're interested.

And Fish Creek has an awesome breakfast joint/bakery, called The Cookery.

Ok, I'm stopping now. I'm acting like a travel agent or something. lol


PS: Dinner next Thursday sounds like a plan! :)

Diana said...

Have fun! Door County is great! We took Molly-Dog with us and rented a house, leaving the cat home with tons of food and the toilet seats up. (She won't use the kitty fountain or any other water. Gross little thing.) We were in Bailey's Harbor.

Superstar said...

have a great time! Gawd knows you deserve a break!!!