Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Girls only!

So the past two nights I have had girls only nights!

Monday, Diana and I went to the chopping block for a dessert tasting. Basically, the chef created 4 desserts and showed us how to make them, tips of the trade and at the end we got to try them. She made this unbelievable Carmel pecan bread pudding that was so refreshing because it was not overly sweet. Since I am a sweet girl (in so many ways ) I think I may add some semi chocolate chips. I wonder if you can add dried fruit...hmmm that is an idea to!

She made homemade cream puffs. I always though you had to be on top of your game but the puffs were not that complicated. Plus you can add sweet or savory fillings. It may be nice with a cream cheese herb mix.

The chocolate mousse was heaven in a mousse! It was so yum but a bit too sweet. However, it is one I will try.

Finally, she made a coconut banana cream pie. The crust was chocolate and plain graham crackers but the filling was eh. She did not let it set long enough so it was soupy. But I am not much of a coconut person so it worked for me.

Overall, Diana got me hooked on the Chopping block. We have another event next month...Cooking with Wine!

Yesterday, I had dinner with my BF's brother's girlfriend. She is really cool and we haven't hung out without the boys so we decided to grab a bite. We really had a nice time.

The BF has had this horrible stomach bug so he has been out of commission for a while. He was really bad Monday night and yesterday morning. But he started to get better yesterday afternoon. Yukon and Chaplin were good nurses.

Which brings me to something that struck me the other day at the supermarket. We are feeding the cat dry food and he is okay with it. The adoption center did say we can give him wet food now and then. Well we are at Jewel and decided to get him some wet food, we decided on "Chicken medley souffle with garden greens". I was thinking what the hell? It is chicken and veggies! The power of marketing...anyway....the Chicken souffle made a repeat appearance this morning and thus there will be no more chicken medley souffle at our house!


Jessica said...

Ugh. If I had a cat who was eating dry food, I wouldn't even try wet food so as not to get it hooked on the better stuff! :)

Christina said...

yea it is a lesson learned!

The Chicago Blogger said...

Awww, poor kitty. :(

I hope he and the BF are feeling better.

And you forgot to mention the excitement of the evening during our class -- Crazy Guy! lol I think it was more like "I got the munchies" guy, but either way I'm glad they locked the door! lol

Christina said...

d-I know that was so random and weird...especially since he came back!