Saturday, December 30, 2006

Auld Lang Sign

Well time for the year in review 2006 so here it is...
-started grad school the day after getting accepted
-completed 7 out of 15 classes
-still working in the crap hole of a job
-met and fell for a wonderful man who feels the same way that I do
-met his friends and family
-hit Vegas for the first time, won a dollar
-took my first cruise
-read a few good non school related books
-spent more time in Chicago
-celebrated turning 30 with my friends a weekend no one will forget
-went to the Guggenheim for the first time
-Celebrated Easter alone, Thanksgiving with the BF's fam and Christmas at my parents, alone
-Celebrating New Year's eve with the BF

So to all a very Happy New year!

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