Saturday, May 31, 2008

more Sex

OK I saw it with my friend and it was awesome.  We had such a blast!

What did you all think?

And bloggers when are we going to get together and have a cosmo?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you ready for some Sex?

That is right it is Sex and the City weekend! I already have tickets with my friend for tomorrow. Then we are going to find a Cosmo and toast the girls.

According to my friends, I am a Charlotte with a streak of Carrie. Which one are you?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have been developing this very nasty habit of falling and scrapping my left knee.

A few weeks ago I slipped and fell in mud no less and last night the BF and I broke a chair when I was hugging him. He feel backwards ( and is bruse free). I fell and landed on the same knee and re-opening the same wound.

Gravity does not like me!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting my hands dirty

Our neighbor set up a lovely window box the other day that the BF and I have been wanting to do.

We've been growing basil, lavender and thyme in our sunroom but decided to grow a herb garden with some flowers.  So we have inpatients, cilantro, rosemarie and marigolds.  I was quite please to start to grow a garden.

The BF also rearranged our office and I started on some boxes.  It has been a very mellow weekend.

On Friday we made our contribution to the Indiana Jones franchise and wandered around Evanston.  

The cat has developed a nasty habit, he has now decided that 4 am is prime time to be up and annoy the parents.  So he has discovered that knocking down what every mom has on her nightstand is sure to get a reaction.  Just like clawing at the closet.  The water bottle has been strategically hidden and he sure gets upset when he gets sprayed.  Just as we get upset when we can't fall back asleep at 4 am!

It was a much needed and lovely weekend with plenty of extra hours to catch up on the much abridged sleep.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spices and herbs oh my (and a note to the cat)

This weekend was one that we so needed. The BF and I did nothing related to shopping for major purposes. Instead we hosted an appetizer party! Saturday after getting our breakfast at the newly discovered-down-the-street-local-coffee house we went to get groceries and then went home. We cleaned, unpacked, cooked, watched TV and then hung out with my friend PK and his wife. It was so much fun to catch up with them and it was nice to have people come to our place and love it as much as we do. We are not fully unpacked and the office is a mess but our living room looks great and when our kitchen is clean it looks beautiful!

The BF remarked how we should have people over more often because it forces us to clean and get organized. He is so right. His friends stopped by last night to peek at the condo and in 5 minutes from the "we are parking the car now" call we made the bed, picked a few things and had a moment to breath before the buzzer rang.

I also had a "date" on Sunday with the BF. He remarked recent that we don't go out on dates anymore. He is right, we got out to eat to actually eat but we haven't had a date in a while. So we went to a cooking class that was focused on your taste and how flavor can change. So we tasted salts like kosher salt, sea salt, iodized salt, we tried a range of vinegars and oils. We tasted fresh herbs and reconfirmed my dislike of Rosemary. I learned so much and we had such a great time. Of course afterwards we were itching to cook and add spices to our house so off we went to The Spice House. We bought nutmeg, vanilla sugar, grand Marsala, saffron among a few others. Yum! Then we wandered around Evanston and headed home where the BF made and grilled ribs while I fell asleep on the sofa!

Oh that reminds me....memo to the cat....the leather sofa is not for jumping, climbing, pawing , clawing or sitting. You have two cat beds, you have our bed , you have the window ledge all of which make perfect perching opportunities. I am going to have a freak out if there are more claw holes. This is the reason why I hesitated getting the leather couch....we have not even finished paying for it. So get off of it now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I heart My GPS

I made it to and fro from the Garden State.  My Garmin got me to the office, the hotel and the airport with no problems.  Plus it helped me avoid some tolls.  Garmin rocks!

I saw my parents while there and it was good to see them.  The last time that I saw them was at the funeral a few months ago.  My mom just got back from visiting her family in South America and was brimming with tokens and gifts.  The best one was a pair of custom made shoes.  I sent my aunt this picture and when my mom was there they went to the shoe guy.  He is a cobbler who makes custom made shoes and took the photo and made a pair for my feet.  They fit and look awesome.  Plus as not he has my mold he can make me any shoes that I want.  It cost about $35 and are just beautifully made.

My parents took me out to eat and it was nice catching up.  I was really missing them but did not realize it.

Tomorrow starts my work from home one day a week.  It will rock!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

List o errands

Saturday is errand day and we only had three places to go.  The first being Best Buy, the second Target and the last to the grocery store.  Well 1 out of three ain't bad...

We wanted to get a flat screen tv, I was told by the BF that it was a necessary.  So I agreed with conditions, it had to be from Best Buy as I have the credit card and we can make monthly payments, it had to be under our budget and it had to be a good name brand one.  He wanted a 46' one so as long as they met the parameters I was fine with it.

So after weeks of searching and waiting, we saw one on sale that met all the conditons.  So off we go to the first one.  They did not have it in stock but they recommened antoher store that did.  So off we went to store number two.  Nope they did not have that one.  So we went to lunch and the BF used the Jesus phone to locate a store that did have one...45 miles away.  So off we went and we got it.  We got the last one, apparently it was on sale and they have been flying off the shelves.  

So then we had to fit the box in the car, they only had tape, so we taped it and went in search of rope.  We ended up in the store that shall not be named because I don't like it and got rope.  The the sky turned grey and I had to go back to the store that shall not be named to get tarp.  So the car was packed and we headed back to Chicago with our new TV and not paying the lovely Cook County 10% sales tax.  So we only hit Best was an all day process.

Diana and I had class last night.  It was all about tapas and it was delicious.  They made this amazing salad with jicama, avocado, grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, oil and lime.  It is as easy as that.  It was so good.  I learned to make bacon wrapped dates, sangria (I knew how to do that one but each recipe is different) and tortilla espanola.

These classes so make me want to cook.  I am so inspired that I know I will make them.  Plus with the summer there are the farmer markets and fresh fruits and veggies.  Yum.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vanity Fair

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to get my "lady bits" (as per the BF) checked out. Don't worry the post is not about the lovely time that one can have in stir-ups it is about my doctor's side treatments. In addition to being an obgyn, she provides esthetic services. Her philosophy is to treat the whole woman. So in addition to getting a PAP, you can get a chemical peels, laser hair removal etc. Lately, I have been seeing her on commercials promoting her treatments.,

So it got me thinking about the things that women do. I am all for laser hair treatment and well, time seems to be marching on across my face. I've started to notice them....lines....winkles. In fact, I am getting glabeller lines (lines between the eyes), lines on my forehead and one near my nose, and skin discolorations. It is amazing how a 10x mirror can make one feel like a monster abet one with lip gloss.

Ack, what to do. However, due to lovely moving costs I can't afford the treatments even if I wanted to. But then I was thinking "No, I will be okay. I can take some of the tax rebate and go get a facial. I can budget for that, it is a possibility. That may work, all will be well in the world. I mean nobody can see you as close as a 10x mirror so you can hide imperfections. Make up is a good thing, concealer is my friend." Right?

But I have a wish list of things I would like to get done if there was more pennies in the coffer:
-teeth whitening
-monthly facials
-monthly massages
-regular eyebrow waxing
-laser hair treatment

Maybe one day I can get some of the things on my list.

But down the line, will I be that vane to even consider doing anything drastic? Growing old gracefully is sometimes not as easy nor pretty as it sounds.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Which way is up

I have a confession...

I am directionally challenged. That is right, it takes me a second to think which way is left and which way is right. I am bad at giving directions, I tend to point to places where to turn or at landmarks, which is not always good for the driver. I am the one who gives directions,

"Make a left by the taco place called El Famoso but if you get to El Bandito you are too far north"
"The road makes a weird twist thing, keep going straight
I am getting better but still I am the last person to ask for directions by car.
So after my last fiasco of driving in NJ I got me a GPS which will be coming with me to NJ. Now NJ is not that bad, I mean it produced Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi but the roads are confusing with weird twists and turns. I have to be there next week and already I am pondering how not to get lost for hours (again).
In other news, I got my new phone in Maroon it is a LG EnV2, it is my new toy!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Rat race

When it rains it pours.  My social life that is.
We have been very busy with the whole buying a condo, packing, moving and unpacking that every week for the past month seems jammed packed.  This weekend was one where we did very little other than home things.  

The BF installed my new closet on Saturday and yesterday he set up the grill and we did some more unpacking.  We have 95% of the office done but still have a few dozen more boxes of things for the living room and bedroom.  It never seems to end.

I had to get Bogart looked at today, I received two recall notices so off to Honda!  Tomorrow is tentative dinner with my former manager, Wednesday is tentative dinner with JT but he is flaky and Friday Diana and I are going to take a tapas class.

Next week I have to head to the Garden State for rest for the weary!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lift off

I got to launch one of my projects this week and start to work on another.

I love my new job, it is interesting and I am in the know.  My boss is awesome and lets me do my thing and supports my ideas.

My previous boss is also cool (she always was) but we are on different levels now so we are both able to help in different ways than before/

I get to tell sales what to do and when they complain, their VP hands their asses on a silver plate to me.   Yea, I make them suffer by asking them to do their damn job! 

Plus I may get to work from home a day or two a week which will save some of my damn hard earned money in gas.