Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The beat goes on

So my shoes finally arrived and I was a giddy pool of delight. Fed Ex still sucks though….

Wedding planning is continuing and we have had a few lulls in the craziness. The BF and I are working on out to do lists. One of the top things that I have to do is renew my passport. My passport expires in October but due to EU restrictions, my expatriation date must be no less than three months away so I miss the cut off by a few weeks. I have to get that done my next week which is my timeline.

I have a lot more to do but then again we have crossed off a lot as well. Next up is invitations, which has already had their own source of drama. But it will be okay. I am trying not to let some things get me down but that is easier said than done.

Monday, February 23, 2009

EX does not mark the spot!

I ordered two pairs of shoes from a company that specializes in people with smaller feet. Since they are such a niche company things sell out fast and once I got the catalogue I drooled from page one until that last page. But I have to be rational and narrow it down. So from 5 I picked 3 and then from those three I picked two and could not decide between the two so I decided to get both.

I could justify them because I can use them for parties and showers. Plus one pair may be used in our engagement photo session and one pair will be perfect with my rehearsal dinner dress and another dress that I plan to wear to the BF's brother's wedding in October. Of course they will come with me to Paris and Barcelona and I have some outfits that will work with them. So I have definite plans for them.

Fed Ex however has decided that my shoes will be delayed. Due to the service selected they only delivery between Tuesday and Saturday. Ok I am fine with that after all they are coming to my office so I know that I will get them. The problem that I have is that they come after business hours so we are closed. So I call them today to ask them to put a note that advises the local depot of our hours. They can't do that!

I worked in customer service and I worked in a business that deals with similar not the same customer request. There was always a way that we could take changes of info and pass it along to our vendors. Vendors prefer to be kept informed. So it is understandable why I am unhappy with Fed Ex's service right now. So much for customer service.

I will be so pissed if my shoes get returned.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Random conversations

I have been talking with my best friend who is my matron of honor lately and here are some fun snippets....

MR-Why are they (her hubby/men in general) crazy
Me-It is in the chromosomes
MR-I guess
Me-Well Crazy has a Y in it, there is no X
MR-(Laughs) where did you hear that one
Me-I made it up
MR-It is so funny and true, I am so going to use it!

After a discussion about having a bridal shower, she was going to send an email to the bridesmaids. We hang up she calls me back

MR-Ok, you have six bridesmaids right?
MR-why do I only have five email addresses
MR-Oh that is right, me. never mind
Me-Hysterical laughing

That is what friends are for!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing by the rules

Sometimes playing by the rules sucks.

With all the talk and buzz about the stimulus package and deals for homeowners we were hoping that there was a way we can benefit. The BF being the tax and numbers guy that he is started crunching numbers and figuring out if we can benefit from a lower rate and the answer is…probably not Collectively we make too much, but I on my own may be able to qualify but as both of our names are on the mortgage we are thinking that it will make it null and void.

So because we saved. had very good credit, put a down payment, elected to have a traditional mortgage and bought a place that was lower than our pre-qualifying amount we get no benefits. We have a decent interest rate and have paid our mortgage on time and still have very good credit we don't qualify. Why because as the numbers point out, we live within our means, of course this does not take into account, student loans, car payments, and other debt.

Yes, we would like to have a lower interest which would result in a few hundred dollars a month thus preventing us from dipping into savings account too many times to count but we may not qualify because we played by the rules. So technically, we should have bought a place beyond our means, default on a few mortgage payments, made no or very little down payment and ruin our credit….then we would qualify

The full rules come out on March 4th so there may be a slim chance that we may be able to squeak by, But in the mean time we are going to send an email to our senator (the one who was voted in not the one who is now under a cloud of "we knew it, you liar" doubt)

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


One of the downsides of my trips out to the east coast (besides the flight delays) is the fact that my credit card bills are due before I receive my expense reimbursements.

Ramen noodles anyone?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only the bullets

  • I am so freaking tired.
  • My 7 pm flight did not leave until 9:20 so I did not get home until 11:30
  • The rental agent at the airport told me that I am cool, like ice water...not to sure how to take that
  • My flight to NJ left early and arrived a half hour earlier than expected.
  • I heart Diet Snapple, I did not realize how much I missed it until I had it again
  • My next rental car will have a bumper sticker that says "If you are going to ride my ass, buy me dinner first"
  • One of my sample projects in the training I was in was to plan my wedding, I spent over 4000 hours while the BF spend 400 but these numbers are based on some general assumptions and time that I spent dealing with some BM issues.
  • All I want to do is sleep
  • I got to see one of my old bosses and we had a few martinis at the hotel bar, it was great to chat and catch up with her. She was one of the best bosses that I ever had.
  • I have to head back in 2 to 3 weeks ugh!
  • Thanks for some Chick Lit recommendations, I bought two books yesterday and read 75% of the first one.

Monday, February 09, 2009

My newest addiction

Ok, this is hard to admit but I'm addicted to Chick Lit. I don't know where it started but I can't stop. It is what I have been reading at the airport on the plane and finishing at home. Some are vapid, shallow and predictible but I can't get enough. I tend to read more substantial books so this is a new development. I think it is because they are an easy read and I can easily pick up with the story and they are entertaining.

So too feed my newest book addition, what is your favorite piece of chick lit? You know you have some...

Friday, February 06, 2009

When all you want to do is get there

After spending over 25 hours traveling, I am back home. This trip was a one that could not have been over fast enough.

I got into NJ after 10 pm, by the time I got to the hotel it was well after 11 pm. I fell asleep at around 12:45. Got up six hours later, was in the office at 7:45, worked in my bosses office until 9:30, prepped for the presentation in the conference room until we started at 10. We were done by 11:30, spoke to a few executives and other meeting participants until 11:50 am. Then my boss and I went to grab lunch and were back our our desk eating by 12:10 pm and we had a brief meeting until 1:30, then I grabbed an IT guy to install a program on my system and by 2 I was out of there.

I got to the airport gate at 3 (after returning the rental) hoping to be ready to by 3:35 as per my ticket. Only to find out the flight was delayed for an hour and a half. Finally at 5:45 they started to board but all the business people were pushy at the gate and it became somewhat of a herd mentality and when I boarded (according to my proper group number) I saw that there were a few overhead bins empty, some of these people snuck on board (I seriously doubt they were all platinum members), I finally found my seat and stowed my bag. We took off a half our later and landed at 7:45 or so. By the time I got to my car in parking lot in the farthest reaches of the airport it was 8:20 and I was home within the hour.

To think that I have to do this all again on Monday is why I am drinking tonight!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well, it appears that my afternnon flight has been canceled and I've been re-booked for an evening something flight. So that means I get in late and to the hotel even later. the whole reason I booked the afternoon flight is so that I did not have to drive in the dark and so I can get a good night sleep before my morning meeting.

The reason...too much air traffic in the NY Metropolitian area.


To calm myself I am going to Portillo's for lunch. I think that is a reasonable tool of comfort!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

To take the chill out

Since we are in the middle of the winter, I get to the point where 6 weeks seems like an eternity and the cold stays in my bones.

So I have been on a slow-cooking-take-the-chill-out- thon. Last week the BF made chili because I love his chili. I have never had chili before I moved out here. I had it only once before I met the BF. His is the best and I love it Cincinnati style with extra cheese.

On Sunday, I made a beef stew and had that over egg noodles. It was ok, I could not find my regular recipe so I tried another one and it was missing something but now I know what I can mix into it next time, canned diced tomatoes. The upside is that beef stew leftovers are so yummy.

Last night I made fresh onion soup. I love onion soup and it is so easy to make. I make it ever few months because it is one of my favs but seriously it is so comforting and it makes me happy. Again the cheese may be the reason.

I want to try this garlic soup that I have had at the chopping block that is SO good but am running out of tupperwear.

Of course the most fav get the chill out thing for me to make is hot chocolate with milk and Munster cheese. When I grew up we did not have instant, my mom is from Colombia so we had these special chocolate bars that you would slowly melt with milk. It was always served with metlty cheese and as kids we would put our cheese in the chocolate and it is bliss. I can't drink instant hot chocolate mix it tastes fake to me.

What are your warm day comfort foods? Any ones that I should try?

(If you want any recipes, let me know)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Snooping on myself

I wanted to double check that I registered for something at one of the stores that we spent hours in with a scanner so I logged in. Lo and behold, some of our items have been purchased but I can't help feel bad that I know but I don't know who purchased them. I am going to try to limit myself from checking because I want to be surprised.

However, the sham WOW that the BF registered for is still available.

Enough about the wedding. I have to head back to the land of guidos and speedos on Wednesday for one night. I will be back on Thursday but then head out again on Monday until Wednesday night. Lucky for me, I have a few documents that show that my in person time in NJ will not be as demanding as I thought as most of the work will be done remotely. But that can change but for now it is a nice notion.

Oh and it will be in the 40s on Friday, let the melting commence!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not that type of girl

I am not a football person, I don't get the game, I think that it is boring and I rarely watch the Big game. I have only watched two games in my life and think that is more than enough.

So while the most of the world is watching the game I intend to:
Clean the bathroom
Mop the floors
Make Beef stew (I may also make onion soup)
Do a load of laundry
Run my final errands for the weekend
Watch a move.

And I could not be happier.

So do you watch the game or do you do other things?