Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The interview

Yesterday, Nilsa posted an interview that she did with another blogger. She received and answered five questions.

Here are the simple rules,
1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Be sure to link back to the person who interviewed you. So here are Nilsa's questions with my answers:

(1) Name only one blogger you really respect and tell me why.

Ok this was a toughie because I have such respect for all the bloggers whom I read but if I have to pick one, it will be the one that I have read the longest, Diana. I find her humor and honesty refreshing. She takes a good, honest and sometimes hard look at herself and then comes up with the ways that she can and will tackle the situation. She makes no excuses and has such strong will power that I can only wish I had. She has taken the time to grow and evolve in such a way that makes me aspire to. I have been fortunate to meet her and she is one amazing friend. She rocks in so many ways.

(2) If you had to pick a non-urban, U.S. destination in which to vacation for a week, where would you go?

I would actually like to go RV'ing to the western states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. I really would love to see the plains and the Rockies. I would also like to see the Dakotas. However it will have to be in the spring or summer there is no way I would go in the winter.

(3) If you had $500 to spend on housing, food and entertainment for the trip mentioned in (2), how would you spend it?

Well mostly food and gas. I would also use it for park admission and the occasion meal. I would probably do a lot of grilling and cooking. As for entertainment, I would have my books and the BF but looking at the stars is not a bad thing either.

(4) Tell me about one person with whom you've lost touch. If you hope for a reunion, how would you like that reunion to take place?

I lost touch with my friend and his wife who moved to Scotland. We used to be really close and then he moved and we lost touch. I have gone to Edinburgh to attend their wedding a few years ago and I am going to invite them to mine. I would love to re-connect with them, the two of them are such incredible people.

(5) In 2008, what was your biggest achievement and your biggest failure/disappointment?

My biggest achievement was being able to afford a condo. It was somewhat of a spur of the moment decision after hobo guy issues but when we look back it was the best thing we could have done. I love my place and experiencing the whole process made me grow up in a way. My biggest disappointment was not getting the photographer we wanted. I had to let that one go.

If you want to participate drop a comment.

To each and every one have a very happy 2009 may this be a year where all you find is happiness.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego going on her honeymoon?

So the BF is off this week and has been working on some things that are on our wedding to do list. Specifically, DJs, tuxs, save the date ideas and finally honeymoon stuff.

Early on (even before we got engaged) we were always talking about where we are going to go, what we are going to eat, what we want to see. The list is ever expanding and never is short of ideas.

After the engagement, we were narrowing down ideas. Early this year, before the hobo breaking into the building issue that made us buy a condo, we wanted to go to Paris. We looked at flights, hotels and what we would do for a week. Then we decided to go for broke and purchased our place so Paris was shelved.

We we also talking about Spain, the food, the culture, the country. There were lots of travel shows and Specifically this one. One day out of the blue, the BF informed me that he wanted to go to Barcelona! So we were set, we were going to go to Barcelona.

I've been to Barcelona once in high school and since we were there for a short time (two days) I have a few memories. So I am excited to go especially with the BF!

We have decided to take two weeks for our honeymoon since we have the vacation time and after dealing with the craziness of the wedding and mostly dealing with my mother (a source of stress for me at most times of the year). However, two weeks in Barcelona might be too much for me. It is not a large city so the activities are limited after a few days. Sure the food will be awesome but I can't eat iberico ham all the time...oh wait yes I can...never mind.

So I mentioned that perhaps we can split up our weeks, spend one week in Barcelona and another somewhere else. Perhaps Madrid, Seville or another area. Last night he mentioned that he wants to go to Paris and Barcelona.

I've been to Paris with the high school group and had a great time. But, I really want to see more of Spain and after reading the guide book we got from my brother, I want to spend a few months exploring Spain. However, the BF has never been to Europe and wants to make the most of the opportunity.

So here are the options:
1-Paris and Barcelona
2-Add another week to our honeymoon (we both can do this but this leaves me with 5 vacation days left)
3-Another part of Spain and Barcelona.

We really do not want to spend a lot of time traveling from one location to another. We are also wanting to be centrally located so we are going to get an apartment for each week.

So what would you do in this situation? I look at it as we can't lose!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A mellow merry

We spent the day with the BF's fam yesterday. We finally got out of our iced in parking spot and headed west for the day. It was very mellow and quiet, the girls got a Wii so they were busy with the games and their toys so they were kept very busy. The food was delish and I made two dishes

One was this easy cheese puff appetizer that was just made with butter, flour, Guyer cheese, salt and some Cayenne pepper. It was so easy, if anyone wants the recipe let me know. The second was the chocolate crinkle cookies that I made this past weekend. Both were hits.

Before Christmas I went to the Chopping Block and it was one of the best, the food that they made was so delish. They made awesome margaritas, this cheese Focaccia bread with a three cheese spread, salty Carmel brownies, truffle fries and steamed mussels. It was the highlights of some popular restaurants and they were all so wonderful.

Today we went to a local mall and I finally bought a pair of jeans! I also got another pair of pants, a cute sweater and stocked up on some refills of my sephroa favs.

We are getting ramped up for more wedding to dos. It is easier said than done. Guess who has to spend two weeks in NJ for work?

Now that the holidays are over, we have a lot of wedding things to do.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As today is Christmas eve I just wanted to post this reminder about the magic, the miracles that surround this holiday season no matter what faith you are...

Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York's Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897. The work of veteran newsman Francis Pharcellus Church has since become history's most reprinted newspaper editorial, appearing in part or whole in dozens of languages in books, movies, and other editorials, and on posters and stamps.

"DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. "Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. "Papa says, 'If you see it in THE SUN it's so.' "Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?"VIRGINIA O'HANLON."115 WEST NINETY-FIFTH STREET.

"VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except [what] they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or children's, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!

You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.You may tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real?

Ah, VIRGINIA, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding. No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Iced in

My car is encased in a block of ice, I tried to dig it out, I tried to warm up the car and it is not working. I could not move it. So I gave up trying so I went back inside and plugged into work from home.

Today at 6:30 it was -20 with the wind chill. My key chain was so cold when I got in the condo that I could not hold them without gloves for very long. I still have the chill in my bones. I may work in front of the fireplace just to warm up.

We had a very lazy weekend, I made cookies, wrapped the last of the presents and did laundry. It was great to finally have a low key weekend without a lot of running around or errands to do.

I just want it to warm up.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't taunt the ill

The BF is sick and has not been feeling well for the past few days. He has been sleeping and spent most of the past two days in bed with the cat being a murse.

A package arrived from Sweet Beginnings and they had the foam peanuts so I wanted to see if they were biodegrable so I tossed on in the loo to see if they would dissolve and it started to. I got distracted and left the peanut in the loo.

The BF went to the bathroom and came out a little while later:

BF: I got to take a photo
(runs to get his phone)

On the way to the bathroom, he stopped and saw the peanuts that were on the coffee table, and asked if I happened to toss one in the loo. I said that I did

BF: thank god, I thought I had King George Disease! (which is an illness that causes your urine to turn blue)

I died laughing. He did not find it nearly as funny.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spreading the word

One of my new fav bloggers, pseudostoops is doing a really amazing way to raise money and awareness for 5 deserving charities. Each day she profiles one, that charity is guaranteed $25 and with each comment, she will donate another $0.50.

So far she has profiled:
Monday-North Lawndale Employment Network
Tuesday-The Women’s Treatment Center
Wednesday-The Night Ministry
Thursday-College Summit
Friday-It is up to you, suggest a charity you think she should send the money too.

In fact, she has a matching donor today so they will match the amount that she raises.

How cool is that!

Tis this season, help those who are in need just by commenting on one cool ass blog!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not a record

It only took me three and a half hours to get home from work yesterday.

My record is four.

I so hate this weather!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold to the bones

This morning it just feels like the cold weather has made it all the way to the bones. I just want to cuddles up in bed with the cat and just veg out. We are expecting some more snow today and I am so over this already.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a Key West hotel in shorts. It was just a dream though and I am not happy it did not magically come true.

We are getting ready for the holidays. I am thinking of what we can eat on Christmas eve as we are spending the day with the BF's fam. I am thinking of making an anti-pasto platter for us to munch on during the course of the day. Who does not like cheese, crackers and dried meat? For dinner I am wanting to continue the theme so I am thinking of making spinach and prosciutto ricotta lasagna or actually make some homemade raviolis with a nice trio of cheese stuffing. Dessert will be optional and wine will be flowing and it will just be the two of us by the tree with the fireplace going.

I can't wait.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I ate, therefore I am.

On Saturday, Diana , CBN and I had a girls only foodie day. We started off with tapas at one of the hands down best tapas places ever...Tapas Barcelona. I seriously crave their olives and I don't typically like olives. We then hopped in the car and headed to the Spice House where we stocked up on a few things. We wandered around a bit and CBN dragged us (OK not really dragged) to the Great Harvest Bread Co. I got this amazing asiago pesto bread (Oh and half of a Chocolate babka which is bread with chocolate chips baked in the middle, we have maybe a slice of that left). We then headed back into the car to go to Cauputo's Italian grocery store for cheese and Italian delicacies.

Afterwards we came back to my place to make some carmel apple crepes and chocolate peppermint martinis. We all had a blast and I for one am still full of food!

Yesterday, we went to the BF's niece's 2nd birthday in west bumblefuck. Each time we go out there it seems longer and longer. The birthday girl was in the cutest outfit and her cake was a 3-d of Elmo's head. There must have been at least 5 inches of frosting because they replicated fur. It was amazing but a wee bit freaky because it was a head on a silver platter....seriously freaking weird. We got out of there before the sugar hit the blood stream of the under 10 crowd and we did not partake in any cake.

Once we got back to the city AKA civilization, I wrapped a few presents, wrote the rest of my cards and got another Christmas gift from the BF.

It was destine to be an icy morning and I had to make sure I was ready for the trip! I am so over winter!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another checked box

We settled on a photographer. It was making a choice between a Vogue photographer and a NY Times photographer. It basically came down to what we can afford and since we do not know the budget (very long story) we are under this assumption that we will have to pay for some elements.

So we decided on the NY Times style and although I like him and his photos, I really wish we could have gone with the Vogue.

It all comes down to money.

I just hope that we do not regret our decision right now, I am just feeling bummed.

This or that

I am indecisive, I have knack for delaying or not making certain decisions. If we are out and want to get a bite to eat, I am open for all suggestions. Yet, if I am wanting a specific item or I am starving then I will be more likely to pick a place.

I can also make decisions if one of the two scenarios is horrible or just does not work. It is especially hard when I have to make a choose between two good things but can only get one. That makes the decision very VERY hard. Weighting the pros and cons over and over again only to be back in the beginning. Even harder when we have a time pressure and have to make a decision today.

Where is my magic 8 ball. Oh yea it broke...


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pay for the play


It is about time that Bloggo got bagged.

I have utter contempt for people regardless of their political affiliation who are voted in to office yet are greedy, manipulative, self-serving, and corrupt. The rumors around have been buzzing for years. True he is innocent until proving guilty but if it quacks like a duck....

Well, this will be an interesting turn of events.

I admire Patrick Fitzgerald, especially when he was on "Wait, wait don't tell me" last year. He recounted a story of when he had a free Sunday and decided to make himself a roasted chicken, he put it in the oven, got called in to work, turned off the oven and left the bird in there....for two months! Goes to show us he has his moments too but he is never one to back down!

In other news, I am not sure how I can afford these next few months. The repayment of student loans have taken a big dent out of my disposable income. If I do get a raise, it will be effective in March...a big IF. I have also cut back on what I will give out for Christmas, no longer shop at the bigger grocery stores and have put off replacing a pair of jeans. I am thinking of getting a second job like so many others. I just got this huge medical bill (thanks co-insurance) and I am not sure how much I can leech off my savings.

Frankly, it sucks and it stresses me out to the point of tears.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Santa baby!

This morning I got up and got ready for work and not a soul was up. The BF took this whole week off "cause he can" and both pets could not be bothered with getting up if daddy wasn't getting up. So not fair! But he has his be fair it does include video game time.

This weekend was a Christmas weekend. We got our first tree and put it up. The BF wanted to get a real one and I have not had a tree in 6 years or so. We were very excited and it looks lovely. The beasts are not impressed by it although now that it has been a few days, the cat is pondering how to use the bulbs to his advantage. We also got some of his nieces Christmas gifts and one of them has a birthday next week so we got her gift. Plus I made cookies, tons of cookies in fact. So we have enough to feed a small army! We gave some out yesterday to the BF's dad.

Yesterday, we got our gocco! I am so excited. Now the crazy invitation planning can start to commence. I have tons of ideas, it is hard to keep up with them. I need some time to get organized! I need a week off myself….sadly I just have only a few days at the holidays.

Do you think Santa can bring me more time off?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

On the brain

-Last night I woke the BF up by telling him that "we haven't had the rehearsal dinner". Oh and I was asleep when I said it. We were both up after that pronouncement.

-My dad emailed me today to inform me that he was watching the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords and thinks that we should enter the church in the same manner as the queen. So I will have to take a ceremonial hostage ( a member of the House of Commons) then a horse drawn carriage to the church. Enter the area for the house of lords and then have someone summon members of the "commons" Basically he will have to knock at the church door, get the door slammed in our faces and then knock three times before the speaker of the house will let them in.

Oh and I will need a cape and a jeweled crown.

And the hijinks's ensued!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Ok, so if you are in the Chicago area you have probably heard that more snow is coming. The peek of this is due during rush hour this afternoon.

It is 12/3 and I am already done with the snow and the cold weather. I am done with the ice on the sidewalks, the slush on the streets and the puddles that form on my floors when one of us (mostly the dog) comes home.

I want to hibernated. Meaning that I will stay inside for most of the winter. I figure that the only time I will go out if there is no food and for the holidays. The rest of the time I will be in the apartment.

But then again I may turn into Howard Hughes!

So until then only a few more months of this...God willing!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wedding weekend numero uno

So this weekend was full blown wedding weekend!

Saturday my mom and I went to look at dresses. Nilsa (thanks girl) recommended one person at the salon and lo and behold, I found my dress. I know that you are all wanting to know and since you are all excited, here is a sneak peek:
Stunning isn't it. I got to work on my abs oh and fake bake!

Actually I am not going to say a word about my dress until I walk down the asile. All I will say is that it is pretty and not what I expected it to be.

I also picked out my bridesmaid's dresses. I am giving them the option of picking their own dress. I picked the designer the color, the length and fabric, the rest is up to them. I want them to feel comfortable and hopefully wear the dress again. I think that they are excited to pick what they want to wear too.

Sunday the three of us went to a bridal expo. It was okay, I was expecting more vendors especially when in came to photographers. The BF liked the cake tasting and tolerated the craziness of too many women in one room.

We also showed my mom the church and the reception venue so that she can safely report that we are not getting married in a hovel.

What I need is a few days of non wedding stuff. But my gocco comes this week so this coming weekend we will be playing with it!

In non wedding news. My mother was tolerable for the most part. The BF noticed that she is the queen of underhanded comments. I have decided to ignore them and proceed with life. She has safely landed in NY and it will be a while before she returns.

Last night I made this awesome chicken dish that we learned in class a few weeks back. It was chicken in a Dijon cream sauce. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. It was so good and easy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the heart of the big Apple

We have had a whirlwind of two days back in NYC. Last night I took the BF to the best restaurant in the world....Victor's Cafe on 52nd. It is a Cuban place but it was delicious. I am seriously still full.

Afterwards we went to Carnegie Hall to see a live reading of Family Guy. It was so much fun and the whole cast was there. There were some typical jaw dropping moments with teenage boy humor but we loved it. Today we headed to Radio City for the Christmas Show and it was a lot of fun. The first time I saw it I was about 9 and knew at that moment that I wanted to be a Rockette but I am about 8 inches too short.

Now we are just relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow where we will have Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. Don't worry my mom is working in the guilt trips. What would a trip home be without these gems....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday snow

I am working from home today and just turned to look out the window and their are flurries! It is quite pretty and typical. As long as I've been here it almost always snows near Thanksgiving!

This weekend was very very productive. We've been busy doing wedding stuff these past few weeks and neglected other things. So this weekend we spent time wandering around Evanston, doing random errands and just getting some things done. I bought a new winter coat that I needed and the BF got some spices that he had been wanting.

Saturday evening, I met up with D and CBN at the chopping block. It was the food and wine of Burgundy. It was so delicious, and with the exception of the escargot, I cleaned my plate. Plus it was my favorite instructor and she is so awesome!

For lunch on Sunday, I met Nilsa. It was so great to meet her, we were chatting non stop and she gave me some great wedding tips and recommendations. Plus she recycled her wedding mags and I can't wait to go through them. I am so glad that I met another blogger.

Afterwards, the BF and I did some cleaning, hung a few photos and prints and called it a day.

Just have to get through this one day of work then I am officially on vacation!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Travel Gods

And now I am back!

Wasn't Blog Secrets a great set of reading. I checked out some new blogs and had some new comments. It was well worth it.

I was in the east coast office yesterday for another project meeting and the travel gods were not happy with me for whatever reason. I spilled hot water on my foot, then spilled ice cubes, broke two nails and stayed in a really creepy hotel. (thank you new expense rules)

Today, I sat next to a toddler on my way back to O'Hare. Who thankfully, fell asleep but kept kicking me when he stretched out.

So I am glad to be home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today is BlogSecret day! Below is a post by another blogger, my secret is on somebody else's blog. I welcome all new readers, old readers and comments. I will resume my regular posts in a day or two when I am back from another east coast meeting.
Special thanks to Nilsa for doing all the hard work and letting bloggers feel free to share. For a full list of participants head over to her blog for the re-cap
I'm actually getting incredibly tired of the whole bar scene (and justthe drinking/drug scene in general) but I think I'd lose over half of my friends if I stopped going out. I live in a small city with an inflated ego, where perpetual adolescence is not only acceptable, but condoned. I know people in their late 30's who are still shamelessly hitting up dance clubs packed with freshmen with fake IDs... and it's not even considered creepy. It's just what you do on Saturdays.
How sad is it that, not only do I need to be well-supported by a flask of cheap vodka to approach a guy, but I also need it to maintain mysocial life?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finally a decision!

Well the BF and I found the place where we hope we can host our wedding reception. At first I was so overwhelmed with the questions and emails. Then we got that under control but the realization about how much places cost. It put me in a mini panic attack.

But we think we found the venue that is not too typical and is us. I am not going to reveal the details just yet.
I am very very excited. Now we have to just work on the details. We are taking my mom with us to check out a wedding expo in a few weeks and hopefully we can find what we are looking for.
One interesting thing that happened yesterday as we were checking out the last of the few venues. We stopped at a Croc store, you know the shoes:

And I scoffed, but I wanted to see what the big deal was with these shoes. So I tried a pair on and I was hooked. But what amazed me was the variety and I got a cute pair of these:

Cute huh and they are super comfy! I must say I am reformed. The BF got a pair too and is considering wearing them when we get married. So we shall see, I told him that I want him comfy so that works for me.

I also met with with Diana for our bootcamp class and the teacher canceled again. We were pissed and that was it for me. That was my last class, she went to the gym and I used my Wii Fit.
On Tuesday this blog will participate in Blog Secret, it will contain a secret from another blogger and my secret will be hosted on another blog. Thanks to Nilsa for setting this up. Be sure to check it out

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Muse droppings

Just a random kind of day

-Maryland is a nice state, I was there yesterday for a meeting for a few hours.
-O'Hare sucks
-Guacamole and chips for dinner is not a bad thing
-The BF and I make killer cookies
-Having a cat sleep on your head is better than having the cat scratch the walls
-Sleep is never overrated
-One more boot camp left to go
-Watching "Purity balls" on TLC last night freaked us out. The BF thought it was going to be an infomercial on some type of product that turns things pure.
-The office and 30 rock are on tonight…whew
-Hearing that I may have a dedicated staff to work on my project...AWESOMENESS
-We kind of set a date....sort of (more to follow)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Saturday night

So on Saturday night at 6 pm, where were you? Were you out on the town, watching TV, going to the movies?

I was sleeping on the couch. I was exhausted and it was only the middle of the weekend! There I was out cold while the BF was playing his video game. I was so tired from the day and Friday night. On Friday we went to look a possible wedding venue, then on Saturday morning, we had boot camp where Sgt, Crunch berries really pushed us and we did a lot of leg and arm work. My legs and butt are still killing me. Then that afternoon we went to look at two more venues and eliminated one. After that we grabbed a great late lunch/early dinner and went to do a few errands. Then I fell asleep, I woke up at around 9 to check my email and then went back to bed. Even the cat was confused as to why I was in *his* spot so early in the evening.

Sunday I lounged in bed for a bit then we went to visit the BF's dad and my friends who just had a little boy 6 weeks ago. He is so darling and made me kind of want one. My friends are so happy but sleep deprived and it was awesome to see them. We made it home and the Sunday night rituals of getting back into the swing of things and getting ready for work began.

At least there is next weekend to look forward too!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

So you got a secret

The purpose of having a blog is to write, write about your ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. but once people start to read your blog, do you limit yourself? Do you want to share a secret but don't because people know you or your secret is out of the norm of your everday writing?

Here is your chance, Nilsa over at New Somi is organizing a blog swap, the idea is that you would write your secret, send it to her and on a designated day, your secret will be posted on someone else's blog. Your blog will post someone else's secret.

So you can get whatever you really wanted to say off of your chest!

I am going to participate.

Here is how you can too.


I have a crush, the BF knows fully about it and supports it. He actually likes the guy and he lets him hang out in our bedroom on most nights. I sometimes fall asleep with his voice ringing in my head.

Who is it you ask…why it is this man here.

I adore him. He was the one who broke the news to us about President Elect Obama. He was the one that we turn to each night to put things into perspective, make us laugh and make us think.

He made it on to our invite list.

Who is your crush???

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We CAN...

As of 10 pm CST.

Yes we DID.

What a day, what a moment in time, what a piece of history that I am proud to be a part of.

God bless America, God bless us one and all!

What ?!?!?!?

What are you doing here.....VOTE

Monday, November 03, 2008

Decisions to make

I had boot camp again this past weekend and my abs got a bit of a workout. Granted the instructor was about 20 minutes late and kept harping about cereal and how he allows himself 5 pieces of candy a day, it was a good one. I followed up the session with the WII fit yesterday and further "toned" the abs. I totally worked up a sweat.

Saturday afternoon my friend and I went to look at bridal gowns. It was a totally different experience from my first shop last week. Last week the woman was so attentive this week, not so much. I tried on about 8 dresses and narrowed it down to two. One was a cash and carry (meaning if I had the cash I could have taken it with me) the other one had to be ordered. I only found a photo of the latter and send it to my mom and MOH. However, my mom likes the one I tried on last week better and my MOH loves the one I tried on this weekend. I need my mom to get here and look at them with me. Decisions, decisions! That night the BF and I went out to dinner just the two of us and it was nice. We haven't had a dinner out together in quite a while.

Yesterday, being lazy was on the agenda. We took care of some house cleaning activities and just vegged (and wii fitted). The BF made a turkey dinner with fresh homemade mac and cheese. It was so good, the turkey was perfect! The day got away from us though.

Tomorrow is election day so go VOTE!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wii kicked my abs

So while I was away in the lovely Tri-state area last weekend, the BF got me my Christmas gift. I have this knack for guessing what it is or insulting it inadvertently as you may recall from this episode.

But he was planning on giving it to me anyway when I got home...he got me a

While he was away I used it and it was a lot of fun and more challenging than I thought it would be. I sweated and today my Abs are killing me. It will be a good thing to do to supplement my trips to the gym.

The BF got home last night and we were all glad to see him. I do not have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to take the dog out and I was able to warm my feet against him last night. He is the perfect heater.

Tonight the girls and I are going to take a garlic cooking class so vampires beware!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The dog barks at night...

The title sounds like there is a secret spy network and that is a code name for a top secret project….maybe it is or maybe it isn't. Maybe the dog DID bark at midnight and woke me up. Maybe it was not a doggy dream. Maybe she was protecting her mommy and kitty bro because her dad was out of town. Maybe….

So I have a totally huge brain jumble going on. I have so many ideas for the wedding and things to do but haven't a clue about how to tackle it all. So here is the root of the plan that we have to work on. First we have to pick a date.

Now that does not seem to be too difficult but since we are having a Catholic church wedding and we don't belong to a parish that is a tad difficult. The BF and I found one that we liked a few weeks ago but we just have to register as parishioners and see if we can meet with the priest and then pick a date. So that is the task we are faced with tomorrow. I will be working from home and the BF may work from home so we can dash over at lunch. Or at least that is the plan.
Sure we can have a wedding without the whole church part but, I wanted it. Now I am not much of a practicing Catholic, I have a deep aversion to plaid, a healthy fear of nuns, a deep respect for Franciscan friars and know about theology, biblical studies, Catholic thought in the modern world and morality-thank you all the years of Catholic school. I have also come up with my own ideas and thoughts that contradict what I learned. But that is what the whole liberal arts critical thinking Catholic college instilled in me which was question everything and think for yourself.

Regardless, getting married in a church has some elements of tradition that I hold strong. both the BF and I had parents who were/are married to each other for so long. Saying part of the vows that our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents said just has this link, this bond that runs and that means something.

The rest of the wedding will be more reflective of us.

The one issue that I am having a problem resolving is whether or not to include my SIL. I am not close with her, I have nothing against her but very little in common with her. I see her 3-5 times a year at most and don't really have any sort of relationship other than her being my brother's wife. However, because she is my brother's wife my parents are bullying me into having her as part of the bridal party. My issue with this is that by having her in the wedding means I have to not ask one of my good friends, a friend whom I have known for almost 15 years to be in the wedding. My conflict is that my friend has been there through the ups and downs and my SIL is not a friend to me.

This caused a much expected argument with the parents. The BF hit the nail on the head when he said to me later that night that from his perspective, the fact that my mom wants this picture perfect family and as such is forcing me to be her friend , to like her, to bond. Which in turns causes me to naturally resist. If my mom let it be, then things will fall into place and we can develop a relationship organically.

I want to limit the bridal party to a few people and this whole issue has upset me. I know I am damned if I do and damned if I don't but the real issue is the question what would cost me the most down the line. It will be thrown in my face in a few months, years, decades if I don't include her. So I've decided to bite the bullet and ask her. Not that I am too pleased about it but in reality it is a drop in the bucket and I have a lot of things in this planning process to look forward too.

Question for you all. The BF has 5 nieces and 1 nephews that range in age from 2-13. I would like to ask the oldest girl and the only boy (the two oldest) to be part of the wedding. But if I do that, I will exclude their sister and their three cousins. I just think that 6 kids in the wedding party is too much. The three girls who we see the most often can get really hyper, rude and just unruly. I am not too keen on including them. the other three are just peaches, so polite, fun and just good kids. But can I get away with just asking the two oldest or should it be best not to ask them at all?

Weddings are just so political!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can I have my weekend back

So the best part of the weekend was the NKOTB concert. It was freaking awesome. We had such a blast and all the people there were around our age. We did see the dutiful guy with his wife/girlfriend/daughter. I had such a fun time. At one point I called my friend in NY when they started to play her favorite song.

Getting up the next morning was not fun. But the BF drove me to the airport and I headed to NJ. Then went to my parents house for dinner.

On Sunday, my mom and I went to try on some wedding dresses. I found one that I liked but I am not sure if it is the one. So this weekend I want to check out one or two more stores and make a decision. Of course now we just need to set a date.

Monday was my meeting which went well and left me with some more work to do for another meeting in a few weeks. During this time I will be traveling at least two more times before said meeting. It is wearing me out. Plus I ate something yesterday that did not agree with me and lets just say I was glad to be home. In fact, I am working from home today to be closer to the facilities if I need them.

Such a long week ahead of me!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Word to your motha

So this evening my girl and I are heading to see the New Kids on the Block! I know you are now banging your head against the keyboard for one of two reasons:

A-You are so freaking jealous
B-You can't believe that I admitted that

We are going to party like it is 1988. We are going to out dance any tween. We are going to sing at the top of our lungs. We are going to remember our crushes...Oh Jon, sigh!

I hope I don't break a hip!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hangin tough

So I am heading out east again for the take two meeting. Ya know the one that had me in the office a few weeks ago, the one when I got up at 3:30 in the freaking morning ,the one that got canceled! Yeah that one! So I have to head back for a meeting on Monday morning. The one good thing is that the COO has made it perfectly clear that all must attend and in my passive aggressive way, I mentioned that I will not be conducting a web based meeting which means there better be butts in those chairs!

Before said meeting I get to spend a few days with my parents. They have not seen me since the summer and not since the engagement. My mom can't wait to see the ring even though they've seen photos. Plus the negotiations er discussions have to begin and Mom wants to look at dresses.

There is a chance that I have to head out there in a few weeks again for another meeting that could be done via webinar. But nooooo, they want me to come out to east to go to this small town in a battleground state. It is hours away from the nearest airport and I do not want to go.

The only upside is that I am getting me some frequent flyer miles. So that means we can fly first class to our honeymoon destination. Spain or Italy anyone?

Oh and tomorrow I am going to the NKOTB I am reliving my pre-teen years with a few adult beverages.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Re-cap now with crunchberries

So this weekend started off with a snooze. I actually fell asleep on Friday at 7:30 pm. I will let that sink in for you all...that is right 7:30 pm. One minute I was on the sofa reading then the BF* woke me up to play video games and I fell back asleep while he played then went to bed because I was too pathetic!

Saturday I got up early for me on a Saturday, picked up CBN and we met up with Diana to have our morning bootcamp class. We were tired but all ready to go and we were waiting and waiting only to have the receptionist call our teacher and be told that he had to report to guard duty that day. So no phone call or anything. But all was not lost, we headed out to breakfast and chatted and laughed. And we did work out, we did some fork and coffee cup hand movements.

That afternoon the BF and I headed to the burbs to see his dad. One of the BF's friends came over as well. So we all sat and chatted. Then his brother and his bro's GF came to show us their new car. It was getting late so after a debate between the boys (they are like the odd couple) we decided to head out to eat where we continued to chat.

It took us about 15 minutes to find a parking spot when we got home. Ack! Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast at this place and then we headed to mass. We are seeking a church for the wedding and this is one of two that are near us. We really liked the church and the priest was very nice and not fire and brimstone...the Catholic version. So we are thinking about setting something up there.

I got this award from Princess Pessa. this girl has gone through it all and has lived a life beyond her years. Yet through it all she approaches life with a mature attitude and is making her way in the world. She is a happy soul!

And I have to nominate at least 7 blogs:

Diana-she is just such a wonderful awesome person! We met through blogging and she is one of my dear friends. Her blog is funny, honest and just plain fun.

Come back Nikki-another cool blogger who is another dear friend. She writes with such honesty and conviction. Her stories are priceless and she is just a great woman.

Jessica-My first commenter! She is a mom to a beautiful son and is a keen observationalist. Her snippets range from family, polls and fun. I am glad to know her

Slick-What can I say about slick...he brings our the inner pervert in all of us. His posts make me laugh and his touching post about his mom a few weeks ago had me in tears. His blog is required reading!

SoMi-A new newlywed who is now in Costa Rica after getting married this past weekend. Her blog is one that I look forward reading. She writes about politics, her wedding and life in general. I hope to meet her soon

Cranky Prof-With a frank and honest take on life, she brings us into her world as a mom and a professor. She highlights the stupidity of the world and makes us laugh with stories of her kids. I love her frank and snark.

Teriana-She has a different look on the world but she is intersting and has taken some cool twists in life. She is working to become a police officer and I have such respect for the path that she is on. I want her in my corner!

Caustic Cupcake-A blog I have been reading for a while now. She is the cool bartender at night student by day superhero. She is going to school and balancing life. Plus she has a cool BF and a bunny with dangerous streak.

Finally I would nominate the BF if he ever posts!

So pass on the wealth!

*I decided on keeping BF but rather than Boyfriend it will be Best Fiancee

Friday, October 17, 2008

That time of the month

Nope not THAT time of the month but the monthly bank account check up.

I am doing better than I was a few months ago because I consolidated my students loans and this month our living room set will be paid off. We've also cut back on eating out and with gas prices going down, I've been spending less. I did have two splurges this month one was my hair cut and color and the other was the few outfits I got a few weeks ago.

On the downside, I am impatient to get my savings up to where I would like it to be. I know it will take time but it is not quick enough.

I am worried about how we can afford the wedding that we want. It will not be over the top, we want it to be a reflection of us with some quirky parts. I've gotten a few good ideas that we can do ourselves. But at this point we do not have a budget yet. We are working on that one in the next few weeks. The wedding industry is amazing how much is out there and the costs! I had my freak out already and both MR and the BF* calmed me down. Both had words of wisdom that reminded me why I hold them in high regards.

We are thinking of hiring a wedding planner (when we nail down a budget)to work with us to ensure we get more bang for our buck. Plus they have more clout with vendors and others than we will. And to prevent my freak outs.

Above all, I will be marrying my best friend and when it is all said and done that is all that matters.

*BF is not a good name anymore, what shall the mystery man be called now?? Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The babysitter?

I have to head back to the east coast for work next week. I am not pleased about it but this trip is due to the fact that my meeting last week (while I was in the east coast office) had to be canceled. the reason was that some of the directors who had accepted the meeting invite forgot about the meeting including the champion of this project. My next phase is critical that I have their approval to move on because after the meeting no changes will be made.

I hate babysitting middle aged men, come on people! My boss was madder than I was and sent a few emails expressing his disappointment, how respect works and a veiled threat if they miss the next meeting. My boss is awesome. We have this cool working relationship that is very easy and supportive.

So I get to do this all again. The upside is that since the meeting will be in the morning on a Monday I can fly out on Saturday and see the parents for the weekend. My mom especially is wanting to sit and discuss all things wedding. (she has emailed me some pictures of the dresses that she is wanting to wear).

I went to work out last night. I have found my motivation and decided to try and work out at least 2 times a week. The girls and I did our bootcamp on Saturday and Capt. Zen (our nickname) had us work on arms and legs the whole time. It was a long hour! Yesterday, my arms and legs remembered Saturday and they are killing me today. But I am seeing tiny changes in the body so that is what the purpose is.

I was in the gym at the hotel last week to work off the anger I had about the meeting being canceled. So I am getting it in. I hope to keep the momentum going.

Is anyone else having issues with google reader? Mine is no loading and I can't cope with not having it. I am getting the shakes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not it

D tagged me for a meme so here it goes:

A. Attached or single? Attached
B. Best friend? My Girl MR, who I've known since college many many moons ago
C. Cake or pie?Depends on the mood, I love tarts more (quite telling eh) but sometimes I want a chocolate cake or a carrot cake. I love cupcakes though.
D. Day of choice? Saturday
E. Essential item? Eyeglasses/contact, keys, and cell phone
F. Favorite colour? Shades of purple and blue
G. Gummy bears or worms? neither
H. Hometown? Somewhere in NY
I. Favorite indulgence? Make up and a good haircut
J. January or July? Neither but if I had to pick...July...I don't have to shovel out my car in July, just clean the bird crap.
K. Kids? Two beasts
L. Life isn’t complete without? Fiancee,Friends, family and the pets
M. Marriage date? Sometime next year....Ack we have to pick a date.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: 3
O. Oranges or apples? Oranges
P. Phobias? death, fear of falling off tall buildings (glass walls are an oxymoron and freak me out)
Q. Quotes? "The most important thing to remember is that you can always get more toast"-Albert Goldman played by Nathan Lane in the Birdchage
R. Reasons to smile? My fiance, my dogs, my cat, my friends, the beautiful fall weather
S. Season of choice? Spring and fall are my favs,
T. Tag 5 people. Anyone
U. Unknown fact about me? I am starting to get addicted to my Wii....Super Mario Brother Galaxy.
V. Vegetable? Tomatos, spinach, carrots, corn.
W. Worst habit? I pick at my nails
X. X-ray or ultrasound? X ray - the last time I had and ultrasound I had to drink tons of water and they pressed on my bladder and told me to "hold it"
Y. Your favorite foods? I love pasta
Z. Zodiac sign? Virgo

So who is next?

Monday, October 13, 2008

You all

Thank you so much for your kind words and best wishes.

It is still a bit surreal. This morning when I got up I check on the ring to make sure it was not a dream.

We've been so lucky to have our family and friends get all excited. Some people cried, others screamed and all offered such wonderful thoughts. All of your comments and emails mean the world to me. I never knew how a blog could enable me to meet and talk with such amazing people. I have met two awsome women via blogging and I have plans to meet some more.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for the laughs, thank you for the support. You all are some amazing people. I am so fortuante.

So thank you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


He makes me laugh many times a day
He is my rock that I can count on when the storms come
He cooks me amazing meals
He pokes fun of random things that come out of my mouth
He lets me be who I am
He is my biggest cheerleader
He saw me through finance, two medical issues and career ambiguity
He let me get a cat and at times tolerates my need for another dog
He lets me refer to my self as mama to the dog
His smile lights up my world
He is the love of my life

He asked me on the beach to marry him...I said yes.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A stay in bed day perhaps?

So tomorrow I get to head out to the east coast (again) but this time I will be taking a 6:30 flight. Yep, that is 6:30 AM (!) so that means that I have to be up at 4 and out of the house by 4:30. I am debating whether I should drive to the airport or take a cab. Both have their pros and both have their cons. I don't necessarily feel like driving at 4 something in the morning so the cab is looking more realistic. first email this morning was from one of the major key players in my project and while he accepted the meeting he now has to decline due to another meeting that his boss called. So he can't make it. He is the only reason that I called this meeting and will be heading out east. He is the only one who can formally approve the project and while others will be at the meeting. His viewpoint is the only one that really matters. So in essence my meeting will not be as productive as I want it to be. I am currently in a holding pattern and I just want to move forward.

So it is frustrating. I just want to get this trip out of the way and all the points we need to be approved to get approved.

In other news, I already spilled on my white sweater. So it is so far a stellar day.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Being an adult

Sometimes being an adult can suck. The BF and I had our finances talk last night, we are ok and will be able to pay the bills. However, I have to think of ways that I can save more. I kept a spending log in August and found that most of my money goes to food, groceries or going out. Gas and random shopping was second on the list. So we've cut going out to eat and with the gas prices falling the fill ups are a wee bit less expensive. I am also taking public transportation a bit more rather than driving to save on the wear and tear and gas costs. We've also discovered a local grocery store that we are able to get our staples at a lot less than the major stores for the same items. So we are going to do most of our weekly shopping there. I am not as big as a shopper as I used to be so at least I do not have to cut that out.

To add to that, I have been paying off my student loans which I have reduced by consolidating but I added years to the repayment schedule., I am seriously thinking about how to get extra money just to add to my savings account. I have considered getting a second job (just don't know where or what to do) and selling some old jewelry that I never wear. I am also thinking about selling some of my paintings. I am starting to think about my job and how I can leverage that to get a raise or another higher paying job.

We are fortunate that at the end of the month all our bills are paid and still have a few dollars left. Other than the car payment, the student loans and the mortgage, I have no debt. I pay my credit card off every month. It is just I am not at the point I want to be with my savings account, I like to have a set number and I am falling short.. I also don't know if (and when) we can afford the wedding that we are talking about (no we are not engaged....yet) and that stresses ,me out needlessly.

With the holidays around the corner, I am thinking of what and how I can get gifts. I've decided to start shopping now so that way I can but items here and there without the major January bills.

Or I can win the lottery (attention Lottery gods!)

So, with things the way they are, what are you doing to save a few bucks?

On the flip side, after our serious adult conversation, I made pecan banana pancakes for dinner. So sometimes being an adult can justify the need for such a treat.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


So yesterday, D, CBN and I went to our bootcamp class. We met D there and she had the look of pure relief when we walked in. Apparently our instructor was chatting with her and it was a bit odd.

It turned out that we were the only three in class. We suspect that he toned down the original work out in for us. But he was the king of squats and lunges. IT seemed that every third move involved a squat or a lung or both. At the end my legs were burning and today, my ass hurts.

The three of us were so worn out! But it got us moving and in a way it was like having a personal trainer as it was just the three of us. He was teaching the next kick boxing class which was after ours and after our work out he proceeded to do all these push ups, sit ups and running exercises.

When we got home, the BF and I ran a few errands. We went to a store know for their designer mark downs and got a Le Crusset pot for half off. We grabbed that (and a yoga mat) and ran (We did pay). Today we ran a few more errands and my beef stew is stewing.

I am not looking forward to another Monday. Ick

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Moment of Zen

We've been to the new gym two days in a row. On Tuesday we just did our typical work out to get a feel for the gym and the flow. Yesterday, I talked the BF into taking a basic yoga class with me. I used to take yoga classes about 6 years ago with my mom. I loved it, I felt so refreshed, relaxed and streach-y (I know it is not a word in the technical sense). when I stopped going, my body missed it. But life went on and I have not really taken a class in years until yesterday.

My body totally remembered the flow and some of the movements. It was like my body was saying "About bloody time". Some of it was challenging but the other part was just relaxing. I had a great time

The BF though it was OK and did like some of it. the instructor had a heavy accent so it was hard to understand her at some points and that made it harder for him. But he gave it a shot and I was glad that he did.

So I plan to take at least one yoga class a week in addition to the other stuff to get my Zen on.
However the annoying cat woke me up at 2 this morning being his normal abnormal self. It was hard for me to get back to sleep. Of course I fall asleep at around 4:30 only to wake up for work an hour and half later! I also had this killer stomach ache this morning. Maybe all the movement and flow caused a mini freak out in the system.

On Saturday I will be taking a book camp class with D and CBN. I plan on sweating and swearing a lot!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burn baby burn

So I got a steam burn while making dinner. fun huh! I quickly put my arm under cold water then ran to Dr. Goggle to see what else I can do, it said not to put the burn under cold water! It is very minor and is a bit pink today but nothing serious. I feel bad for those who have been seriously burned, the pain that they are in.

In other "burn" news, we are heading to our new gym today. I am very excited to get back on track. i also signed up for a boot camp class on the next few Saturdays with these girls. It is seriously going to kick my ass. I am a little afraid.

For some reason, I got this song stuck in my head. While I was waiting for the BF to get home and while I started dinner, I was singing it to the beasts. So when the BF got home
I told him how it was stuck in my head. He went to his computer and downloaded it so we could have it to sing along. It is still in my head... and now perhaps in yours.

What music is stuck in your head?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another weekend come and gone

This weekend was a typical run and do errands weekend mixed with fun. On the upside we checked out the gym and we were pleasantly surprised. We can start going there tomorrow. On the flip side, we went to one of the local malls to use some of the gift cards that I got and the clothes that I tried on did not fit well. So that got me a bit down but more motivated. I think I will be at the gym a few times a week based on their classes and machines. Plus we can take the EL and it is one block from the EL stop.

Friday, D took me to Movico to catch a flick and dinner. That place is posh and she is so right about the the VIP section, it was in the second tier away from the common movie goers. I had a great time and will have to head back there again. Plus we had a great chat as always.

We also got some more boxes unpacked and we got the cat a new scratching post. Thank God he likes it, hopefully it will help quell his need to paw at the wall, my nightstand, the couch and the closet at 3 am. Now he has a place to scratch away.

Our developer has decided to call a pseudo association meeting this week and guess what the proposed date and time is....Thursday at 7:30, a half hour before the debate. Sure we can tivo it but it is not the same as it is when it is live. We counter proposed and hopefully they will accept it because I for one want to hear how one is more adept at foreign policy based on the proximity of one's house to a country lets say Russia.

The leaves have started to change and the days are a bit shorter...Fall is such a pretty time of year.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I decided to just post random facts about me:

*I can be a real homebody at times, but I tend not to be as productive as I should be
*Ever since I started to cook for more than one person, I marvel at how my mom managed to cook and feed 4 of us in what seems like an effortless dance but when I try to replicate her efficiency I realize that there was more going on than the eye can see.
*I had never eaten Sloppy Joe, until I met the BF.
*My bed room closet has turned into a disaster, it is a project that I need to handle soon.
*I miss painting, I need to start to paint again
*My mom asked to go through some things that are still in my bedroom when we are home for Thanksgiving. It is making me sad to think that.
*We found a new gym that is near the Red line so we'll be checking it out Saturday.
*I will be getting my hair cut and colored in a few weeks and I have no idea what color to go to. I am thinking low lights.
*I want to take a few months and travel around France and Italy with the BF
*I am sooo happy the new season of "The Office" starts tonight. I heart Jim.

Ok so now that I have whetted your appetite, what do else do you want to know about.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out of the ordinary

Out of the ordinary

Today was one of the not normal in the office day, it was We appreciate our customers day

-We could not park where we typically park because we had to save the room for the visitors
-The visitors got a tour of our facility, I felt like an exhibit at a freak show
-We had to remove personal items from the top of our cabinets for a "clean line" look
-We got the hand me down sandwiches
-We got the left over swag bags
-We had to dress up (by that I mean like business wear not casual business wear)
-Cousin It made an appearance
-No radios could be on

I am looking forward to tomorrow when things at the loony bin can return to somewhat normal.
It is strange how much of a creature of habit I become that any slight disruption in my routine can make me feel so out of sorts.

In other news, I swear that my mother is trying to make me into a mini her. I want the shoemaker i to make me a pair of red high heel peep toe shoes. I want them to be in red preferable patten leather. so my aunt informs my mom that the shoemaker got another job so he is unsure if he can make them before she comes to visit. So my mom told her to give him options so if he can't do red to do them navy blue. Navy Blue! If I wanted that Navy Blue shoes I would have requested Navy Blue shoes. Ack, so she was suppose to correct this. I suspect that she does not want me to have red shoes so I should get another sensible color rather than perhaps look like a harlot, please lady, us harlots have lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So on Friday i took a class at our favorite cooking school with these two girls. It was "Italy in Autumn" and there was a varied menu. I was looking most forward to learning how to properly make pasta! The last time I attempted to do so ended up in a crumbly mess and was tossed in the bin. So I learned that I needed more moisture and that most recipes call for extra large eggs so to add one extra normal egg to the recipe.

So on Sunday night I made the dough and yesterday I made the noodles! It actually worked, no crumbly dough! With the help of the BF, we made some fettuccini and ate it with gusto. The next time it has to be rolled out a wee bit thinner but it works. So now I al looking forward to making ravioli, chicken soup with home made noodles, spinach pasta and more.

When shall I expect you for dinner....I am serious.

After dinner, I had a mini freak out when I lost a bill. We changed the layout of our office and in the ensuing mess and clean up it went missing. I am normally so good about keeping them in one place and this one just went missing. the problem is that it is a passbook for the place where we got our couch (they are a bit behind the times) so now tomorrow I have to go and pay in person and explain the situation. I am hoping that between now and then it appears. I won't ask any questions....

Tonight we are heading to the gym. Got to start somewhere I suppose.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Case of the blahs

I have been feeling blah (and cranky) lately. I think that part of it is the change in season mixed with the fact that clothes are starting to get too small for me and the unexpected expenses (like a new tire) that seem to creep up just as I am starting to get my finances straightened out.


It can be overwhelming and just seem like I am facing a mountain. Frankly, it just sucks.

What are some ways do you deal with a funk?

Friday, September 19, 2008

So what did I do?

I spent the day liek a typical Sunday. I tried to sleep in but the pets were ansy and my mom called and woke me up. so the BF took me to breakfast then we went to Target to look at garbage cans (I know you all are jealous) followed by a trip to a few more stores.

Then we came home and worked on the office then I vegged out in front of the TV reading some mags.

Oh and the bf bought me a dog.

So that was my day. Mellow and with the person and pets I love.

On a side note today is talk like a pirate day so you be having a good day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what say you?

Lets say that tomorrow is my er "your" birthday (for arguement's sake) and you took the day off what would you do?

Lets say that you wanted to go to the Shedd but the oceanarium is closed and that is the best part, where would you go?

Lets say you don't want to stay at home and organize the office, clean the bathroom on your day off. How will you prevent yourself from doing it?

Lets say that your BF is off as well, what would you do?

So what say you?

Monday, September 15, 2008


We got Ike'd this weekend. Two days of non stop rain and flooding in some parts. WE found a hole in our kitchen window that caused a minor leak but a leak nonetheless. So that will have to be taken care of.

Yet, despite of the rain we got a lot of things done. On Saturday it was our typical running around to do errands. So we hit a few stores and bought groceries. We headed out to a fondue dinner to celebrate my birthday early because it falls in the middle of the week. I've never had fondue before and it was a fun experience and the food was delish!

Yesterday was organize the office day. So we spent the day moving the boxes out of the office and filling part of the kitchen and living room. The BF built two bookshelves and we started to move things back in. We have not finished because there is still some work to do. Basically I have to clean and organize my desk and area. However, we are pleased with the results, our office is now more spacious and open. Yukon now has a dedicated spot and more room to move. This week we hope to finish it all up so we can start to actually hang pictures in the condo!

I also make rice krispie treats for the BF and for dinner lasagna rolls. They both turned out to be very good and now we actually have left overs to munch on during the week!

I was hoping to have a house warming/birthday part this weekend but it does not look like it will pan out. So I am thinking that this year will be a birthday sans a party. I am kind of bummed about it but another part of me does not want to be bothered with planning it. I guess it does mean I am getting old!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ever the same

I often look back at the college days with fond memories. There were the ups and downs, the good and the bad and the highs and lows. Some of the people that I met became friends.

Living in an environment where the community is small and where you can see your friends by walking across the hall or even across campus seemed so easy. It was a cold reality when we graduated and scattered all over the world and seeing friends would be a, phone call, car ride or plane ride away. In fact, I lost touch with people and really stayed close with a few friends.

One of my friends J9 moved to Chicago with her now husband a few years after I did. We now live 5 blocks away from each other and yet due to work and life it is hard to make time to see each other.

Last week a friend our ours D had a message on Facebook that he was going to be the Chicago area. So I send a message to let me know if he wanted to grab a drink. Last night J9, her hubby, D, the BF and I went out to dinner. It was the first time I have seen D in about 5 years and the last time I saw J9 was in February.

It was so much fun we ate, drank and were merry. Some things don't change after all these years. There was a lot of catching up and waxing nostagicly. We talked about our friend S who passed away in 2000 and our random school memories like the pasta noodle on the ceiling of the dining hall that stuck for 4 years.

At one point I looked around the table and remembered some random things that we all used to do but at the same time, saw how far we have really come. I am in awe of my friends sometimes.

It just made me feel that no matter where we all end up, the our college bond still stays true to our hearts,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Some random items:

*Mineral oil is crucial for the maintenance of your butcher block products. It is also a laxative.
*The BF makes the best steak au prove hands down
*Red wine + me =Drunk
*The weather is now fall like which means cold mornings and warm afternoons and I have no idea what to wear
*I was the one who made the banana bread that was the BF's good idea (actually I was suppose to help out which turned into I want to make it)
*I have no idea where to start to look for a headboard.
*tomorrow we are having dinner with some college friends. One who lives a few blocks away from us and another who is in town for work. I haven seen my friend D (from out of town) in about 5 years.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The end of the BBQs

This weekend was packed with food. I mean a lot of food.

Friday we went to not celebrate a friend's birthday. It was just the 4 of us at a tapas place in Andersonville. It was yummy but a bit overpriced. Since it was opening weekend it was packed with people and the bar is cool so I hope that it will be around for a bit. On our way, we stopped to get her a bottle of wine and headed to this part of Andersonville that we don't often head to. It has such cute stores and eateries. There was a gelatoria ,a oil and vinegar store, a hand made in Morocco store, the wine store next to the wine bar etc. We bemoaned how much we miss Andersonville but we could not afford a place there. At least it is a few El stops away.

We got our IKEA kitchen island on Friday so on Saturday the BF began the IKEA building (I helped by holding things, go me!). But we had to end sooner that we would have liked because we had a BBQ to go to. It is one of the BF's friends and it was fun to meet some of his friends that I have not met before. We drove one of this friends home and they were both privy to a call from MR.

I sent her a text earlier in the day about how I am fat and not happy with my body right now I am finding myself having a hard time getting clothes to fit and I am not happy about it. See on Friday I wore a pink top and sweater but my stomach was bulging out of both. It was like the scene from Tommy Boy "big man in a little coat". The BF laughed at me because of it so of course he got the stink eye and I changed but the fact that I am getting too big for some of my clothes upset me. I can't afford to replace them at this time. So on our way home, she called me and the first thing I said was "Girl I am so fat!" So yes, the BF's friend got an earful. (Sorry J) At least she knows how to put a few things in perspective!

Sunday we had our condo BBQ. It was nice to meet some neighbors who I did not know. The BF knew everyone because he is typically on the back porch grilling or is walking the dog. Our condo is very dog friendly. So it was nice to chat and get to know each other.

The IKEA island took a few more hours to finish but we are 97% done. It looks great and today I get to sand and apply the mineral oil. I am so excited because that will mean that our kitchen is D-O-N-E!

I hope that we have a much needed slow weekend next weekend because we need some down time.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In a big red bow

So my birthday is coming up and people near and dear to me are asking what I want for my birthday. To be perfectly honest, I have no freaking clue. There are things that I need like a few million dollars but that seems to be a big stretch. I have it narrowed it down to one thing...a puppy.

However my request for a bulldog or shih tuz or rescue puppy has been vetoed. I tried to cajole my beloved that the puppy is because Yukon wants to have a dog. (she does she told me when I was rubbing her belly) Somehow he is not buying it. In the past two months five people that I know got puppies and I so want another dog. I have been asking for a dog since we met and he is surprised that I still ask for one.

I ask daily, right now he is reading this and if you listen carefully you can hear BF's eyes roll to the top of his head. Shhhh....see told ya.

So besides needing a dog that I will not get nor the million that will not appear in a birthday card help me figure out what I want for my birthday?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yes, I napped

I so needed a three day weekend, in fact, I think that all weekend should be three day weekends.

We started off our weekend with a trip to IKEA because they finally had the kitchen island that we have been waiting for since April in stock. So after work we braved the traffic to the western burbs and plopped down our money for this and a few other things like a bookshelves and some cute wooden planters. Of course we are having them delivered because they would not fit in the car and the BF refused to carry them alone. So they are due in on Friday where we will start the ubiquitous "Figuring out how to assemble IKEA furniture" (AKA How to use four letter works effectively). But what we are excited for is that our Kitchen may finally be on its way to being done as is completed as in less stress for Christina. Then the office (will be finished). This room is a nightmare it is full of clutter from the two of us and is just getting out of hand. The bookshelves should organize that mess and have it under control. Well, one can hope.

Saturday I stayed in bed a lot. I woke up watched a movie, was cajoled out of bed for errands only to return a few hours later to take a 3 hour nap. It felt good, real good.
We headed to the 'burbs for a BBQ at the BF's father's house. It was fun, the food was good and we found parking upon returning to the city. It was a wondrous sight indeed.

Yesterday we cleaned the condo. there was a lot of little things to do that we have been neglecting since we have been busy. We took the dog to the beach and just walked around the lake for a bit. There were tons of people and BBQs going. The lake was this beautiful blue-green-grey and it was a warm day to just enjoy the end of summer.

Where did the summer go? I can't believe it is September....which means I am closer to another birthday.

Oh and I joined another bandwagon, I now have Google reader! How did I manage to live without it?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Card Carrying Member...

It is official I am old.

I got home yesterday evening and after catching up with he BF, petting the dog and cuddling the cat I went to look over the mail that arrived over the past day. Then I saw it....I double checked to see if it was send to the correct address and name or was it a mistake. Nope it had my full name and my correct new address.. There it was, I ran to show it to the BF who laughed (and pointed, I am pretty sure he pointed). I called my parents (to let them know I arrived safe and sound) and told them about this offending piece of mail. Both of them laughed (and I am pretty sure pointed as well)

It was a letter from the AARP asking if I want to subscribe to their magazine with my temporary AARP card! Yep this AARP.

I am going to be 32 years old, is that the age that qualifies you as a "retired" person. Should I just pack up my life and move to Boca, start eating dinner at 3 pm, complain about when there were wooden nickels and wear socks with sandals?

I was telling my mom this and she welcomes me to the club and says "well, I am only 39"!

I know that they say that 40 is the new 20, but is 30 the new 65?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back and forth

I have to head out to the east coast office today. Again for less than 24 hours and I am already tired when I think about it.

I will be back in Chi town by tomorrow evening and all of this is for a meeting that I called, I am such a glutton for punishment.

So last night in anticipation of my trip (and because we were so busy this weekend) I was the ultimate 50's wife. I did two loads of laundry, unloaded and loaded the dish washer cleaned the dishes that were hiding in the sink, scrubbed the sink so that it is gleaming, swept the floor, took a shower, folded one of the two loads of laundry, packed and went to bed. No wonder why I am tired.

At least it is a three day weekend coming up.....Thank God!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The winning weekend

Well after the weekend we just had the BF and I should play lotto!

On Saturday we had my company picnic and it was in the burbs at this campground. So there was a pool, huge fields, a DJ, bouncy house (or Moon castle as I believe is the new PC term), and a dunk tank. No, I declined a seat on the dunk tank but it was fun to see some managers and other brave souls at the hands of others. They had really good food and a raffle where I won a tote bag with a golf shirt, two mugs and two umbrellas.

After the picnic we went home where our neighborhood was hosting an art fair. There were some really good pieces out there and we ended up buying a hand blown glass vase. It looks perfect in our living room. It was a pretty afternoon walking around and just wandering among the different stores.

Saturday night we went to a fund-raiser for Lupus that was in honor of one of the BF's friends who has the illness and it is unfortunately out of remission. It was a stand up comedy routine with about 10 comics. One was horrible, I mean it was painful to watch him bomb. Three were awesome and the rest were in between the two points. During intermission the BF bought a few raffle tickets. So at the second half of the show they did the raffle where he won not one but two prizes. The first prize was a four week burlesque dance classes, his friends were high five'ing me and I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face. The second prize he won was a gift certificate at a local restaurant.

According to the BF, he is not taking these classes, even though they have classes for me. He will insists that I should take them. We even came up with my dancer name in case I make it big in the burlesque world.

Yesterday we ran errands and headed back out to the burbs to take his dad out to dinner for his birthday. Needless to say, my condo is a mess and I have to do laundry tonight because i have to pack to head back out east tomorrow for less than 24 hours again! There is never enough days designated for a weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation recap

Without futher ado...

We drove up to door County on Tuesday, it took us about 6 1/2 hours because we stopped a few times but the first thing we did after checking in was head to a fish boil:

According to the BF it was a good fish. I had nice chicken sandwich since I don't eat fish or any type of sea food.

Afterwards we went mini golfing, where the BF won by two strokes and I got more holes in one though (cause that is how I roll). the photo below is of the ball that got away from the BF and landed in the water hazard.

Day two had us hiking in the state park, we were going to walk to one of the lighthouses but after realizng that we are SO out of shape we drove, but here is the light house:

We also walked around Fish Creek, bought fudge, tried some wine at a winery, ate a bunch of things with cherry. Oh did I mention the FUDGE. That afternoon we vegged out and read and then had dinner at a restaurant with a salad bar and boy were they proud of their salad bar. They were the only restaurant in the town of Ephraim with a salad bar. Then watched the sun set...

Day three was more of the same. We went to Egg Harbor walked around. We did buy a really cool original photograph of Venice (go figure) to start our art collection. We decided that when we travel and see an art piece that is reasonable we should get it to start our collection. That was our first piece.

We then took a walk in the Ephraim wetland perserve which was pretty and were I got this nasty bug bite

Our day ended at a local dinner joint where they seriously had one of the best burgers ever. followed by this sunset:
We headed home on Friday sad to go but we stopped at the Mars cheese castle for some cheese (duh) but we bought some salt there too. The trip ended with the last hour sitting in traffic on the damn Edens but we made it home safe and sound.

I think that the next time we go it will be in autumn because the leaves must be amazing!

Well at least part of the fudge remains but not for long....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Because I am lazy

I still have to write up my vacation re-cap but just have not gotten around to it yet. I did download photos though which included previously un-downloaded photos of my college reunion that happened in June and pictures of the dog, cat and misc. items from yes I am lazy when it comes to things like that.

I hope to do the recap tonight after I get the car washed (again damn tree sap), make meatballs and sauce for dinner, take a shower, paint my toenails and watch the Olympics....

So in other words....maybe tonight....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back in the city

We are back in Chicago and we had a lovely time in Door county. We are glad to be back and are tired but the the pets are exhausted. Yukon got a good report card from her stay at the dog hotel and apparently had a great time that she is pooped and has been snoring for the past few hours. Chaplin was so glad to see us and then feel asleep on our bed.

Door County was lovely and the best part was sitting and doing nothing. We read and watched the sunset. We tried some wine, went shopping and went swimming. It was a very low key relaxing time away. Photos will be forthcoming.

Oh and the jams, jelly, juice, salsa, salad dressing, covered in chocolate, dried, tart sweet, in pies, tarts, donuts, strudels. Yum.

One thing that has kept us enthralled is the Olympics. We have been watching them every evening. We are so into the games and it has been the first time that I have watched them as much as we have been.

It is sad that we have to come back down from our vacation high. That is always the rough part.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation has begun

I got back from the east coast in one piece. But dragging a carry on and carrying a lap top through the airports really caused such pain in my shoulder. When I got home my shoulder was red and in pain. I spent a whooping 4 hours in the office!

This weekend has been awesome, yesterday we went to the burbs to see my friends' new puppy and her granddaughters. Then went to take the BF's father out to dinner. The puppy was so cute, I want one!

Today I went to a whole grain cooking class with two bloggers. We all had a great time and it was as always a yummy experience. I really liked the cookies made with flax seed and almonds with chocolate chips and dried cranberries and the whole wheat pizza. The chef was someone who I had not had before and she was funny and very knowledgeable.

Our vacation has started. A whole week that is work free. We head to Door County on Tuesday. We are so excited!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The possibility of six hours!

I have to head to the east coast tomorrow for a meeting on Thursday. I will be there for less than 24 hours.

Yet there is a silver lining...I may actually get to sleep for a few hours straight without a cat causing havoc 2-3 times a night. The bags under my eyes are big enough to carry my clothes without paying the extra $15 per bag!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday re-cap

So another Monday and work week is ahead. This week will be a busy one because I have to head out to the east coast for one meeting. I will be there for less than 24 hours (but this depends on the sure as shit delays at the airports, really they are becoming so predictable.) Thankfully, I return on Thursday so I can sleep in an extra hour and work from home on Friday.

This Friday we went to Ravina, why didn't anyone tell me that the venue was awesome. We went to hear the CSO perform the music of the movies by composer John Williams. There were people dressed up as Storm Troopers, Harry Potter and other characters. We got our photo taken with some Storm Troopers as did the couple we went with. The music was awesome and we had a bottle of wine and some great sandwiches as we picnic'ed. My favorite piece was the Theme from ET because it brought up so many memories.

Saturday we slept in...we were so tired. Then we ran errands. Yesterday we went to the Andersonville sidewalk sale. Then headed out to a bar to see the BF's friend who was experience a very slow day as a bartender. Finally we went to get a book as I need something to read on the plane.

Thankfully we are off next week....vacation time