Monday, August 06, 2012

Another summer

Summer has been turning into a whirlwind and I can't complain.  We have packed our weekends with BBQs, parties, girls nights out, dinner with friends and just hanging out having a few drinks with our neighbors.  T and I looked at each other last week and decided that we need to make time and just sit with our feet in the sand and finally spent an afternoon on the beach!

While there has been the good there has been some sad, there has been some friends who have experienced loss, some illness and some loss.  I have had some downs that hit me but, I had too much going on than sit and worried.  As things start to wind down, I am facing a situation that I just need to face and deal with but, I have been dealing with it better this year than I would have last.  While my job is not perfect, it has given me an outlet to do what I do best and I am being appreciated and complimented.  Since I am not having to worry about  finding a job or what it means if I don't have one, I can focus more energy on looking at things differently.

I find myself more forgiving (especially of my faults and "sins"), appreciating my family, appreciating those friends, pushing out of my comfort zone and just more accepting of fate.

I can't say how long my zen will last but, It is a good place to be right now.