Thursday, June 28, 2007

The white shadow

Well the BF is out with a friend, I am at home just finishing school work but I am not is the White shadow.

Actually, it is the doggy! She has been around me all evening. It is funny how now that the bf and I are living together we are this "pack" to her. She herds us together and when the bf and i are in the office and we hug she nuzzles in to be part of the group lovin'. She adores her new toys and plays with them until they are grimy and falling apart. They are her babies and at times you will either find her sleeping with them or trying to fill all of them in her mouth.

She will keep me company when the BF is out. She will stay by the bedroom door waiting for him and when we are all together then she will go to her bed.

For a lab that is almost 9 she has the stamina of a puppy with a heart that is just full of love.

It was not always that way, the first time she and I met she was so excited she peed, then when I stayed over the first few time she peed but I suspect it was more of the "this is MY territory lady" than excitement. But after that I am approved in the pact.

I want another puppy but the BF won't let me (nor would the landlord) so now I want a bunny...yet that may not happen. I just love having animals around they are just so full of love and excitement, they are what can keep me going!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chicago repair they exist?

Can you believe that it is Sunday night, damn where did the weekend go. I mean, it felt like moments ago it was Friday night and then WHAM it is Sunday evening.

Well the drama of this past week is that our freaking fridge is acting up. The freezer is fine but the fridge part is at least 60 degrees. We spent the day yesterday waiting for the fridge guy to show up but that did not happen at least officially...

See I was tired and all i wanted to do was sleep at we were woken up at 8 am by a phone call. The BF gets up at 8 by nature so he was up and ready to get the day started. Me not so much. So he went to run a few errands. I feel back asleep. At around 10 I hear in this thick Chicago accent "Its the management company, we're here to look at the fridge". Woke the shit out of me...then I hear "Ohhh yea, I can fix this, Toby put da tools down over there" I was frantically trying to find a sweatshirt and brushing my hair with my fingers saying "I'll be right out". I open the door and there was the BF hysterically pointing at me. He was running out of breath!

Apparently that was to get me back for the allege head butting incident. According to his story, I was nudging his back with my head while sleeping. He apparently did not appreciate this gesture and kind of woke me up to stop. I do not recall doing such a thing...

But we are even...for now....the fridge is still broken!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy little clouds

I have painted again for the first time in at least a year in a half. The BF made me do it and I am glad that he did so now I am back in the zone.

I want to pain now...damn homework!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun fun fun....

A few blogs ago I whined about not having any girlfriends and had a "woe is me" moment. Well, needsleepbadly sent me a message that we should hang out since we are both relatively local and well, lets faces it....we are awesome chicks (like all of you out there!)

so last night we went out to dinner and had an awesome time. We noshed at Kitch'n and did we chat. laugh and just had so much fun. Before we knew it three hours had passed and it did not seem like that.

So we are definitely going to hang out soon. It was great to meet a really cool, funny and sweet person who is a fun insightful blogger. We had a great time!

I am glad that I met her and it is good to have a new friend.

So if you have a sec check her out at Blog this, baby and say hi!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Word of caution

Don't touch your nose after cutting up a jalpeno for your world famous tomatillo salsa...

I am just burns, it burns.

Monday, June 11, 2007

four more..

Classes to go.

that is right my spring quarter is overrrrrrrrrrrrr! So my summer quarter begins next week. No rest for the weary.

But I went to my friends graduation at the U of C and it was beautiful and it has made me think that maybe I will walk in December. Bu I would just rather have a few close friends and family over for dinner where the drinks will flow and I can forget my school debt for a few precious hours!

We'll see, it is less than 5 months and then I am done!!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I am so missing my girls as of late. They are pretty much all in NY and for some reason I am really missing them, perhaps because it is so hard to make friends when you get older.

The bf has tons of friends and this week he hung out a few nights with them. I am envious because they are within blocks of where we live and most of mine are in a different time zone. So I have been a bit blue. I miss going shopping, out to the movies and just having a girl talk over coffee with my friends. Ther eis just something about having your girls around.

I did not really think that making friends when you got older would be this hard. I am sure my work and travel schedule is no conducive to making friends either. I try do activities where I can meet other people but other than school I don't have the time. Plus I've noticed that you tend to make friends with people you have something in common if you have a newborn you can go to Gymboree and meet other new moms and then start to hang out to talk about baby same if you have a dog and go to the dog park.

It is just really hard and I miss them a lot.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Little miss cranky

That is me.

Yep, I am cranky all because of the lovely crappy job that I am current serving time eh I mean "work" for! here are some of the reasons for today's bought of crankiness:

-commute I get up butt ass early that even the dog does not get out of her bed. In fact she looks at me with pity in her eyes as I get out of bed and wobble to the bathroom.

-commute on the way home which allows me to drive with the masses of stupid Chicagoans who in no particular order...cut you off and almost side swipe you, try to inch their way in front of you when you have only millimeters between you and the car in front of you and those who just can't drive because they are too busy on the phone, reading, applying make up or telling an animated story to his passengers with both hands whist going 50 mph (talk about emphasizing a point)
-my job is not rocket science but it is different from what I am used to but nobody has the time to train me so I just sit there.
-I found out that they are prorating my vacation so that means that I lost a week! Oh and I did not get paid from my previous employer for that week oh and did I mention that they neglected to tell me this before I signed on the dotted much for going home for the holidays!
-CLA got her full severance despite failing two drug test and having a "secret" felony conviction on her record.

I hate my job!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i need a weekend from my weekend

I can be lazy..I know it but sometimes you just have to be right?

Yesterday, we ran errands went to the BF's dad's house to pick up a package then we went to the mall because I need work appropriate clothes. I was disappointed with the selection and the price of some pants that I only got one pair of pants and a dress but that is not for work. I spent the most at Sephora.

Then last night the BF and I celebrated our anniversary together with dinner at Bistro Campange.
It was so exquisite. We ate like we were royalty. I can't gush enough about not only the food but the service. They had to roll us out of there.

Today was my lazy day. I wanted to sleep in but the realization that I needed to do some online banking woke me up. Then I watched a full marathon of who's wedding is my jammies. Then did some hw in between and now and finishing up some chores

There never is enough time is there?