Friday, June 30, 2006

My "light"

So my appointment yesterday went well. I was very nervous, again the whole fear of the unknown. I was sitting in the waiting room and I noticed everything the carpet, the hook on the wall that once held a picture, the parking garage building texture, the humming sound coming from the water fountain. I guess sometimes the brain tries to fool the body from being nervous so it distracts itself. Overall the meeting with the doctor helped me a lot, I got all my questions answered and it is not going to be so bad. It will be over in a few weeks!

After a crazy week at work the next few hours will fly by. Tonight I am going to spend some special time with my GP. We are both looking forward to our time together. We are going to the Mecca of home decor tomorrow...IKEA! I just can't wait to see him. He has been my light and support this week in so many ways, I am so lucky! We both are...

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have the where, when and what about my proceudre date. It will be on July 19 and it will be an outpatient procedure. I asked all my questions and got my answers and I am okay.

Half a day in the zoo

So yesterday was the work day from hell because of the idiots that comprise my zoo. I am always amazed (and not in a good way) at the absolute lack of professionalism, work ethics and standards that people here show. So in order to match this sentiment I have little expectation in my co-workers but they never cease to amaze me as to how many mistakes that they continue to make that I have to clean up. I am more frustrated with myself because I stayed too long. I know that things here will never change, the only think I can change is me. So I will focus my attention on how I can change this situations.

Today will be a short day for me because I get to go the doctor and plan for the upcoming procedure. I have done my research and typed up all my questions but I am still a bit worried but more so scared. It is the fear of the unknown, you can read every article written or listen to people's stories but until you experience it you really can't understand it fully. So I think that is my really fear. At least I will have a date, time and place, the rest in a way will be unknown until it is all over.

My light is that this weekend I will be with my boyfriend. He has been such a good sounding board these past few days and such a support that I know that I am a lucky one. He is such a treasure my gentleman pirate.

He is so "whale penis"!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I am at my wits end at work. There were such major avoidable problems yesterday that were done by other departments and now I have to clean them up as the people who did not do their jobs wash their hands. Additionally, when I raised an issue and vented to my director he came back to me in a very cold and callous manner.

I feel deceived by all sorts of managers and I just have to get out. I can't do it any more, I give up they win. I just don't care about this company any more. I am tired of the sexist attitude, the questionable practices and the overly cheapness. I feel so defeated!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cuppa tea

Tea is one of my drinks of choice and it has been for many many years. I love it and now that I am getting older I can appreciate what it means. In the UK 3-4 pm is tea time, it is just a few minutes to sit back have a cup of tea and take a moment for yourself. When I worked in London, the kitchenette would be packed around that time with staff waiting for their cup!

I tend to drink 1-2 cups a day, both hot and cold sometimes. In the winter I tend to drink a bit more just to warm me up. At night, I drink either blueberry or mixed berry tea. But my new favorite is mango Ceylon from republicoftea. I got addicted to it at school because there is a coffee shop downstairs and so one day during break I got a cup and ever since I have been addicted to it.

On the weekends, I sleep in and after I get out of bed I make a nice cup of tea and watch the food network. Well lately, I haven't been at my place on the weekend but I woke up on Sunday with a nice cup of tea and an even nicer boyfriend. It may explain how happy I am. Just a simple cup of tea meant so much...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Start of the week and nobody's hurt...yet

Mondays are never easy especially after you have had a great weekend. This Monday was no exception. It seems that morning comes earlier and earlier but on Monday it is too early for human comprehension (at least it appears to be early!). I had another one of my weird dreams but this dream made me feel uncomfortable, it was weird and was not about my pending procedure.

Work is drama free so far. My friend is back from maternity leave and is already in the swing of things, her boss, the previous mentioned "late one" was here early too and brought her flowers and wants to take her out to lunch. She is suspicious! But I am so glad to have her back, she is a bright, smart and fun person to hang out with. Contrary to the other fruits in the bunch here!

Tomorrow is my mid-term in managerial acct. I studied yesterday and on Saturday. I will review the notes this afternoon and again this evening and then once or twice tomorrow. So I should be all set. My dad mailed me my undergrad acct book and that book brought some not so fond accounting memories. At least this class is not so bad and I get it which is a huge plus. In two week it will be my final that I am griping about!

Tonight will be the first night in many that I don't have much running around to do. So that will be good to just go home, eat, review, read/watch TV and of course speak to my boyfriend. Yep I am still giddy...but I deserve to be. Plus, my friends J9 and TS really like him but then again, I knew that they would.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It is official

I am so pleased to announce that I am somebody's girlfriend! This past weekend, my gentleman pirate asked me if I would be his girlfriend and my reply was yes but only if he would be my boyfriend. I know that it sounds like it is a bit high schoolish but you can't be too presumptions. I was once and I got burned!

These past few weeks, I have been happy, blissfully so. My feet haven't touched the ground. He makes me so happy and content and I do the same for him. Everytime that we hang out we laugh so much but we also have incredible chats.

This weekend we went out to eat, hit Target (which we went nuts at the one dollar section) and headed to a BBQ at J9 and TS'. I got to meet TS' daughter and we hung out at the beach. It was a nice sunny day and not too hot nor humid. Plus he and I spent a lot of "us" time together. I am also winning over his dog, slowly and surely, not to mention the toy I got her.

But that is how my weekend is going and I could not be happier.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday at last

It has not really been a long week but I feel like I have been on the go non-stop! Between work, school and my social life it has been a busy week. Tonight I will curl up next to my GP and we are just going to be low key. He has had a stressful week at work so we are both in the mood for
a quite alone time. I am looking forward to that... I so need a night like that.

The news stated today that there were some arrests in Miami and that there was a terrorist plot to attack the Sears Tower. I am not sure what to think because after the 9/11 attacks and after the post-traumatic stress that I get because of that day, I would not be able to handle if this plot came true. I am glad that they are caught but it only means that there are others trying to pick up where these terrorists failed. I am not sure it they would ever all be caught. When you think about it, after all the horrors going on in the Middle East, that breeds feelings of intense hate and revenge. Even children who have their innocent lives corrupted start to feel this hate and then they grow up and become more disenchanted and they are the future terrorists. It is a horrible cycle that I hope will one day end but realistically, it won't.

Other musings for the day:
-I am wearing my new "The Beatles" tee shirt
-I have to study for my midterm next week
-I need to change the color of my toenails this weekend
-I have so much mags that are on my coffee table that I have not had the time to read
-I want to go to the beach

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cast of work characters...

I a not sure what to write about today. Things are a bit quiet for me. I am a bit tired but that is because it is towards the end of the week. I am looking forward to some time with my pirate tomorrow so that is my light to the week.

So instead I decided to describe some of the people that I work with because I am at the point where I am going to go nuts! I've been in this company for over 6 years and after a while it gets to me and now is no exception.

El cheapo...he and I used to be closer but, he took that to a new level last year when he said that I am getting old and if I want to have kids I should consider my options. then he became a minor supervisor and it made his head and ego grow disproportionally to the actual position. The reason why his name is el cheapo is because I have NEVER met anyone as cheap as him, he is not thrifty he is cheap. One of my favorite stories that I was told was how he once ordered the same steak as his former manager but the managers steak was a tiny bit bigger and el cheapo complained about it for days! He told me that when he and his fiance go out, they sometimes order one meal and she has water and the salad while he gets everything else. My experience was when we went out to lunch to a local joint. We used to go there are least once a week and one day the cashier gave me a "VIP" discount, I mistakenly told him and for the entire week he complained that he was there more than I and I get the discount. He is currently in charge of internal and external supplies and the paper he order at " a great deal" is almost translucent! He monitors every supply order and goes to task if we dare ask for overnight service. I pity his fiancee but then again she has been with him for a few years so she should have run before he put that diamond (or cz), whatever gave him a "great deal" on her finger. I mean he has a condo and he put both of their names on it but she wasn't living there but is expected to pay half of the mortgage!

CLA-or chatty lazy ass- is my colleague. In my opinion, she is just that chatty and lazy. But not interesting chatty but rather she does not appear to have any friends so all her stories about her husband, twins and other two kids get passed to us. A simple how are you is a 20 minute conversation, people have actually walked away from her as she is talking and yet she continues. She is also very explicit in some of her stories, like about her husband's vacetomy reversal surgery...the image is still stuck in the recesses of my brain. In NY a few weeks ago she acted like a ungrateful insolent child. I was amazed at this woman who is almost 40 threw such unnecessary fits! Not to mention that she is lazy, all she does all day is speak to one member other family, then calls another member to relay information. If she is ambicious she will plan about her vacations, actually speak with a customer for hours and leave early!

whinny-this is a new one. She has been here long that I have but after her cranky fit the other day she must be mentioned. She is an older woman who is afraid of change in her job. She asked me for a form while noticing that I was eating my lunch. When I told her she would have to contact an internal person she told me that she was uncomfortable because she never met him. all day she speaks to internal and external people whom she has never met. Pissed me off to no end.

Late one, he comes in whenever he feels like it while his work piles up. What he does affects what I do. So any delay in his processing affects my clients. But his theory is that "it will get done" eventually. You can light a fire under his chair and he would not move until his skin started to blister. He saunters in at 9, 10, 11, 2 while we are fuming waiting for him because there are some critical issues that he needs to work on. He is a nice guy but I avoid him because of his un-professionalness.

So those are some of my daily local cast of there any wonder why I need to get the hell outta here???

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dreams of fear

In the past few days I have been having dreams about the pending surgery. I had a dream that I went into the actual procedure and then I "woke" up and some of my friends were around me to ask me if I wanted to go out to a club called "Bleu". Then I had another dream a few weeks ago where I was bleeding non-stop after the procedure. That freaked me out like no end, I woke up terrified.

I have been reading about the upcoming procedure and it is starting to scare me. I am afraid of so many things, the anesthesia, the actual procedure, the risks, the horrible possibilities, adding another medical issue to my seemingly ever growing laundry list. I am trying to be strong but it can be hard at time. The more I talk about it I feel ok but when I don't talk about I get nervous and worried.

I just want it all to be over so I can move on.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Idiot zoo

That is how I feel about my company, I work at an idiot zoo. Just some highlights of the day thus far:

-a 40+ year old woman who whined to me because she did not want to make a phone call to an internal person because "she does not know who he is". Mind you most of the people she talks to on the phone she has NEVER met.

-my colleagues discussing braces and my male (el cheapo) colleague is recommending his orthodontist saying "his office is not nice and he is a bit rude but he is cheap". He offered to call and make an appointment for her kid. I suspect that it may be a free tightening for every referral!

-my colleague talking to one of her 4 kids about which matchbox cars he should save for his younger brother. Then subsequent phone calls every 15-20 minutes to see if chores were done. This has gone on since 8.

-a guy in my NY office who neglected to send stuff out to a client in dire need.

-the guys here who did not feel/think that they should send out a parcel until today even though I asked them to do it on Friday. As a result, I am pissed, my boss is pissed and my sales rep is pissed and el cheapo is questioning why we need to overnight it. Because you numbskull I need it there by Friday and if it was done WHEN I asked for it, we would not have to eat the costs.

So yes, this is an idiot zoo! Take me away!!!!

Chock full week

It is just a Tuesday but I have a chock full week, it has already been a full week actually! I worked a half a day yesterday in order to spend time with my mom. We went shopping actually but, that should be no surprise. I ended picking up a few things and a new denim jacket! I see my funds slowing separating from my account! But I have not gone out like this in quite some time. Then I dropped mom off at the airport, her flight was a bit delayed but only 20 minutes and then sat on the runway for 20 minutes. She made it back home okay.

Spoke to JT yesterday and things are not going well for him. A combination of school, work and health have him (and me) concerned. I know that he will be okay but I sometimes see him as laid back and very strong but he is human like the rest of us. He is a bit overwhelmed and I can understand why.

After the airport I went to my GP's house for dinner. When I got there he was assembling his BBQ, he made this fab jerk chicken and pineapple and I made the rice (yep, it was presentable) it was a fun meal and of course the company. I really enjoy spending time together, I missed him a bit this weekend. It is so strange how I feel like I am falling into something that I am so not expecting and it is a bit scary, it is the fear of the unknown...but somethings were are not meant to know just now.

So for the rest of the week will be a combo of school (and homework), errands, appointments and on Friday, well on Friday, let's say that I have some wonderful plans to look forward to!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Mom weekend

Mom came into town this weekend and we made it without killing each other. I love my mom, I do but she can get annoying! She tries to be helpful but instead drives me nuts. For example, on Saturday morning she got up really early and when I woke up the kitchen was spotless but that is not bad but she moves my things. There is a method to my madness I feel that I have no clue where my things are because they are "put away". But I don't "put things away" because I am short and need things close at hand! My entire kitchen is "organized" but not in the way I want it to be. ACK!!! So as soon as her plane is in the air my kitchen will be mine again.

But for the most part it was a good weekend! On Saturday we did some errands and got the plant for my Midwest mama! Then we stopped by to drop it off at her house. So my mom and my Midwest mama got to gang up on me. But it was decided that after my surgery I will stay in my apartment. My mom, Midwest mama and dad will be there during the surgery and will make sure I make it up the stairs ok and make sure I have all that I need for the following few days. Then I got teased about the first time that I met and hung out with JT. It is bad enough to have one mom but two...aye! Well it is not so bad I suppose it means that I am loved.

Yesterday we went to see the Cubs get whooped by Tigers! Mom really liked seeing Wigley field. and she was able to add that stadium to her list. Today while she is home I will be working a few hours here. God only knows what my apartment will look like! All in all it was good weekend and mom will be back in town for the surgery in a few weeks.

The only downside was that I did not get to see my pirate. However, we did get to chat a few times and there were some sweet and silly text messages that went back and forth. I will see him tonight and I can't wait. It is strange how much I really want to see him and just talk, hang out and just be. It has only been a few weeks but I missed him after not seeing him for a few days.

Also just want to put this on record...JT is not a horrible person!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Softening the fall

Yesterday, I spoke to my doctor and got the news that I was dreading, I need to undergo a surgical procedure to remove these pesky cells. Of course, I was not as rational as I a now about this situation and I promptly burst into a state of hysterical sobs in the parking lot. I sent a text message to a few people and made a few calls and the response was overwhelming. The first response from everyone was "what can I do? What do you need from me?". Those responses made me realized how lucky I am to have such wonderful people, my friends and my family, in my life. So I have to go in a few weeks to have the pre-surgery consultation then we will figure out when I will undergo the procedure. I am not pleased with it but then again, it was caught early and it will be taken care off and I can move on.

Maria offered to fly in, Pete said to call him if I needed someone to take me to the doctors, my mom will be flying in. I am overwhelmed in a good way.

One person absolutely surprised me with the words that he said. My pirate was just so supportive and was my rock during my sobbing then he made me laugh. He said some really sweet things to me and it really touched me. I was afraid and ready to have him go but that was wrong of me. I made incorrect assumption based on how certain people acted and behaved towards me when I was younger. He is going to be there for me and only a simple thank you can encompass so much that I hope he knows.

From Wicked, this song, "For Good" says what I want to say to all my fam and friends...

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return

Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you:
Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
A and now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend:
Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you:
Because I knew you:
I have been changed for good

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for
But then, I guess we know
There's blame to share
And none of it seems to matter anymore

Like a comet pulled Like a ship blown
From orbit as it Off it's mooring
Passes a sun, like By a wind off the sea
A stream that meets, like a seed
A boulder, half-way Dropped by a
Through the wood Bird in the wood

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better?
And because I knew you
Because I knew you
Because I knew you:
I have been changed for good.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just a weird rant

So my mom is coming to visit me for the weekend and on Sunday I am taking her to see the Cubs play in Wigley field. Wigley field is a beautiful old stadium who has thus far avoided becoming a marketing gimmick for big companies. Now, I am not a MLB expert but there are a few stadiums like Wigley, Yankee, Fenway, Shea who have not bowed at the feet of corporate America. I must give them props for maintaining some sort of dignity.

I mean, it seems that these companies are like men who are going through a mid-life crisis. I can see it now, a board meeting of "executives" or people who thinks that they are important mulling around some idea. These are primarily men (because there are few women as compared to men in executive positions in corporate America) who are in their mid 40s-60s in polished suits. They had their "freak out" a few years ago, some left their wives for their new cupcake, others bought a new car/boat/house/butler (or all of the above), some had lipo or hair plugs all sitting around a table. Pondering what they can do to squeeze more money into their pockets. Well of course, a corporate investment....So "Let's buy a stadium".

I can't say with a straight face, "I want to go to US Cellular Field" that phrase makes me shudder, I want to go to Comiskey. Is it cool to say in Providence, Rhode Island hey let's see U2 at the "Dunkin Donut pavilion". I mean please....even Joe the old man who would get up early because he "Gotta make the donuts" would not sell out. I mean even the Church of Scientology sponsored a car at NASCAR, I mean come on people! Can't sports maintain some level of integrity but then again they give million dollar salaries for players who can't hit the ball? But what do I know I work in corporate America.


A prose of contentment

I am just in a simple state of contentment, I feel like my feet are barely touching the ground and that I am shimmering, glowing even. Perhaps, this is because of the "gentleman pirate" who has sailed into my waters...well that is putting it mildly in a way. So GP and I hung out last night and we had so much fun together. I have known him for a few weeks but it sometimes feel like we've known each other before. This pirate never ceases to amaze me, I am a lucky lady.

My dr. was not in yesterday so she is going to give me a call today. I am not as nervous as I have been because if it was something serious she would have made some attempts to call me or had me make an appointment. I just hope that it will turn out the way I am hoping!

In the meantime, I am daydreaming about pirates, ships, blue waters, planks and eyepatches....I wonder why???

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I am on edge this morning because I got a message from my dr. Yesterday and they have the test results. So I am waiting for the office to open so that I can call and hear what they have to say. I guess I am jut bracing myself for the worst case senario and it scares me. I tried hard last night not to let the thoughts permeate my head but it did not work, I woke up this morning at 5 something and that is all that I could think about and I could not go back to sleep. So it has been in the back of my head and it is not even 9, I have to wait until their office opens to get the news. So for the past few hours I have been jittery and just on edge, I just want to know so that I know.

I had my class last night and it should not be too bad. My prof. is definitely full of himself and refers to us as his "brothers and sisters" and presented to us the "holistic view of accounting in the MBA program". The course itself is not that bad or does not yet seem to be but we shall see as time goes on. He let us our after an hour half and told us that this for the most part is the norm. I think I can deal with this for the next 5 weeks....I say that now.

When I got home, I called him and we caught up on our day. We have plans to see each other today and I am looking forward to spending time with him. He did calm me a bit last night and that helped me get my mind off of the pending news. He is such a good person and I am glad to know him.

I just hope that this is nothing...fingers crossed

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Accounting will begin

My summer session begins today. For the next 5 weeks I will be taking accounting twice a week. I already read two chapters and it is coming back to me, COGS, GAAP, balance sheets, T-sheets...ACK! My memories of three semesters taking accounting as an undergrad are not necessarily fond. My first accounting prof. was ajunct, boring, dull and incompetent. My second accounting teacher had a massive Napoleon complex (there is an oxymoron for ya) who was an avid Giant's fan and he had questions regarding the team on his quizzes. My third class was cost accounting and that was the least painful of the three! I had nightmares when it came to balancing a spreadsheet, calculating depreciation, stock splits etc. I hated it. I suspect that this class will not be too bad as it is more analysts rather than imputing the figures. So I hope it will not be too horrible. But it is only 5 weeks, I can make it!

Well, the highlight of the week will be tomorrow. We have plans to do nothing together and I am looking forward to it. We are going day by day and each day that comes and goes and still makes me smile is a good day. I hope it is the same for him.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My bubbles are coming back...

Mondays are not suppose to be fun in my opinion, especially if you have to work! So far today, it has been a bit busy in the morning but things have tapered off to a quiet afternoon. So I am getting some homework done. I start my summer quarter 1 tomorrow and per the syllabus, I have to read two chapters but I am not sure if they are due tomorrow or Thursday, it is a bit confusing, but to err on the side of caution, I am reading them. I will do the HW tonight and have it ready because you never know!

I am still smiling from the events of the weekend, most especially Friday-Saturday night. It was just really a good time and I catch my self daydreaming and just having a smile creep across my face. We have plans for Wednesday and I am very much looking forward to it.

Last evening, I caught up with Pete. It was soo much fun to talk with him, it has been ages since we last chatted and so much has gone one with me and with him that we just had so much to talk about. He and his bride are doing well and he loves his new job. He was very pleased to hear that school is going well and he knows how much blood sweat and tears it can be. I also told him about recent developments and he was very happy to hear the news. He told me that he likes what he hears and that it seems that he is treating me the way that I deserve to be treated unlike how others treated me. He told me that he wants me to be happy and that I deserve the best so he is pleased to hear that I am happy. Pete is such my big brother and his opinion is very important to me. I don't know how I made it without him. He is such a great friend! He was teasing me asking me if he will meet this one who is making me happy. I really hope that he does!

My bubbles are back!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Sunday

It is a chilly Sunday here in Chicagoland. It is in the 60s but with sun and no wind! But it can snow and hail but I would not mind.

I am still coming down from a really wonderful few days. I had a really great time on Friday and Saturday with my someone. On Friday I raced home, changed and headed to his place. We went to dinner at a really nice long dinner at a local Cuban restaurant. It was a great meal with a great person, it was just so wonderful. On Saturday we went out for a really yummy breakfast, hit a few stores and then went to the Old Town Art fair. There was so many gorgeous pieces from paintings, to woodwork to amazing glass sculptures to photography. I am in awe of some people's talents, it actually woke up my muse and I want to find time to paint again. I really want to make time to do that.

After all the browsing and spending thousands of dollars in our heads, we headed back to his apt where we just took a really sweet nap. It was funny how we just curled up and slept. When we woke up his dog decided to join us and wanted to share the cuddles. She is a big, sweet dog and she definitely checked me out to make sure I was worthy (she sniffed me up, down and side ways).

I had a good time with him, and I think that he did as well. I feel comfortable with him and that can be scary. But at the same time it is exciting, I know that relationships have ups and downs and it is how you weather through it. I just am looking forward to getting to know him better and for him to get to know me better. It will be a learning experience and at the same time it can be something special only time really can tell. And yep I am a bit nervous but at the same time it will work out.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Over the moon...

I don't know really what to say nor what to write so here I go...

My procedure went okay, it was not painful but it was a bit discomforting. I am a bit sore but overall it wasn't too bad. I am waiting for the results of the test.

But the silver lining was last night. We spent a few hours together and it was so sweet, we had such a wonderful time together and it was just our time, our moments. We have plans again tonight and I am so thrilled and happy with him.

Life is so strange that way, I can not figure it all out but I don't suppose that I am supposed to. Maybe by letting some things go other things happen. That is the hard part though, the whole letting things go I think that sometimes we hold on to them because they offer the illusion of comfort, other times it is a control thing, perhaps, you can control when you let it go, maybe it is that sometimes holding on to something offers the hope that that "thing" will come back. Yet, letting go is what you need to do in ones own time.

Letting it go, offers a sense of freedom, light and peace. Not to mention you don't know that you have been holding back and by letting go you are freer! I do feel free now not to mention is a great thing!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Well, it is my long awaited Thursday! So this evening, I will see him. I know that he is just as excited as much as I am. We talk so much about how much we are looking forward to seeing each other again. But that is all I want to say about that because I think that this beginning is a bit sacred and it is not something that I want to share. In time, I will be more forthcoming but for now it is my special gift.

I never EVER have to take another pure stats class in my life again (unless I decide to persue a PhD but that is probably not going to happen). My exam went okay, I think that I did well, I was set for the stats part (the z-test, t-test, bionominal dist., hypothesis testing, regression analysis and the probabilities), the calc part I think I got partial credit....I prefer stats to calc but it does not mean that I want to undergo anther stats class.

Today is my icky test but it should be okay. I can't think about it otherwise I will freak out. I will probably try calling Maria on the way to the Dr. to calm the nerves.

Regardless there is a beacon of light in my day! I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One more day to get through...

Why does time seem to slow up when you are looking forward to something? It just seems that the past few days have lingered longer than normal. I guess it is because tomorrow is a day that I am looking forward to for the most part.

Tonight is my final in stats. I am ready to go and just get it done and over with! I did a fair amount of studying but my professor may turn in to Mr. Jeckyll and populate the exam with annoying unplanned questions which will piss me off. Overall, this exam should not be too bad, I actually comprehend confindence intervals, t-scores, regression analysis, null hypothesis testing. So I hope to do ok. After the exam I get to pick up my accounting text book and start homework (yep homework).

Tomorrow I will undergo the procedure at the doctor's office. I actually have a few friends who have undergone the procedure and it is not as bad as I was anticipated it to be. I know that there will be some discomfort after the procedure and Advil helps with that. I just want to be relaxed and then it will go smoother.

But the highlight~ the silver lining~is my evening plans. I plan to see someone special! We have been talking about what we want to do and it seems that we just want to see each other and that is all that we need. I am so looking forward to that...time is just too slow right now! I guess patience is a virtue but I am still restless. This is something to look forward too...just in the back of my head, I keep saying only tomorrow...only tomorrow...only tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June Randomness

Well here is some of the latest and greatest thoughts, things and occurrences....

-I had my final, it is over and done with and it went well
-finished my stats homework, just have to review for my stats final...ack
-I already have accounting homework for class that does not start till next week
-Cheeseburgers and French fries are food from the gods
-We are having Cuban food on Thursday

Mom is coming out next weekend and I am actually excited to see her. We had a few issues but that is common with any parent and child. So it will all be water under the bridge and move on. Watch out dad, the visa will be smoking! Actually, I have some items in my wish basket on,sephora I have not clicked shop because I had to buy my accounting books and the wish items will have to wait.

Maria and I are starting to think about my big 30 bash that is around the corner. I am actually excited about 30 so I want to spend it with friends and just have a good time. That is one day where I allow myself to think "It is ALL about me" as well as it should be. The decision was made to have the celebration in Chicago because I have some friends here and it will be a good invite to my girls in NY. If they want to come, that will be great. If not then I will celebrate with my friends here in Chicago.

CLA was stuck on the tarmac in LAG for 2 hours....there is a God. Ok that was mean but after dealing with her crap for so long, a wicked smile is nothing in comparison.

I was on the phone last night for almost 4 + hours however, it did not come close to our previous phone chat which went on for 7 (yep folks) 7 hours. It was the record winner and it was so worth it. It has technically been less than 3 days and in that time things changed. Too cool...I almost don't want to talk about it just yet because for now, I want it to be all mine. Not too mention that I don't want to be presumptuous and my whole "once bitten twice shy" mentality. Maybe it is a bit greedy of me but I just want to keep these moments just for me (and for him if he so chooses) so I am just enjoying this.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sometimes when you least expect it!

Life is funny that way, when you least expect to find something or someone, they pop into your life. Here I am not wanting to date anyone, looking to concentrate on school with tunnel vision and then you meet someone. Now I am not trying to get ahead of myself, I want to keep my feet and head on the ground but still life is crazy like this. So I did go out last night and had a good dinner but great company. It was a wonderful evening!

On another note, today is my mgmt final. I am glad to get it over with, I have to review my notes today and then go and take it. I will be glad when they are all over

Then on Thursday....well let's say I am looking forward to Thursday. All I can say is perhaps, perhaps, perhaps....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sweet home Chicago!

After 9 hours, missed two flights on standby, had two flights canceled and a minor delay of five hours I am back and glad to be so! LAG is not a fun place to be stuck in for 9 hours. There is something to be said about that and it just stinks. I just sat there and read! I got in at 11:20 and was in bed late or early depending on what time one considers 1 am!

The meeting was not too bad. It was a bit of a morale booster to see some of my co-workers in NY and of course Miss J, who is one of my dearest friends and a colleague. I was good and watched my mouth during the meetings but that is not to say that I did not expose my opinion. We'll see how that will change things but, who knows because I have been in meetings like this in the past. but, I do feel ok about things. My chicago co-worker, dubdded CLA drove everyone nuts. I have neer seen a grown woman act like a whiny teenager. I was amazed how obnoxious she was. I think I am a hero in some people's eyse because I get to see her everyday! Pity me!

Now the fun has begun with my finals! Tomorrow is management and Wednesday is statistics! They are not as bad as I think that they might be but, I need to be prepared. I will be glad when it is all done...