Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water logged

So it has been raining off and on here in Chicago. It has been very annoying and the ground is waterlogged (but the trees are starting to bloom).

But we did not expect our condo to get waterlogged. Yesterday afternoon I was coming back from a trip to the store and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I heard the whirlpool tub noise from our upstairs neighbors and thought nothing of it. I closed the door* and went to the kitchen. Then not more than 30 seconds later the dog was licking the floor in front of the bathroom and this dripping sound was getting louder. So I opened the door and saw water pouring from our vent and our light fixture. So I ran upstairs and knocked but the did not answer the door.

I went back down and started to place towels around and frantically called the BF who happened to be walking through the door at that exact moment. He ran upstairs and the neighbors came down with him. Apparently they** were taking a bath and had a "little" spillage. The developer also came by and took a few fixtures down.

The neighbors were very helpful and offered to do what they could. We just have to let things dry to ensure that the drywall is ok and that there is no mold issues.

So that is how we met the neighbors (officially) and why I had a straight daiquiri last night.

Ahh the joys of home ownership!

* the beasts love the bathroom and cause all sorts of havoc so we close the door to prevent them from being annoying

**The neighbors are a married couple with a very petite wife and a medium buid husband. So based on the ideas of physics and displacement we suspect that she was bathing and he joined her or they filled the tub and one of them got in cause the water to overflow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another one hits the dust!

It was another whirlwind but productive weekend. We accomplished

-Ordering our cake for the wedding
The selection was pretty good and we had a lot of fun eating. We hit the wall a few hours later!

-Getting our wedding rings ordered
My engagement ring is back with the jeweler because he will be creating a customer setting.
My finger feels weird and I miss the ring but I get it back in a few
days and yes I had my "Oh my God, I lost it" moment or two or a few more than two

-Book rehearsal dinner space
My future father in law has graciously offered to host this on our behalf and after providing him with a list of about 10 options he narrowed it down to two and then to one. So we all went out for late lunch that he enjoyed and booked it on the spot. It was great to knock another one off of the list.

-Worked on the invitations
We had to make a few changes so we did that and dropped them off that the place where we will order them from. So after one more proof, we will be ordering them

It is such a relief to check them off!

I have a question for all you work out people, I am going to add an extra day at the gym. The options are

-1 day of pilates and 1 day of muscle definition (I tend to get there early so I do 5-10 minutes on the treadmill to get my heart rate up)
-2 day of muscle definition

Both of these will have to be Tuesday and Wednesday for an hour each.

The schedule is changing next week but from what I have seen, it is not a huge variance.

What do you think would work best? I may have to add a day of walking or Wii'ing as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009


In 99 days we will be saying I do!

Time really flies by during the planning process. This week we had our cake tasting and we had fun with that. Although the sugar crash came a few hours later.

Tomorrow we are working with the jeweler to work on our wedding bands.

Crossing things of our list is a wonderful thing.

I just can't wait to be married

100 days until the honeymoon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Like a dog chasing its tail....

I feel like I am running around in circles. Most of the projects that I have been working on this year projects have been halted mid way through or at the end and shelved, split apart, on hold or discarded. It has been extremely frustrating to say the least. I spend days setting up meetings to have them post punned or forgotten about. I work on a certain topic only to be told that is not what I should focus on but rather change my direction completely.

I am just frustrated and have been asking myself, is this what I really want to do?

Friday, April 17, 2009

One more check mark

So last night eh BF and I had our tasting at our venue and it went well. We were treated like royalty and ate some really amazing dishes.

Our wedding coordinator was there with us and I must say that he is part of the reason why I am not worried about the day. He was extremely spot on and on target. He made us think about some things that we did not think about so that was very helpful. We like him a lot and it just makes us relieved that he knows what he is doing and he is not going to take any thing from anybody. He told us he is here for us!

Today we have our engagement session! I am very very excited and so is the BF. He is out shopping for a new sport coat to wear. I will post a few once we get them back.

And to top it off it is in the 60s!

Love it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy bee

The next few days are going to be chopped full of stuff that we have to get done and appointments to be honored. However, it is all good stuff and I am looking forward to most of the upcoming events.

Tonight we have our menu tasting. The BF and I narrowed the menu down and are looking forward to trying the items and firm that up. Tomorrow I have a dr appt (not really looking forward to that) then we have our engagement session. I still have no idea what to wear but I have narrowed it down.

Saturday we have to head to the burbs for my future niece's first communion. So it will be good to see everyone.

So it is all good but I will admit, I am looking forward to a low key Sunday!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Half way details

It was the start of wedding crazy month this past weekend. I had my first dress fitting! I stopped looking at dresses once I picked the gown but It was hard for me to remember certain details and once I tried it on, I felt a whole lot better that I made the right decision. Of course it is big on me and will need a lot of work but I am sure it will be done well. I tried it on with my mom's veil and it looked amazing. I was floored that it worked so well. I also got to pick up the dresses for the girls and they are this pretty grey lavender color. Love them. My mom is taking three of them with her to NY to distribute to the girls there.

Afterwards my mom and I went to look at some jewelry and I came this close to buying some but when I saw the prices I had to slowly back away.

Since my parents were in town we went to dinner at a place I have been wanting to try and it was very good, we will be going there again for sure. We went to mass and then for dinner took the parents to Tapas Barcelona, hands down my favorite place!

This week is going to be very busy, I have a few doctor and dentist appointments, our tasting and our engagement photos. So we are busy once again but at least it is a good busy. But I still have no clue what to wear for the pictures!!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When things happen...

I am a lurker and sometimes it is because I like being behind the scenes watching things unfold.

One of the blogs that I lurk is experiencing heartbreak in a way that I can't fathom. Her beautiful 17 month old daughter Maddie, passed away.

Maddie was born a few months premature and had lung problems. She was in and out of the hospital and a few days ago was rushed back to PICU for breathing problems. Sadly, she did not make it.

There are no words to take away the pain from her parents, her family or her friends. The outpouring of love, and donations from people all over the world is outstanding.

If you care to help you can make a donation to the March of Dimes, in Maddie's name.

I hope that you find the peace that is on the other side and know that you are loved, Madeline.

No pain no gain

I did it, I made it to my second class at the gym. This particular class is dedicated to muscle definition and is apparently quite popular.

What is great about the class is that you work within your limits and even if you limits are low you get a workout. It is not easy but it is reasonable and does test you. I am sore today but that was expected. I feel better because I have been making excuses and now with the wedding a matter of a few months away I want to do something besides making excuses.

I am also planning on adding another day to my work out to do it three times a week for an hour. I really like taking classes because it is different from my regular routine.

The hard thing is to keep motivated and on point. What are you motivation tools??

Monday, April 06, 2009


For some reason I am in a" bullet" mood, so here we go

  • I twisted my ankle and fell at work the other day right under the "this facility has gone 240 days without an accident" sign, I have to check to see if they had to change it. Talk about irony...
  • My dress is in....I am very excited and I hope that I like it as much as I did when it was ordered
  • We ordered our invitations and are waiting for the digital proofs!
  • I have discovered this awesome wine and gourmet store 5 blocks away. The BF, a friend and I went to a wine and food tasting yesterday afternoon and got to try some really nice wines. I found a new red that does not give me head aches. Lets hear it for rioja!
  • My parents are coming into town this weekend
  • I have fallen off the gym bandwagon, I have to get back there tomorrow!

So what is your bulleted list?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I am...

Tired, so tired
pissed and cranky

And you?