Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A courtesy of a reply is requested

In my job I receive and send a good amount of email. In most of my sent emails, I typically ask a question, need a confirmation or just need more info to proceed. Lately, I have not been getting any responses, so then I start forwarding the messages back to said party in question and cc my manager and/or sales rep. Still no response. What the hell is wrong people?

There is this aura that what I do in this place and it is called "job" and apparently in some people's eyes it is an "important job" yet the idea of professional courtesy to respond to an email is a foreign concept.

I am not sending you an email for shit and giggles, I need answers. Even an "I don't know" or "I will have to get back to you" would suffice (although it causes me to send follow up emails for days on end). I feel like a glorified babysitter trying to feed a toddler strained peas!

When I don't get answers from said parties I consider a) they are out sick/vacation/mental institution appointment b) they are in meetings to discuss why there are so many emails clogging the server c)at lunch, for 5 hours d)ignoring me due to lack of knowledge/skill/social disorder or e) all of the above.

Take your pick people.

Because when I don't get an answer, it is my butt on the line. I have to deal with the sales reps, "napoleon", customers and even my boss. Yet, ironically, these people are some of the same people who don't get back to me. The cycle continues...

Please hold for the next available member of the team *cue cricket music*


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Jessica said...

I hate sending emails. I've discovered that you can ask only one question in an email. If you ask multiple questions, you receive an answer to either the first question only or the last question only. You can't even ask two simple questions! The person will fail to answer one of those two questions. Drives me nuts. I've gone so far as to number my questions and list them with space for answers in between each question. What happens? I receive an answer to only one of them, of course! Sometimes the person responds but somehow fails to answer any of the questions at all! It's maddening.

I suppose I should stop complaining. At least people are responding to me.