Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just the points

  • Rosie has had two puppy training classes and has shown a lot of confidence and is food motivated so is quick to learn. The downside, is that she is food motivated and interrupts other puppies and their owners for a treat. It has been a fun class and we've learned a lot. This week's homework is the sit (leading to stay) command and a review of the "come" command.
  • Ever since the burglary, it seems that all our neighbors are watching out for each other and for us. People have really stepped up and are checking in with each other and sharing notes. It is great to be a part of that.
  • The downside of that is some entitlement issues and passive aggressive comments that have been going back and forth. We are all adults, if you want your upstairs neighbor to turn down his TV, knock on his door and ask him!
  • spend a lot to get my car maintained, more than I planned, and we still have a few more issues to take care of. Well when you are almost at 30k miles, stuff happens.
  • Bought a new blender for $0.38, thank you gift card.
  • Making onion soup today....can we say yum.
  • Can't believe that my best friend is having a baby in 6 weeks, I am an honorary aunt and can't wait to see them in the spring!
  • My parents are going to Egypt for Spring break (they work in a college). they have been so funny about planning and researching. According to my dad, never buy alabaster in the streets, it is fake and there is one store in Cairo that sells papyrus as done my the ancient Egyptians and he may have to go check it out.
  • I am so over the late night wars!
What are your bits and bobs?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

When a car is at 30K, you might have maintenance-related stuff (oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, tires, etc.), but you shouldn't have lots of unexpected stuff. Talk to me when your vehicle gets to almost 200K ... that's when STUFF happens. =)

Jessica said...

I soooooo totally misread "bits and bobs." Had to do a double take.

It's so fun being an honorary aunt. You'll love it!

Christina said...

Nilsa, I can only imagine what needs to be done at 200k. I will start saving now.

Jessica, That one made me laugh!

kilax said...

Please share the onion soup recipe!

I am happy to hear the neighbors are being cool. I hope it lasts!

comebacknikki said...

Aren't we all food motivated? Tapas! ;)