Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just so personal;

The other day, I had lunch with a good friend of mine. We haven't seen each other in a few months and we wanted to catch up. Over lunch, she leaned back, took a breath and then began to tell me what has really been going on. I could tell it was not something that she talked about a lot and she began to talk more and more about this particular situation. As she did, she seemed to relax a bit more. I told her that she can always call me and talk about this and other situations anytime, that I am here for her.

She seemed really relived and then leaned in from across the table and whispered "It is such a personal thing, that I just did not know if I can talk to anyone about it."

That statement sums up the way I have been feeling about my blog (yep one of those blogger talking about blogging posts).

In the past few months there have been some things going on that are personal. My husband reads my blog and I am okay with that because it is not things that he hasn't heard before. But since getting married there are some issues that we are in the midst of that affect both of us. By blogging about them, I am exposing part of his life too.

Yet, at the same time, these are the things I want to talk about, I want input on them but, I just can't. It has really eaten me up inside because I do want some different perspectives that comments provide.

So I am trying to find some sort of balance. Yet, it is leaving me feeling that I am writing about superficial things like random weekend events.

I am working on finding that balance, finding the zen between personal and public. How do you do it?


kilax said...

This is usually when someone else offers to let you guest blog on their post but that is not really the same.

There is so much that goes on in my life that I leave out of my blog for the reasons you mentioned. And it's just not fair to talk about some thing without letting the other parties say their word. I get around it by emailing frieds I can trust :)

Joe Important said...

Simple. Start riding public transportation and keep your eyes out for three-fingered men drinking wine coolers. That'll give you something to talk about.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

This is precisely why my blog is anonymous. Still, there are things that I don't write about.

comebacknikki said...

Well, it's all about how much you feel comfortable putting out there. There is a chunk of my life that I leave out, but it's usually stuff that involves someone else (mainly M) looking bad, or raging on/venting about someone I care about (it can all be too easily misinterpreted). However, that doesn't mean I've completely censored myself -- my blog is about my life and I'm not going to pretend like everything is always perfect.

I've put up some pretty personal things over the years, but that's because I had decided I wanted feedback, needed to get it off my chest, or thought it was important to put out there for whatever reason. If it's something you feel like you want to blog about, then you should do it -- there's always a way to say the things that need to be said without letting it get out of control.