Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ramblings cause I am sick

I have this weird plague thing going on. OK it may not be an actually plague but I am sick. It started off with a sore throat that lead to a runny/stuffy nose that lead to a slight on-again off-again fever. Jealous much? I have been working from home in my pjs and whining to the dogs about how miserable I am. They just look at me and go back to sleep.

I am just glad that I am sick the week that Hubs is home. Because for the next 6-8 weeks, Hubs will be commuting back and forth from Chicago to Toronto. Meaning that he will leave for Canada on Sunday or Monday and be home on Friday. He has been working on a project for over a year and it is taking a direction that requires people on the team to work in Canada and he was chosen.

He suspected that this may happen and when it happened, I was not happy I am ok with business travel, hell I spent two weeks in NJ last year for a project (that never happened) but 6-8 weeks when it was suppose to be two weeks max. Then I realized that he may not be home for my birthday but, he assures me that he will because he has a sleep study the day before my birthday. Smart man.

So, I have been thinking of ideas on how to keep busy when he is in Canada*. here is my list so far

1-Clean the floors in all the rooms,
2-Clean the grout in the bathroom
4.Work with Rosie on her doggy manner class homework

I don't want to spend most of my time watching television, I want to be somewhat productive. I admit that there will be times when I will plop on the couch and turn on the tube but, I want to try to make that the exception rather than the norm.

What ideas do you have? Mind you, I can't do anything immediately after work because I have to come home and walk the dogs.

*We did talk about me coming up to visit him in Canada but I have to get my passport changed. Since I took his name my passport has my old one. Plus we are trying to watch our pennies.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I say, read a few good books (for free from the library!). When I got married, the time I spent on reading drastically declined. If Sweets left town for any long period of time, that's definitely what I'd spend my time doing.

Christina said...

@Nilsa, any recommendations?

kilax said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Gosh, I would totally clean the house if Steven was gone. And organize things, and go on bike rides, and talk to my family on the phone... I can do all of those things when he is there of course, but, you know. And I would take naps!

KT said...

Feel better!

If you got a passport before your wedding/honeymoon, you have a year to get it changed with your new name FOR FREE. That is what I did after we got back from Africa. :-)

Christina said...

@Kilax-I would so nap too. I think my cell will be quite busy.

@KT-I wish I knew that but we are over a year. Grrr!