Friday, October 29, 2010

Waiting for the end...of October

I am looking forward to the end of this month, it was just not a good month, there was more sadness than I expected....

The low lights:
-A lot of tears
-Stressed eating (or non-eating) habits
-Gaining weight
-A troubling blood test
-Feeling useless at your job and no new jobs or interviews on the horizon
-Being slighted by friends
-Saying bye to a good friend as she moves back to the east coast

But the things that I am looking forward to
-Halloween party with the neighbors
-The dogs' costumes
-Finding "our" groove again and the mutual feeling that we will be better than before
-That we are going on vacation in a few weeks with my best friend, her husband and baby
-Knowing that I will only work 6 days in December
-Holidays in NYC

So I want to focus on the positive and say see ya to October and know that the rest of the year will be so much better.


KT said...

I'm sorry to hear that October was such a crappy month. Here's hoping that November will be A LOT better. December definitely will be if you only have 6 working days! How did you pull that off???

Christina said...

KT-I have 25 vacation and floating holiday and I tend to take the last two weeks of the year off. Then i had 4 more that i have to use so that is the trip we are taking with my friends the first week of Dec. So it all worked out to just 6 days!