Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A fearless rotation around the sun

There are dates on the calendar that make you navel gaze, New Year's, anniversaries and birthdays.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was low key a lovely.  Last year I spent my day learning to paddle board and floating in the Pacific ocean, yesterday I had a number of meetings, conference calls and dealing with a major project crisis.  While I would have loved to be back floating under the palm trees, I am glad I spent my birthday at work.  It has nearly been six months since I started and each day I am glad that I have an office to drive to and more importantly a pay check that magically appears every other week.

My job is not perfect but, every day I learn something new.  I was welcomed into the fold by my team mates and work with some smart people.  But the best part was my recent review where my boss said that I am fearless that I jumped in and did not look back, that I make the job look easy even though it is not.

how freaking awesome is that to be called fearless!

So "fearless" is my word for this next rotation around the sun.  So here I come!


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KT said...

Happy belated birthday!

Fearless- that's an awesome adjective to be called at work. :-)