Thursday, July 17, 2008

So there was this monkey

I had a dream that I went a jungle/tundra tour and I was chased by what was called a "Blood Faced Monkey". It was awesome!

Why am I happy about that you may ask, it means that I slept for most of the night without being subjected to the kitty tantrums of late. He has been really annoying these past few weeks when he jumps on my nightstand and starts to bat my alarm clock around at like random hours of the night. Then he gets bored and starts to scratch my closet doors to get any sort of attention. If that is not enough, he will jump in bed and patrol the middle, sniff us, lick us and then finally lie down near our hands so he can try and get a pet. And then repeat!

He grew resistant to the water bottle. Until I heard about lemon juice, apparently cats are not fond of the smell and the taste. So I put a tablespoon in our sprayer and when he acted up he got sprayed. This time he did not look at me like "whatever lady", he actually was started and did not like it. Granted it took a few more tries over the course of the past few nights and the BF had his nerf gun at the ready. After a while it started to work.

Last night, we went to bed and he curled up on the top of my pillow and slept like that for hours. I had to get up to go to the bathroom but then went back to bed and so did he. It was heavenly.

So I welcome being chased by monkeys....well in my dreams only. Unless you are a 30 year younger Davy Jones.

Disclaimer...I know now that I have had the put this out in the universe, tonight may be another story.


Slick said...

LOL well, being chased by a monkey is better than a possum I guess.

Glad you got some good rest :)

Superstar said...

are those like the flying monkeys in OZ??? LOL

I have been dreaming about work...I asked my boss for OT since, techinically, I was "working'...he just rolled his eyes...

Teriana said...

A "jungle/tundra" tour? Don't those exist on separate continents? Your cat sounds funny. I'm just glad he's your cat and not mine.