Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday night already

Another weekend has come and is Sunday night and the prospect of work is just so unappealing.

I got my hair trimmed on Friday and then it was humid and rainy so it is not so salon-y.  Damn Chicago summer.

Yesterday, I met up with another blogger for dinner at this tapas restaurant that is one of her favs (and now is on my "Must go back" list".  It was so yummy.  I actually ate some olives and I am not an olive fan.  I could have eaten them for days.  The we talked non stop for a few hours and had so much fun. .  I think we almost closed the restaurant down!  Just like it is nice to have made another friend just by blogging

Today was a lazy day, I stayed in my pjs all day.  But I made these lasagna rolls that were so amazing.  Oh and I balanced my checkbook and cried.

My student loans are going to be the death of me.  It is sad that the cost of education is not something that the government thinks is important.   I am trying to figure out how to make the payment and have some money to save.  It is frustrating.


Slick said...

Lasagna rolls?

I'm hungry, did you know that?

I've still met 0 (ZERO) people from blogging. This sucks.

Glad you had fun though

Diana said...

Isn't it fun to meet other bloggers? Nothing like it. I've gotten to meet several and it's always been fabulous.

Jessica said...

Well, those student loans are your own damn fault. If you'd worked hard in the beginning by picking a rich family to be born into, you wouldn't have to worry about it, now would you? So quit whining and suck it up.

Teriana said...

You balanced your checkbook and cried. That's so funny. It's been ages since I balanced mine. And I worked at a bank. Join the national guard, they'll pay off your student loans :)