Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In our world

Things have slowed down for us lately and it Is fine with me. We actually spent the weekend in a very mellow sort of way and had no place to go nor major things to do. So we each cooked for a day. On Saturday, Hubs made chicken stock and then used it for a soup. I made braised short ribs ragu on Sunday. We have tons of leftovers but since our schedule is a bit warped this week, they make perfect dinners.

Last night, the girls ,Diana's mom and I went to a class at the Chopping Block, it was by Dawn Jackson Blatner and it was so good. She made some lovely dishes for the appetizer theme. We got to eat some Indian Samosas with an Indian pesto, goat cheese zucchini rolls, Thai lettuces wraps and chocolate covered grapes! Everything was so good. It will help to know how to make healthy meatless meals since Hubs and I were thinking of adding one meat free meal a week to our diet (one that is not pizza or mac and cheese).

I am quite pleased with how I cut my spending drastically last month. My credit card bill (minus the wedding debt we are still paying off ) was so low. I plan to put some more money in savings. But this month is going to be a killer thanks to my dentist bill that did not meet my deductible. Well you win some and you lose some. I am just glad to know some of our sacrifices are starting to pay off. Next on our list, we are selling some things that we do not need anymore and I am going to clean and sell my wedding dress.

What is on In your world?

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comebacknikki said...

That cooking class was awesome! I'm totally making those zucchini wraps ASAP!

My goal for the next couple of months is to cut the spending. Not fun, but necessary.