Monday, November 02, 2009

Holding myself accountable

I can't believe that it is November with winter around the corner. I have been mastering the art of hibernation because there have been some days Lately where I don't want to leave the house. I just want to curl up, read, make a few necklaces or watch a movie. On Saturday I did just that. We did not have any plans for Halloween so we just stayed in drank champagne, made some yummy finger foods and watched The Tutors…for hours. That series is addicting and we finally finished the season last night.

My to do list is growing and I have to get on it, but I really have no motivation to do so. I just have to get up and do it….maybe this weekend.

Actually, I have some plans to take care of a few things this week during the week so that I can actually veg out and relax over the weekend. I plan on getting some accomplished!

so what is on my to do list:
-Take the wedding dress to the cleaners
-Clean out my bookshelves and take them to the half price book store
-Mail a package to my Mom
-Print some wedding photos for mom for said package
-Upload my wedding photos
-Finish Name change
-List our gocco for sale
-List our bookshelves for sale

We'll see how much I get done.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

The winter after we got married was all about hibernation. A whole winter of it. We rarely made plans with friends. All we wanted to do was curl up and not talk to anyone. I think that's sort of natural after you spend a year of your life devoted to planning a wedding, attending parties related to your wedding, getting married and going on your honeymoon. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh good I am not the only one that still has a wedding dress sitting in our second bedroom, still muddy! Where did you find a cleaner for yours?

kilax said...

When do we get to see some of these necklaces? And wedding photos?!

I can second what Nilsa said - we were the same way. We fought it last year, and felt a lot better getting out and doing little activities here and there.

Christina said...

Nilsa-Thanks for that. Part of me feels so guilty for being lazy and part of me just wants to de- clutter.

NSC-Yea my dress is in its bag in our office closet. I actually went on yelp and searched. You can also ask your bridal shop if they recommend any dry cleaners.

K-I know, I have so many things to upload. This weekend I will at least upload some wedding photos. I haven't taken any photos of the neclaces yet.