Monday, April 05, 2010

Now just the fingers

We are very close to getting ready for our trip. We were supposed to sit down and plan this weekend but then we had to clean the condo and yesterday was a wash because we spent part of the day with the in laws.

But this week, you would think we would have time but think again. We are busy from Wednesday onward with events, meetings and concerts.

So if any of you have been to Maui what are the must dos? We are planning to do the sunrise tour and a road to Hana tour. But what else, what do we have to try activity and food wise?

And just to show you how busy we were, try doing this:


Non Sequitur Chica said...

Buy the travel book Maui Revealed. It is written by a local who doesn't take any money from tour companies/restaurants. You can't go wrong with this book!

Christina said...

NSC-Yep, we got that book. So many people recommended it and we have used it to book our hotels, and have been looking at a few restaurants.

Joe Important said...

Sleep! We need to sleep!

Christina said...

Sleep my dear Joe, impossible....we have sunrise tours, snorkeling...napping is more like it!

kilax said...

We were thinking of going to Maui and have the Maui Revealed book. That is what I was going to recommend.

That pic is priceless!

Christina said...

K-I will let you know about the trip and give somehighlights. The book is awesome!