Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost just hands and toes

We have been counting the days until our trip to Hawaii. Sure we are excited to go and get to be somewhere new and exciting but, more so, we really need to get away. Things haven't been that great for us lately, we have been going through a down time with so many stressful things. Here are just a few in the last week:

-Hub's uncle passed away after a short illness, my father in law was able to see him before he passed and was there for the funeral. As sad as this is, his uncle passed away on his terms and had all his wishes and requests followed. It also ended some family strife that has been haunting the Hubs and his siblings.

-The Hubs has been stressed out from his job which translate to being stressed at home.

-We've been having some dog issues, one of which I can't talk about. The other one is that they have been eating paper, not just any paper but bank statement, tax document, old MBA papers. We have no idea how Yukon has gotten into them. So after two years of being crate free, she has now been put back in her crate.

-Money, but then again who is not stressed out by money. We are beating ourselves up on past money mistakes and the lack of foresight in other matters. But hey, we do not have crystal balls to predict the future but have to deal with the present. Thank goodness for the huge tax refund we got but it will require us to continue to live frugally.

-My grandmother is quite ill, very ill that I had to call my mom in Egypt. Thankfully, she has had a slight improvement and my parents got back from the Middle East yesterday.

Thankfully, the two of us are stronger together than ever. We've been there to support each other as the pieces being to fall.

So in a few weeks, we will be in the middle of the Pacific together celebrating the Hub's accomplishments and each other and not a moment too soon!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sometimes we need to experience real strife, real stress to be able to fully appreciate the strong relationships and good fortune we have to take exciting trips to far off places. I do hope you find resolution to some of these issues and are able to fully unwind on that island in the Pacific.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of the stressful things going on in your life....sounds like you guys need this trip to Hawaii! It will be a great time!

kilax said...

Oh gosh. I am so sorry about your husband's uncle, and your grandma's illness, and the dog issues. You need a break!

Roxy said...

it all sounds terrible until i get to the part where you two support each other and are in it together.

I'm sure things will improve!