Monday, December 13, 2010

Vacation recovery

Well we are back from Vegas and all I got was a cold. Actually, I suspect it is from waiting over an hour in the taxi line at 11 pm when we got back to Chicago. Our flight was early but there were a number of flights that were delayed and landed around the same time that ours did so the line was way too long for my liking.
However, Vegas was a lot of fun. We ate so much good and bad food everything from fried pickles to sweet potato tots to the most amazing hot chocolate that I ever had!

But we worked most of it off by walking just to get to the front door of our hotel required a 5 minute walk from the elevators.

We spent our days just hanging out with no real plans. One night we saw the Penn and Teller show at the Rio. They were really amazing and down to earth. After each show they hang out in the lobby for photos, autographs and a quick chat. They were very gracious and that Teller is quite a flirt!

While the guys went to shoot some machine guns, my BFF and I took her daughter to the Mirage's secret garden where they had dolphins and the white tigers and lions from the former Sigfried and Roy show. Their 9 month old daughter was a blast, she was so easy going and we actually had a good time with her. She would go with the flow and if she was tired she would take a nap while we did what we did (which was mainly walk).

Hubs won big, well big enough to pay for our hotel room with a comp spin of a slot machine. I did not come out on top I lost but granted I only played with $20 dollars a day so it was not too bad. My bff and I were drooling over the various stores and let me tell you if I won big I would have come home with some really beautiful clothes.

So we had a good time and just have to survive this week and then I am off for the rest of the year.

Oh and recover from this cold


kilax said...

I am happy you had such a wonderful time! I love the photos.

I hope your cold goes away soon. Stay indoors! Hee hee.

Karen said...

Feel better! Got to love when you pay for your vacation with a spin of a slot machine.

KT said...

I have never won in Vegas so congrats on winning enough to pay for your hotel room! Sounds like you guys had a great time.