Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Care package

About 10 weeks ago a friend and co worker suffered a stroke. It left her in a coma and on a ventilator for about four of those weeks. She had countless surgeries to drain fluid in her brain. I lost count after five shunts that they had to put in her brain.

After a transfer to another hospital, she began to come out of her coma three weeks ago. She is now breathing on her own, has limited mobility on her right side, has made attempts at speech and can smile and follow you with her eyes.

Since she across the country I want to send her a care package. Here are some things that I want to include:

Cozy cute colorful socks
Hand and body lotion
lip balm
Big jumbo crayons and art paper (she use to watercolor)

I want to send her positive colorful things but things that she can use in the rehab facility.

Any ideas on what else I can send?


Jessica said...

What's the deadline for sending the care package? I'm having brain freeze on ideas, but I'll keep thinking.

Jessica said...

Something to read (something that will stay open easily)? Funny movie? Food treats for when the rehab food becomes a drag? A plant for her room?

KT said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and co-worker. I hope that she continues to make progress regaining life skills.

Maybe some music?

radioactive girl said...

That is really sad, but so sweet of you to do that. I think just knowing you are thinking of her is going to be a great gift all by itself. I know when I had cancer and people were avoiding me because they didn't know what to say and the whole thing made them uncomfortable I would have loved some kind of care package.

Warm socks are great, maybe some yummy smelling lotion? I would probably have loved a cute hair accessory so that when I couldn't do my hair it would look fine in a headband or pony tail anyway. But seriously, just thinking of her is more than most people would do. You are so sweet!