Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Good, Meh and Networking

I haven't been by in a while. There are a few things that are going on some have been good and some meh. So here are the bullets:

-Went to Pride this year for the first time in seven years. Hubs and I had fun but we won't go again for a while, it was hot and crowded and I got this weird sunburn. We had more fun with our neighbors at the local Pride North street fare where we hung out with some of our friends listening to this very cool 80s cover band.

-Got Tickets to see Paul McCartney. He has been on my concert bucket list for years and when I heard that he was going to play Wigley Field, I HAD to go. I was able to score a few tickets and to say I am excited is a major understatement

-We had amazing weather for the four of July weekend. So on Saturday we had a BBQ with neighbors and friends, I made s'more cookies from the recipe that CBN had given me. They were a huge hit and my husband went bragging into work yesterday that I had to make more so he can take them in.

-I had an interview, I think it went well but it is the waiting game at this point. I am not getting my hopes too high because I then crash hard if it does not go the way I hoped that it would.

-Still not working, it has gotten to me but I have pretty much accepted it for what it was. People keep telling me it can take up to a year. That freaks me out. I am still having nightmares about being laid off again or not paying our bills.

-My career councilor wants me to network but that is so hard for me. I have a limited circle of friends here and I am not outgoing to say to a stranger"Hey how are you? I am unemployed..." Any ideas? I have joined meet up and Linked in groups

-My husband has a lot of travel coming up and I am not thrilled. He wanted me to go with him but he will be in meetings all day so I will be alone and I would have to pay for airfare and eats and right now spending is not my objective.

-To the last point, my husband will be traveling on our anniversary so he will miss it. Boo on him. My neighbors are going to take me out to celebrate and although it takes two men to replace him, I am looking forward to the cocktails and the fun.

-My car got broken into last week. The ass hats took a dog carrier. So that was a fun jaunt to a shady section of Chicago to get my window replaced. Although it was not bad, it was money that I needed elsewhere

So what is good and meh with you?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We went to see The Police (when the reunited) at Wrigley. It's actually a great venue for concerts (not so great for baseball - hahaha). You'll have a blast at Paul McCartney!

Hang in there with the job search. Try to enjoy the summer as it'll likely be one of the few times you can actually get out during the day. There are always FREE things to do in the city - maybe make it a goal to do 2-3 of them each week, just to keep yourself focused and busy!

Christina said...

@Nilsa-Yep, we saw the Police and Elton John with Billy Joel at Wigley. It is a great ennui for the concerts. I am sure Pal Won't disappoint.

kilax said...

Ugh, I am sorry about your car. And that your husband has to travel! I keep traveling with a coworker, and we were gone on her anniversary and will be for her husband's birthday too.

Have you thought about joining a meetup group to do some networking?

My sister was telling me about that concert! It is going to be awesome!