Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was given this award from KT

1.       Share who gave you this award with a link back to their blog
2.       Write down 7 random facts about yourself.
3.       Give this award to 15 other bloggers.
4.       Let them know they have won.
5.       Pop the award on your blog.

So as far as my 7 random facts:

1-I don't eat seafood nor fish.  If it lived a portion of its existence in water, I don't eat it.  I had some bad experiences as a kid when it came to seafood and that colored my view.  I can't stand the smell or site of fish, my husband can only make fish when I am not home and has to do his dishes before I get home.  It has turned into a joke between us.

2-I have never read the Twilight books, Hunger Games nor Harry Potter.  The first two did not appeal to me but I do want to read Harry Potter.  The reason I have not read it so far is that I have no patience to wait for new book so I wanted to read the series back to back.  I plan to read the series soon, there is a particular method to the madness.

3-My dream is to have a bunch of animals, not just a few more dogs or cats but I really want a pig, a pygmy goat and a mini horse.  My father still tells a story about when I was about 2 they took me to a petting zoo and I fell in love with the pigs.  Apparently, I cried all the way from CT to NY because I had to leave the piglets at the farm.

4-I can organize other people's things but when it comes to organizing my stuff I get so overwhelmed. I have to get over that so I can re-my closet.  I think I need someone else to bounce a few ideas off of to kick it into gear.

5-I love to plan vacations, when we went on our honeymoon I had things planned, places to visit and areas to explore.  But when we went to Hawaii both times, the planning was more laid back.  We did a bunch of fun things but spent a lot of time just sitting on by the pool or beach.  My family vacations were always go go go, we never had a relaxing vacation so it was hard to get used to.  So we are planning vacation 2012 so many places to consider!

6-My latest beauty obsession is nail polish.  I have been splurging on a few colors and have been painting my nails every week.

7-Since i started my job, i have started to miss hitting the gym.  Granted my company has a gym but my days are hectic.  On average I have three meetings a day, one day last week I had seven.  So trying to find time during the day is tough.  But once I get my laptop, I will have so much more flexibility!!

As far as passing it on, I pass it on to you, those few that still read me.  Thank you for reading over these past few years, lately i have been quieter than I used to be.  So thanks for sticking by me!


KT said...

Seven meetings in one day? Ugh! I thought my office was bad. I was on conference calls last Thursday from 10-4. Talk about snooze-fest....

Christina said...

@KT yep, it was one insane day. Thankfuly it is the exception not the rule but tomorrow i have 5! Three back to back!