Monday, April 02, 2012

Week one

I was so excited last week to get back into the swing of working again.  I thought that I would be more nervous but really, I could not wait to get back to work.  The office complex that I now work in is huge like 12 buildings huge spread out.  In the summer they have a rent a bike to bike to the various offices around the campus!

My new building was also a bit of a challenge to get used to and find my way from my desk to the cafeteria or the conference rooms.  The first two days I got lost leaving the office and trying to find the right parking lot.  Since then , I carpool with my husband since he works 10 minutes away and only have to worry about finding my way out well the days he does not work from home.

Overall, I still feel like the newbie but, my team was been very welcoming, my boss has been more like a mentor than a boss and I am feeling thankful and lucky that I landed this position.  The company is great, the benefits are 'slap your momma' good and I am working again and that feeling is priceless.

I am ready to get my hands dirty, to learn about an entirely new industry and just go.  So far my week shave been filled with meetings and training sessions, I have not had any downtime but I love that!  The culture is so night and day from my last place, it is filled with positive attitude, I have not heard anyone speak bad about the company, a project or their boss.  Sure they grumble about the unexpected but overall, they are happy to be there.  My previous job was so plagued with negative energy and bad vibes that it would suck all happiness out of you when you walked into the office.

Things are looking so much better and while it was a tough road to get here, I am glad to be here.

What has made you happy lately?


KT said...

I'm so glad that you are having a great first week! A good attitude goes a long way at work- you are stuck there for 8+ hours 5 days a week anyway- enjoying the company that you work for makes it that much more bearable. :-)

radioactive girl said...

Congratulations on the new job! I am so happy for you!