Thursday, June 28, 2007

The white shadow

Well the BF is out with a friend, I am at home just finishing school work but I am not is the White shadow.

Actually, it is the doggy! She has been around me all evening. It is funny how now that the bf and I are living together we are this "pack" to her. She herds us together and when the bf and i are in the office and we hug she nuzzles in to be part of the group lovin'. She adores her new toys and plays with them until they are grimy and falling apart. They are her babies and at times you will either find her sleeping with them or trying to fill all of them in her mouth.

She will keep me company when the BF is out. She will stay by the bedroom door waiting for him and when we are all together then she will go to her bed.

For a lab that is almost 9 she has the stamina of a puppy with a heart that is just full of love.

It was not always that way, the first time she and I met she was so excited she peed, then when I stayed over the first few time she peed but I suspect it was more of the "this is MY territory lady" than excitement. But after that I am approved in the pact.

I want another puppy but the BF won't let me (nor would the landlord) so now I want a bunny...yet that may not happen. I just love having animals around they are just so full of love and excitement, they are what can keep me going!

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needsleepbadly said...

Adorable. Absolutely adorable. ;)