Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Little miss cranky

That is me.

Yep, I am cranky all because of the lovely crappy job that I am current serving time eh I mean "work" for! here are some of the reasons for today's bought of crankiness:

-commute I get up butt ass early that even the dog does not get out of her bed. In fact she looks at me with pity in her eyes as I get out of bed and wobble to the bathroom.

-commute on the way home which allows me to drive with the masses of stupid Chicagoans who in no particular order...cut you off and almost side swipe you, try to inch their way in front of you when you have only millimeters between you and the car in front of you and those who just can't drive because they are too busy on the phone, reading, applying make up or telling an animated story to his passengers with both hands whist going 50 mph (talk about emphasizing a point)
-my job itself...it is not rocket science but it is different from what I am used to but nobody has the time to train me so I just sit there.
-I found out that they are prorating my vacation so that means that I lost a week! Oh and I did not get paid from my previous employer for that week oh and did I mention that they neglected to tell me this before I signed on the dotted line...so much for going home for the holidays!
-CLA got her full severance despite failing two drug test and having a "secret" felony conviction on her record.

I hate my job!


Superstar said...

~shakes head~
I swear employeers are like bad boyfriends...They court you, fill you up with sweet nothings, and when you "put out" they leave you on the door step cold and hungry....

Damn girl. You and I have such similar life lines....I have been there...SH*T I am there...no pay for 8 weeks! LOL ;o)

~pours Xantini mix for Chistina~

Christina said...

AMEN to that analogy!

I could use that tini!