Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun fun fun....

A few blogs ago I whined about not having any girlfriends and had a "woe is me" moment. Well, needsleepbadly sent me a message that we should hang out since we are both relatively local and well, lets faces it....we are awesome chicks (like all of you out there!)

so last night we went out to dinner and had an awesome time. We noshed at Kitch'n and did we chat. laugh and just had so much fun. Before we knew it three hours had passed and it did not seem like that.

So we are definitely going to hang out soon. It was great to meet a really cool, funny and sweet person who is a fun insightful blogger. We had a great time!

I am glad that I met her and it is good to have a new friend.

So if you have a sec check her out at Blog this, baby and say hi!

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The Chicago Blogger said...

Hey! :) Thanks for the props! You are a great gal and I'm glad we got to meet and hang out. I had a great time as well.

I look forward to our next outing and I promise to not take you to the C.O. Bigelow store! LOL ;)