Monday, March 17, 2008

Distant Haze

The BF and I went to our soon to be condo to pick out the granite for the kitchen and bathroom and the colors that they will paint the walls.

I want a job naming paint (or granite) for that matter. Our living room and sun room are going to be painted Distant Haze, our bedroom is going to be Ethereal and the office is Parchment. For the record our kitchen granite is going to be Una Tuba.

Ok so what are the colors????

No cheating....


Jessica said...

I would be terrible at naming colors. Distant Haze? Why, that's "Smog," of course. But seeing as how that's the color you're going to pain the sun room, it's probably not smog colored.

Parchment is the only color I can probably guess. An yellowish, off whitish, egg shellish color?

And Una Tuba? What the heck? One Tube? Huh?

Superstar said...

I am guessing distant haze, sounds like a brown gray mix????

That sounds like a fun job...naming paint! LOL ;o) I am sure it ranks right up there with watching paint dry...heheheh

Hey, I wonder if they name it before or after it's dry!!


Teriana said...

Distant haze is off white. Ethereal is a pea green. Parchment is a light tan/brown. Am I close?