Thursday, March 06, 2008

Within the past 7 days

What a week it has been here are the highlights

-We have decided to buy a condo and move
-We looked at about 9 condos in 6 open houses
-We found one we both liked (I was not sure if our tastes would mesh and in a few places they did not)
-We got a name of a real estate agent to act as a buyer broker* she rocks
-We found a mortgage broker
-We got our pre-approved mortgage the same day
-We decided to make an offer on the condo, we did that the same day we got our approval letter.
-I got drunk on a big glass of wine and apparently agreed to go RV'ing this summer.
-I had to go to WI for a meeting while the BF was on phone duty.
-They countered fairly and what we expected them to.
-We accepted their offer
-The contract is being reviewed by our attorney
-We tentatively close on April 18


PS-Thoughts on Project Runway, I figured that the who the winner would be but I liked the other two collections better

*Awesome suggestion Jessica!

Thanks to all of your suggestions. We have been extreamly stressed, nervous, excited, freaked out all at once.


Jessica said...

Wow, that's so exciting! And nerve-wracking! And you could be closing in five weeks. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Daaang, a busy week.

I'm sure you guys will fare better than we did!!

Good luck, girl!

Diana said...

What great news! There's nothing like your first place. Try not to get too freaked at the closing. All the things you have to sign can be rather nervewracking. Will you have to do much in repairs or renovations?

Teriana said...

Wow, congrats!

Superstar said...

i would be asking, what the hell was in that big glass of wine in order to convience me to go RVing...ANYWHERE!!! LOL on the otherhand, it does remind me of the show w/Robin Williams in it...LOL!!!

Great news on a condo!! I can't even decide on decor let alone a perm address!!!